Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 49

On Monday, Jiang Yuan went to the company to resign. She went very early and Zhong Ze had not arrived yet so she was waiting for him at the elevator entrance. It was almost nine o’clock when the elevator door opened with a ding. Zhong Ze was stunned when he saw her. He controlled the […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 48

It happened to be when the man had just finished taking a bath and came out to lift the quilt and go to bed. He lifted the quilt but couldn’t lift it as if something was pressing the quilt. He touched it, touched the woman’s warm body and twitched the corner of his mouth: This […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 47

Jiang Yuan rushed into the cold wind which could almost froze the tears on her face but she couldn’t feel the cold at all. It was different. It was not the same as abandoning Chi Yan. Her heart hurt. It was killing her. Why did it feel like the sky was falling apart? It was […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 46

Winter had arrived. Before he got off work, Zhong Jing sent a message to Jiang Yuan saying that there was no need to wait for him today and that she should go back to the villa by herself first and he would come over at about ten o’clock in the evening. Jiang Yuan said that […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 45

Jiang Yuan took a taxi back to her apartment and reunited with her mother. When Zhang Rong saw her, she hugged her and cried, scolding her dad while crying, “You don’t know how to behave and indulge in gambling! You have been a loser all your life and now you have dug such a big […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 44

There were already rumors before and the fact that Zhong Jing had directly fired the women who beat up Jiang Yuan from the company for Jiang Yuan’s sake made a huge commotion. The matter was not small and soon the Zhong family knew about Jiang Yuan’s existence. Father Zhong who was traveling around the world […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 43

There was no such thing as an impermeable wall in this world. Jiang Yuan frequently went to the top floor and someone saw her going to Zhongjing’s car after work, a small employee and a big boss, anybody could know what kind of relationship they had. When she went to eat on the tenth floor […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 42

Zhong Jing carried her to the room upstairs and went directly to the bathroom. The bathroom and the bathtub were both huge, oval in shape and more than enough for two people so he put her in it and started running the water. The bathtub was slowly filled with water. Before the water was too […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 41

“0125.” Zhong Jing suddenly said a series of numbers to Jiang Yuan who was washing the dishes. “What?” Zhong Jing pointed in the direction of the door and replied, “The password here.” Jiang Yuan nodded, “Oh.” “My birthday,” he added. Jiang Yuan nodded again, “Oh.” She thought to herself, Capricorn. Zhong Jing grabbed her wrist […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 40

When he said to go underground, she immediately agreed and she was very obedient. Jiang Yuan secretly complained in her heart, in order to stay by his side, could she have another choice and not to listen to him? She didn’t reply to him but put down her phone and silently bowed her head down […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 39

The two entangled in his lounge for more than two hours and it was dark outside when it ended. When Jiang Yuan was wearing her clothes, her limbs were very sore and weak. She pulled the zipper of her pant to button it but she couldn’t do it. She was annoyed when the man leaned […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 38

The feeling of possession, satisfaction and excitement was far more intense than when you couldn’t see the other person. This gave Jiang Yuan an illusion that a physical relationship was equal to an emotional relationship. After all, Zhong Jing didn’t dislike her and kicked her away after recognizing her but fucked her harder than before […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 37

——When Jiang Yuan came up in the elevator, she received a message from Han Qiming: I am in the lounge. She thought to herself, how serious was it? She hurriedly used her mobile phone to search what people should do if they had low blood sugar level. It said that it could be relieved by […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 36

What was playing on TV at the moment was the commercial that Zhong Jing filmed with Yin Xi. The filming was very good and Yin Xi was also very beautiful and there was also a little plot which made it very attractive. It was just that, unlike what was originally agreed, Zhong Jing changed from […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 35

When Jiang Yuan reached the top floor, there were already many girls gathered there, about fifty or sixty people. Zhongjing’s office was large so it wasn’t very crowded but the girls gathered together chattered and talked about the weirdness of the CEO today. Jiang Yuan walked among them trying to reduce her presence as much […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 34

After Jiang Yuan replied to Zhong Jing, she pursed her lips and smiled. Fortunately, she got the news from Han Qiming otherwise he would have really made a model of her face . She had heard from Linda before that Xiao Xiao, who had a beautiful face and a sweet voice at the front desk […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 33

He touched her face and typed: If you stood in front of me, I would definitely recognize you.” Jiang Yuan thought to herself, “Forget it, I have stood in front of you many times.” Jiang Yuan replied: Let’s not meet for now, this is fine for now. Zhong Jing paused and did not force her […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 32

Jiang Yuan’s body was placed on a table she couldn’t see, at a height just opposite the lower edge of the mirror on the wall in her bathroom. Her legs were spread wide by the man and his cock was quickly pounding her water hole very fast. If it weren’t for his big hands clasping […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 31

Back on the fifth floor, she went to Zhong Ze to repeat what Zhong Jing said and Zhong Ze was very happy. That was the first time that she saw Zhong Ze smile. Back in her office, Jiang Yuan began to reconsider Zhong Ze’s moodiness. He seemed to be particularly concerned about the affirmation of […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 30

Jiang Yuan was terrified. She wasn’t ready to be recognized by Zhong Jing. She wasn’t sure what her reaction would be when he recognized her but she was apprehensive and frightened. She didn’t know if Zhong Jing had really asked the props artist for a way to make a model of her face. Anyway, if […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 29

Jiang Yuan slept well last night without dreaming and hummed a little tune when she got up in the morning to wash up. However, when she was having breakfast, her mood went down again when she thought that she was going to face the demon king Zhong Ze later. It’s really terrible to have a […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 28

On the bus, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down her face. She turned her head out of the window and many people inside and outside the bus saw her tearful face. It was only after she got home that her emotions settled down. She already had the idea of ​​resigning in her heart […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 27

Han Qiming was a little wary, “There’s no one in the office, you can come back later—you haven’t touched anything right?” Jiang Yuan: “…” This is treating her as a thief or a commercial spy? “I didn’t touch anything. I just arrived and was waiting. If you don’t believe me, you can check if something […]

Wash Your Hair and F**k Chap 26

As time went on, Jiang Yuan realised that Zhong Jing probably wouldn’t recognize her easily. In the company, she would run into him from time to time. Since he is the chief executive, there were always people greeting him and she was one of them and it was no different from others so there was […]