Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3129

Chapter 3119: God of Creation! (Finale) Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Ye Yuan destroyed the Door of Eternal Life with one sword? They felt that their brains seemed to be somewhat short-circuiting. “W-What in the world happened? The Door of Eternal Life is gone. Then what … what the hell are we? Also, what […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3128

Chapter 3118: The Door of Eternal Life is Gone? Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Creak … That door that had an archaic aura and had experienced the many vicissitudes of life slowly opened. The boundless power of Great Dao poured out. Under the floodwaters of this power of Great Dao, Progenitor Bloodstone’s Great Dao […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3127

Chapter 3117: Frightening the Gods! Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “Retreat!” “Retreat again!” … . . Under Progenitor Bloodstone’s order, the blood race army retreated over and over again, directly retreating a thousand miles away. Although it was very far away, those two powerful auras that were diametrically opposed seemed to be right in […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3126

Chapter 3116: Angering Heavenly Dao! Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Above the void, under the ten-layered tribulation clouds, a figure crisscrossed inside it, sword intent surging wildly. The sounds of explosions rose and ebbed, shocking until the entire chaos was trembling. The ball lightning that even Great Beyond powerhouses could not block, Ye Yuan […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3125

Chapter 3115: Lightning Ball! Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Boom! Boom! Boom! … . . Muffled loud bangs sounded out very rhythmically. !! The tempo was not fast, but each hit seemed to strike people on the chest, smashing them until they could not catch their breath. More than a month had passed. This […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3124

Chapter 3114: Dao Driving Origins! Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Terrifying pressure completely separated Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven and the blood race. The area of the apocalyptic tribulation was extremely vast. It formed a natural protective barrier between the two. Very clearly, Ye Yuan was afraid that when he was overcoming the tribulation, Progenitor […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3112

Chapter 3111: Kneel Down! An atmosphere of despair pervaded the world. With these two great supremacies joining hands, no matter how powerful the Chaos Heavenly Spirit List, it was impossible to block them too! “Mi Tian, didn’t expect it, right? Today, no one can save Ye Yuan! He must die!” Heavenless said with indignation. Even […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3111

Chapter 3110: Two Great Supremacies Joining Hands, Grand Brightjade in Danger! Clearly, that palm previously was not Heavenless’ greatest strength. But this palm after that was his greatest move! The current Heavenless seemed like a monarch who was standing high above the , ruling over everything! When a king was enraged, corpses would float for […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3110

Chapter 3109: Wills Unite Like a Fortress! When Mi Tian and the rest heard, their hearts went thump. The first thing that Heavenless did after leaving seclusion was actually to find Ye Yuan to take revenge! A hint of smugness flashed across the corners of Yi Xue’s mouth. With this, it did not need Progenitor […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3109

Chapter 3108: Heavenless Revives! “Senior Mi Tian, you’ve lived for countless years. You’re the most knowledgeable. In your lifetime, of the 33 Tribulations of Apocalypses that you’ve seen, I wonder what’s the most that someone has transcended before?” Yi Xue looked at Mi Tian and said with a chuckle. With this, everyone’s eyes turned toward […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3108

Chapter 3107: Ye Yuan's Doom! Above the void, a long spear was akin to a dragon, blowing away the firmament. Saint force surged on Yang Qing’s body, fighting with a blood race Great Beyond powerhouse until they were locked in a struggle. “Chi Hu, you’re called the blood race’s number one genius. You’re even a […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3107

Chapter 3106: Young Master Is Remarkable! Whoos.h.!.+ A sword lacerated the sky, only to hear a rumble. A tiny gap slowly opened in the Door of Eternal Life, unbelievably powerful saint force poured into Zhuo Bufan’s body. Saint force flooding the body, Zhuo Bufan’s aura became even more fleeting and ephemeral. He stood there as […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3106

Chapter 3105: Fated Battle! Everyone’s gazes looked toward Zhuo Bufan. Clearly, they were all curious about how Ye Yuan did it. Zhuo Bufan did not explain right away, but the sword intent in his body surged to the sky! Mi Tian’s gaze flickered, and he said, “This guy is finally going to have a battle […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3105

Chapter 3104: Defying Heaven and Changing Fate! Ye Yuan’s pen expressed dragons and snakes, sword intent crisscrossing. Each stroke and each line did not reveal a sharp edge but faintly contained an infinite amount of power. He had never seen before this kind of sword intent. Zhuo Bufan immersed himself in Sword Dao his entire […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3104

Chapter 3103: Chaos Heavenly Spirit List! “Won! We … We won!” “Really didn’t expect that we could actually still survive! Sniff sniff …” “Heavenly Saint Ye will live for generations to come and be invincible under the heavens!” ….. After a brief silence, thunderous cheers erupted in front of the Extreme Medicine Sect’s mountain pa.s.s […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3103

Chapter 3102: Pivotal Point of Life and Death! Silence all around! Everyone’s faces revealed a look of extreme shock. The powerful Hegemon Bloodpromise was actually directly annihilated under Ye Yuan’s stomp! Looking at the Ye Yuan standing in the sky, the blood race powerhouses all felt a shudder, including Yi Xue! In that moment just […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3102

Chapter 3101: Heaven Trampling Five Steps! Countless G.o.d-Burying Flowers was like a rain of blades, dense until it was impermeable. People could even see that inside that flower rain, was being sliced into strips, being incomparably sharp. Everyone could tell that Ye Yuan was likely fraught with grim possibilities! “This … What to do about […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3101

Chapter 3100: Illusionary Flowers Burying ! “So strong! He … He can actually stand up to a Peak Hegemon has an equal!” “This is also too monstrous. Emperor Sakra Heaven versus Peak Hegemon, this is something unprecedented!” “If he were to really break through to Hegemon Realm, how terrific would that be? Most likely, even […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3100

Chapter 3099: About on Par! “Retreat!” Without the slightest hesitation, Yi Xue directly announced the retreat. Facing such a powerful Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, it was simply impossible for them to attain victory. It was only to see him attacked with a blood spear. Heaven and earth changed colors, attempting to force Mi Tian back. […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3099

Chapter 3098: Great Reversal! “Haha, carrying a dead man, you want to fight side by side? Do you really take us, these Hegemons, to be decorations? Ye Yuan, you’re joking around using your life!” Seeing Ye Yuan carry Feng Xiaotian, Bloodpromise mocked. Facing the encirclement of numerous Hegemon Realms, Ye Yuan was in a certain-death […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3098

Chapter 3097: The Last Time Fighting Side by Side! "This is impossible! Three days aren't up yet. Furthermore, how can he possibly break through the Bloodcloud Grand Array?" Yi Xue looked at Ye Yuan who rose to the sky, staring dumbfoundedly. No one was clearer than him how strong the Bloodcloud Grand Array was. Even […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3097

Chapter 3096: G.o.d of War Never Dies! Feng Xiaotian stood proudly in midair, his aura surging to the sky, not dissipating for a long time. That shocking fighting spirit actually supported his physical body from falling down. He just stood at the entrance of the Extreme Light Pavilion, glaring at all of the blood race’s […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3096

Chapter 3095: I Dye The Blue Sky With My Blood! “Zicang, Mingjiang, you guys take care!” The current Feng Xiaotian was unusually calm. His whole life was a lifetime of fighting and conquering. He had seen too many partings of life and death. Being entrenched in the besieged South Qi Giant City in the past, […]

Unrivaled Medicine God Chap 3095

Chapter 3094: Sacrificing Lives for Justice! The mountain pa.s.s gates shattered. Corpses were scattered everywhere. Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s powerhouses suffered countless casualties. After three days of fighting, more than half of Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s elites were dead or injured! Even if it was Hegemon Realms, more than a hundred died too! As for […]