Versatile Mage Chap 3116

3092 Angel’s Fist Haylon raised his Sword of Hades and pointed it at Michael. Haylon gave off a strange aura. The souls from the underworld were barely visible from his aura. His aura somehow formed an ocean of wandering souls. Even Green Holy Feather Michael was soaked in the ocean of souls. His glows were […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3115

3091 Giant God and God of the Underworld “Apollo, the Sun God, and Hades, God of the Underworld.” Michael led the ancient Giant God with one hand and destroyed the underworld magic battlefield with just one finger. He did not look panicked or surprised. The corners of his lips curled upward as he said, “The […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3114

3090 New Rules “I represent the Dark King. I’m the messenger of the Dark King, who symbolizes the Black Magic of the mortal world.” “I forbid Mo Fan from hell.” “Michael, whose law are you flouting if you insist on going your own way?” It should be up to him, a Fallen Angel, to decide […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3113

3089 Vatican Sunflowers Trap A hand slammed Brooke’s head. Then, the giant black wings stretched out with great force. Before Brooke could react, Mu Bai had lifted him into the blood-red sky with the Fallen Wings. The blood-red sky was churning like a vortex in a sea of blood. The vortex was filled with pale […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3112

3088 Fallen Angel Mu Bai frowned under the eaves of the wooden tower. He needed to release Mo Fan as soon as possible. There were still so many masters in the Holy City. No matter how strong Mu Ningxue was, she could not withstand the attacks of the masters of the Holy City. However, he […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3111

3087 Antiquities of Holy City The Golden Dragon looked around. Its field of vision was much wider than that of other creatures. It sensed the Little White Tiger and suddenly turned its giant body to launch an attack with its thick tail. Thump! The Little White Tiger’s sneak attack had failed, and it was sent […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3110

3086 Light Dragon “It is the will of nature that you must all die!” said Michael. “What you call the will of nature may be a just test for growth. People turn lazy and arrogant after making remarkable achievements. Nature itself is complex and magnificent,” said Mo Fan. There were places humans could not explore […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3109

3085 Virus of the World However, Ramiel was a person with a clear definition of self. Ramiel had always been a ruler and had transferred all major decision-making powers to Michael. In Ramiel’s opinion, Michael was the best leader of the Holy City in this era, and his thinking could lead Holy City to a […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3108

3084 One Less Monster Regardless of whether it was the Reflective Holy City or the Holy City on earth, everyone fell into dead silence. The tanned Penal Angel Fahl represented the Holy Shadow. Although she hardly showed up before the world and was more inclined toward handling dark execution affairs, she represented the ruling class […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3107

Chapter 3108: Are You A Fallen Angel Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation In Northern Europe, the splendid palace and the snow-white glacier were in sharp contrast. This made the palace look even more glorious. The glacier looked holier and cleaner. A great wealthy family lived inside the palace. The helpers were busy preparing a […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3106

Chapter 3107: Demon King’s Dream Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The milky white clouds resembled floating fortresses in the sky. They hovered in the infinite green sky and reflected in the turquoise sea. A silvery beach stretched out across the horizon. As the horizon unfolded, one could see that the beach was larger than […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3105

3083 Shoot To Kill The Angel It was made from the Frost of Alternate Space! At the highest altitude of the sky, there was a type of rare substance. It could freeze any powerful creatures to death. In fact, the substance originated from the alternate space. It did not belong to the world. The space […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3104

3082 Shattering The Wall of Space With An Empty Bowstring Snow splattered in huge waves around the vortex formed from the Light Rope. The sludge splashed up into the sky and fell on the Reflective Holy City. The water splashed onto the people of the city. The impact of the airflow blended with snow water […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3103

3081 Fourteen-winged Blazing Angel Black Magic was not the cause that led to the war. It was the people standing on top of the pyramid and posing a dangerous threat to the world that led to the war. Regardless, it was still an issue. Holy City forbade the existence of any unknown powerful force! Holy […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3102

3080 Unknown Power When the people looked down from the Reflective Holy City, they saw the terrifying avalanche move from the First Avenue all the way to the center of the Holy Palace. For a moment, the city center looked as if it had been trampled by an enormous, ancient beast from a snow-filled country. […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3101

3079 The Avalanche in Alps Mountain At the Holy Palace in Holy City, Penal Angel Fahl spread her wings. Her wings were on her back, and they gave off an imposing aura. Meanwhile, Mu Ningxue, who was standing on the lengthy staircase in Holy City, appeared tiny. Penal Angel Fahl had tanned skin that resembled […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3100

3078 Change of Plan Between the Reflective Holy City and Holy City on the earth, Mo Fan stared at the broken street, he saw an all-too-familiar figure. A trace of bitterness and helplessness sprouted from his heart. He did not expect to see the person whom he had been missing for so long in such […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3099

3077 A Perfect Woman “Simmons, keep an eye on the White Tiger. I’ll handle her!” The situation was dire. Holy Shadow Conner dared not act hesitantly. “Conner, don’t act recklessly. You have to wait—” Before Simmons finished speaking, Conner had already charged into the battle. Originally, they had to wait for the ancient secret spell […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3098

3076 The Nine Holy Shadows Mu Ningxue’s words rang throughout Holy City and stirred up the people in the city. The people were in the Reflective Holy City as they witnessed everything. Holy City’s greatness and prosperity over thousands of years had brought them a sense of supremacy and security. But who would have thought […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3097

3098 The Order Of Time Mo Fan had not only broken Michael’s wings but also ripped away a large part of flesh and skin from his back. Michael twisted his hand to grab Mo Fan’s throat. Mo Fan raised one of his hands and swung his fist at Michael’s right cheek. Mo Fan broke Michael’s […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3096

3075 He Lives, You Live Tap! Tap! Tap! Rain wet the floor tiles, making it cleaner and smoother. Mu Ningxue covered her snow-white, exquisite feet with heels. When she stepped on the floor tiles, a crisp sound was heard. She walked into Holy City along the empty First Avenue without obstacles. The Reflective Holy City […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3095

3074 To Bail Mo Fan All of a sudden, it rained. A few drops of rain fell on the reeds by the stream in the wilderness before they covered the western foothills of the Alps Mountain in dense rain. The autumn rain was exceptionally clean. There was no damp fog around the distant mountains, nor […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3094

3073 Black Stone Subsidence Zone “I almost forgot. You are already a sitting duck.” Michael smiled proudly and looked at Mo Fan, who was trapped in the black formation. Mo Fan knew that it was useless to struggle. Fortunately, the divine oath was still effective toward Michael. Michael could only use a despicable method like […]

Versatile Mage Chap 3093

3072 Hexagram Mark The sound of uniform footsteps kept ringing in the surrounding area. They would search even the most inconspicuous street several times. Even though this was a city made entirely of magic, everything in this city was real. In a dim attic, several white pigeons were also thrown into the Reflected Holy City. […]