Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1901

Chapter 1900: 1900 Immortal Emperor was once synonymous with power.n There are only four immortal emperors on the whole Xianyun island. They have ruled the world for a long time. Every friar is eager to be their general existence. It can be said that the Immortal Emperor is the dream of monks. But today, the […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1900

Chapter 1899: 1899 Xu Ke has completely changed at this time.n His white hair was scattered behind him, and his eyes glittered with golden and black lightning. Around his body, he was overflowing with the majestic power of immortal yuan, just like the gods and demons who came to the world in ancient times. At […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1899

Chapter 1898: 1898 Boom!n The power of thousands of immortal gods and hundreds of half step immortal emperors was absorbed by Xu que. At this time, the power he can play is comparable to the half step God. Facing this force, Emperor Cheng Yuanxian had almost no way to deal with it. He was the […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1898

Chapter 1897: 1897 Emperor Cheng Yuanxian was a little confused.n He felt that a strong man had entered the central Tianmen gate, so he came out to check it out. As a result, as soon as Xu came up, he said he was Yurou’s husband and wanted to come to her home. This suddenly made […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1897

Chapter 1896: 1896 Dark clouds pressed the city, and strong forces poured in one after another. They should have fallen into the hands of Feng Yuehua, but they all ran to XuKe.n Feeling the surging cultivation in his body, Xu Ke felt the feeling of eating and supporting for the first time. These forces are […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1896

Chapter 1895: 1895 There was an extremely strange scene on the field.n At this time, sun Lao had absorbed the accomplishments of all the monks present. In terms of pure strength, he had surpassed the Immortal Emperor. I don’t know how many times. But in the face of Xu que, he was stunned and couldn’t […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1895

Chapter 1894: 1894 Suddenly, the whole Qiongyu Pavilion became chaotic.n Countless immortal Dharma lights flickered in it, and the powerful power flowed, which made Qiongyu Pavilion tremble. Although Qiongyu pavilion has a powerful Dharma array to protect the pavilion, it is not one person who makes moves now, but hundreds of people who make moves […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1894

Chapter 1893: 1893 Xitianmen city can’t go back. Xu que pondered for a moment. After thinking for a while, he felt that he couldn’t go in as fried tianbang again.n The old ghost’s strength is very strong, and he ran out by his own strength. Especially when the other party is on the verge of […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1893

Chapter 1892: 1892 I saw the boy named zhizunbao rampaging among the crowd without any weapons and bare hands.n Boom! One blow out, when even a immortal monk flew upside down, hit the beam, fell heavily to the ground, and spewed blood. Seeing this, Zhang Erhe turned pale. He saw clearly that the friar who […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1892

Chapter 1891: 1891 Zhang Erhe is stupid.n Murong Tuo is also stupid. Xu ye and Yuehua couldn’t close their mouths. The other monks in the lobby were directly shocked into a mess. Who would have thought that this handsome and gentle teenager would turn into a mob in the next second. This strong contrast is […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1891

Chapter 1890: 1890 Xu Xu didn’t speak and calmly looked at the man in front of him.n The eyes are sincere, the words are firm, and the mood is full. It doesn’t seem to be lying. So… Does this guy really want to be a brother of his own? He’s crazy! Xu ye and others […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1890

Chapter 1889: 1889 “Brother Murong, what’s the matter?” the friars around also found the inexplicable reaction of their friends and asked with concern.n “No, nothing…” Murong Tuo quickly lowered his head and dared not let people see his expression. Seeing this, the party continued to walk inside. Several people were born in famous families and […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1889

Chapter 1888: 1888 Several monks around him suddenly became vigilant and looked around.n The male friar in blue said in a deep voice, “brother Murong Tuo, is it your illusion?” On the other side, the male friar in black shook his head and slightly turned his eyebrows: “brother Yuehua, brother Murong Tuo’s spiritual sense has […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1888

Chapter 1887: 1887 “What’s the problem? Do you think these guys are ambushing us?” the two dogs immediately looked alert.n As soon as he got up, several nuns around him screamed and shouted how lovely it was. Two dogs despised: “superficial! Only know how to measure others by appearance!” With that, he twisted his ass […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1887

Chapter 1886: 1886 “Who, who’s talking!!” Xu Que’s look was chilly. Chakra had rushed out and raised his hand and blasted on the jade wall.n Click! The crisp sound of fragmentation sounded, and large cracks suddenly spread on the jade wall. “Cough… It hurts…” the old man’s voice gave out a painful cry, and he […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1886

Chapter 1885: 1885 The young man and the grass mud horse were formed by Xu Ke and ER Gouzi.n Before camouflage, Xu que didn’t expect that the friars in Cheng Yuanxian domain would be so enthusiastic, but he delayed a lot of time. A man and a grass mud horse came to Qiongyu Pavilion. As […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1885

Chapter 1884: 1884 At Xu’s current speed, these so-called talents were directly dumped by him.n “No, you’re so hateful!” Xu Wei thought carefully and felt that he couldn’t take Er Gouzi with him. This guy did a lot of things in xitianmen city. He took it with him. Before he had time to find someone […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1884

Chapter 1883: 1883 Outside the Yongye hall, there is an antique building, hundreds of meters high, which can be called a landmark.n The whole building is magnificent, with blue tiles, Zhu Zhu, carved beams and painted buildings, full of artistic temperament. On the front door of the building, there are several big characters – Qiongyu […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1883

Chapter 1882: 1882 Rao shiding Fang made great efforts to do a lot of research on the West Tianmen City. He felt confused in the face of this sudden problem.n Why does this person ask such questions as soon as he comes up? Is this a strange local custom? But the problem is, this custom […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1882

Chapter 1881: 1881 The next day, the whole cangyang gate began to act.n In the past, although the Lieyang gate was the top of the Sanpin sect, it was only a Sanpin sect after all. The competition of the main disciples had nothing to do with them. But now with Xu Ke, the level of […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1881

Chapter 1880: 1880 In the next few days, Xu que made an unexpected discovery by consulting the classics of the Lieyang gate.n It turned out that the principal disciples of Chengyuan immortal domain can also enter the central Tianmen. After receiving this news, Xu Xu Xu immediately called everyone of the Lieyang sect – or […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1880

Chapter 1879: 1879 In the West Tianmen City, a group of monks closely watched the movement of the Lieyang gate.n After all, except for the few second grade sect doors, the Lieyang gate is the top existence in the third grade sect door. It can make the fierce sky like a great enemy, and even […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1879

Chapter 1878: 1878 Seeing this scene, the fierce sky could no longer control his anger. His hands formed all kinds of mysterious printing formulas in the air, and the sea of fire suddenly fell.n “Humble mole ants, today you will die without a place to bury!” Boom! The scorching sea of fire is like a […]

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1878

Chapter 1877: 1877 Inside the burning sun gate, the flames are towering.n After a period of brewing, the whole sky has completely turned into a sea of fire, and all the monks in the sect have found a place to take refuge. On the mountain peak, those spirit trees that have been cultivated by Reiki […]