World Defying Dan God Chap 3820

“Is there any nine hegemons here?” Shen Xiang flew into the air, all around being the same, then he flew fast on the Divine Mirror of Six Paths. “We don’t know anything about Origin Creation G.o.d Territory!” Xiao Xianglin said: “There is definitely nothing like we imagined here!” Shen Xiang thought that the Origin Creation […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3819

Long Yue, although no longer hate Primogenitor of Creation Beast, but has a strange feeling about Primogenitor of Creation Beast, Shen Xiang can feel it, he thinks it will get better in the future. “Golden Fire Overlord will come back. Your barriers are best done soon, or they will definitely attack Creation Medicine G.o.d State […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3818

Zuo Xingfeng waved his hand, palms Purple Qi, then pressed down, the flas.h.i.+ng purple light screamed, heavily squatting on the body of Creation Crystal Clan Emperor, pressing it into a purple mist, then being Purple fire Divine Tree Absorption. After Shen Xiang came out, he frowned. “I just felt a strong breath just now? How […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3817

Zuo Xingfeng was also excited to have come over, but they waited for Shen Xiang to wait for a long time, because they knew from the beginning of Chu Jinfeng that Creation Crystal Clan was not a good thing. At this time, Creation Crystal Clan does not hide it, using the madness of the beast […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3816

Both the tree boss and s.h.i.+ Shu have been under the strength of Dao Creation G.o.d Lord. Now the Primogenitor of Creation Beast can come here, it seems that their relations.h.i.+p is good. “How is the situation outside now?” The tree boss said: “We have not been here before, and have been here and the […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3815

“Yang Jinwei, Creation Beast Clan has been killed by me. What do you want to use with Creation Beast Clan?” Long Yue wiped the sword in her hand, although she looked rather wolf at this time, but she was b.l.o.o.d.y. The momentum on her body is not weak at all, showing that she was not […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3814

Shen Xiang is here to say this. “I am going to talk to you about the underground people.” Shen Xiang immediately talked about the h.e.l.l family, Creation Crystal Clan and the newly created Creation Star Clan, telling Long Jiuxiao about these things and let Long Jiuxiao respond. “Nine Firmaments Senior, if you can, go to […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3813

When Zhu Rong saw someone coming to the scene, he was slightly frowned. He saw Yun Xiaodao laughing next to Hehe, his face full of joy and sorrow, and he secretly suspected that this person was sent by Yun Xiaodao. “Legendary World Defying Realm is the hard-to-reach peak for most people! What is it just […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3812

Shen Xiang returned to the Huang Tian building, entered the secret room, ate the condensate Divine Pill, and began to practice! Divine Pill has a lot of G.o.d Source, Shen Xiang has already eaten a second, and then he can only condense G.o.d Source into World Defying G.o.d Source, even if he cultivates World Defying […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3811

Shen Xiang saw Xiao Xianglin’s face pale, slightly frowned: “Master, how are you?” “After being hurt, not in the way, we also enter the crack and leave.” Xiao Xianglin said that she had just spread the super energy that was erupted to protect the smoke. “My clone can come out, go to rest.” The smokey […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3810

When the two Star people were searched for memory by Long Yue using Grasping Soul Devil Curse, the pain was very painful, the face was distorted by pain, and the continuous loud voice screamed. “Can you find memories?” Shen Xiang asked. “We have already searched, we have to act as soon as possible, they have […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3809

Long Yue clasped the key and looked at Shen Xiang with a dignified look. Shen Xiang nodded, indicating that she could start, and Xiao Xianglin had successfully developed World Defying G.o.d Source, and she was very confident in her strength, especially in the face of various spells killing formation. Long Yue took the opportunity to […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3808

After Shen Xiang handed the four purple source Divine Pill to Huang Tian Pill Devil, hastily returned to his hall. “What have you encountered? According to what I have learned these days, the place you go to should have a relations.h.i.+p with Creation Star Clan!” Shen Xiang can see the sadness from the look of […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3807

Huang Tian Pill Devil is not the strongest Pill Devil in Pill Devil City, but it is definitely the best one. He has many friends, mainly because he is very kind. And Pill Devil and Pill Devil, their friends, have no more than Huang Tian Pill Devil. As for Pill Devil, she is a relatively […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3806

After h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord and Old Tang left, Shen Xiang returned to Pill Devil City himself. “Is there a relations.h.i.+p between h.e.l.l City and h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord? If there is a relations.h.i.+p, h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord may have Danie who has cultivated World Defying G.o.d Source.” When Shen Xiang went to the city of h.e.l.l, the […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3805

Shen Xiang saw the surprised face of Old Tang and knew that this obese middle-aged man was h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord. “Well, he is our h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord.” Old Tang nodded. h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord snorted and seemed to sleep very well. Just when Shen Xiang was a little surprised, h.e.l.l G.o.d Lord suddenly rolled over and […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3804

“Is it strange that she became Creation Beast Clan? She is the daughter of Primogenitor of Creation Beast. It should be normal to become a clan!” Shen Xiang saw Old Tang so surprised and confused. “You don’t know, Long Yue’s origins are very special.” Old Tang frowned and said: “I just didn’t think she could […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3803

Shen Xiang appeared in front of the leader and stepped on his head. He sneered: “Creation Crystal Clan’s miscellaneous, you are really bad luck!” “Who are you? Since we know that we are Creation Crystal Clan, why do we have to do this?” The old man is very frightened because their elite team is cultivating […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3802

When Shen Xiang intends to transfuse blood, ask for a little more time. “Do you know about Creation Star Clan?” Shen Xiang guessed that Long Yue and Cigarette went to explore the secrets of the h.e.l.l star, most likely related to Creation Star Clan. “Creation Star Clan is also a very savage group! They have […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3801

Shen Xiang is secretly happy and feels that as long as it is not sold, other trading methods can be accepted. “If you buy a pill that can cultivate World Defying G.o.d Source, there is another thing I will accept.” The monk said: “But I don’t think you will give it to me.” “When you […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3800

“Shen Xiang went to h.e.l.l. Do you have any way to catch him? Although h.e.l.l is also an expert like Forest, the person who cultivated World Defying G.o.d Source is here.” Golden Fire Overlord is very angry. Creation Medicine G.o.d State has such a strong barrier that it will not come out when Shen Xiang […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3799

Same as Shen Xiang guessed. “Is it Creation Crystal Clan or Golden Fire Overlord?” Shen Xiang asked. “You just came back and investigated a lot of things!” Primogenitor of Creation Beast bitter with a smile: “They joined forces to control Creation Beast Clan!” “Creation Crystal Clan now also controls Creation Medicine G.o.d State! and Creation […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3798

Shen Xiang was beaten with blood, and his chest was stepped on by tall and thin people. “Huang Shao, can we start eating now? This guy is weak and weak, but his flesh and blood contains a lot of energy.” A thin said, can’t wait. “Wait a second, if he doesn’t know each other, then […]

World Defying Dan God Chap 3797

“The underground people are created by Creation Crystal Clan!” Shen Xiang angrily said: “These b.a.s., now controlling Creation Medicine G.o.d State, are definitely not good.” Just after Shen Xiang finished, I saw the ground behind Chu Jinfeng surging. “Big Brother Chu, be careful!” Shen Xiang shouted, and then I saw that Chu Jinfeng’s body was […]