Thousand Autumns Chap 138

TRANSLATOR’S NOTE I started translating Qian Qiu in March of 2021. It was winter. The pandemic had been around for about a year. Translating at least I had control over this cross section of my life from the world’s wild indifference. Thank you to the other translators of this novel. Thank you for everyone who […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 137

MINI EXTRAS [1] Evening, criss-crossing wind and snow, daylight fading. Travellers bunched into the roadside teahouse for shelter, if only they could shrink inside a bit further, away from the piercing glacial winds making contact with their skin. Only one person remained sitting in his seat by the roadside, completely at ease. The teahouse owner […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 136

EXTRA 13 Whether Yu Xiu was really entangled with Lord Jin, Shen Qiao wasn’t sure, perhaps Yan Wushi simply found him annoying, these were all trivial details, the important thing was that Yan Wushi’s words revealed a startling bit of news: that Tujue, the Buddhist sects, Lord Jin, these three were connected, it made Shen […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 135

EXTRA 12 The night of the winter solstice, the lanterns were all hung up. Under the eaves the tiny orbs of light, seeping through the thin red paper, forming a red trail, illuminating the entire courtyard. The snow continued its descent, not heavy-handed nor a fine dusting, enough to turn the world white, there was […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 134

EXTRA 11 The side door of the daoguan was unlatched. The osmanthus were in full bloom, a gentle breeze and drifting clouds, the sky refractive as glass, clear as ice. Clusters of golden-yellow, light-yellow, and white blooms bursting from the branches, heavy-headed, weighing down the branch, which at this moment also had several riotous birds […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 133

EXTRA 10 Behind the folding screen, a bed. On the bed was a beauty. To be precise, the beauty had their eyes closed, sound asleep, beside them sat a person, who was looking at beauty. Yan Wushi looked for a long while, brushed his finger upon the other’s eyelashes. Shen Qiao’s closed eyes reflexively trembled, […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 132

EXTRA 9 In an instant, Yan Wushi was accosted by accusatory glares all around, including that of the stallowner. He looked like an upstanding person, but stole a kid’s tangren, and took a huge bite out of it too, this situation, what kid wouldn’t cry! The stallowner himself had two children, seeing the situation he […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 131

EXTRA 8 The author would like to say: Attention, today’s extra has little to do with yesterday’s, and nothing to do with the main plot. Since the main plot, this author really wanted to write A-Qiao becoming small and encountering Lao Yan →_→ Lao Yan gets his joy from teasing people to their limits… Tomorrow […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 130

EXTRA 7 Shen Qiao went to step back, but the grip on his waist tightened, heaven and earth unsuspended, in the next moment he was pushed onto the stone wall to the side. Yan Wushi of course gave him no chance to hesitate, their two bodies were pressed tightly against each other, their shadows stretched […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 129

EXTRA 6 Liu Jingyan was empress dowager, but she was not someone who’d retreated entirely from the outside world, she was born into an high-standing family, in her early years was also a disciple of Linchuanxuegong, Liu Jingyan certainly contributed no small part to these years that Linchuanxuegong were able to hold their position within […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 128

Banbu Peak was still that Banbu Peak. For a hundred thousand years it had stood here, the rise and ebb of human histories, dynasties cycling, it was not affected in the slightest. On account of yesterday’s rain, the clouds overcast the sun, on the river swirls of condensation rose into fog, even the adjacent Yinghui […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 127

“Hmm, what place do you think my shizun has brought him to?” Yu Shengyan asked, time-saturated, he leaned against the veranda, currently he had a stalk of grass in his hand, playing with the deer, he was a little surprised, as shizun was not one to cherish small children or animals, how did he suddenly […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 126

Two days before the duel. Almost everyone had their eyes on this fight. The inns in Funing County had long filled up, countless jianghu people had flooded into this obscure town, it resembled the time that preceded Shen Qiao and Kunye’s fight. The difference was, back then although Shen Qiao had a large reputation, it […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 125

A moment’s distraction, attention diverted by the other’s question, the two of them maintained this interesting position, no one would remind Shen Qiao, the small deer wouldn’t, Yan Wushi also wouldn’t. And Yan-zongzhu’s expression was plaintively serious, most of the time his mouth carried a smirk, whether a smile-not-smile, or an arrogant laugh, it gave […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 124

Shen Qiao didn’t expect that when he saw Yan Wushi again it would be like this. Beforehand, hearing Bian Yanmei’s words, Shen Qiao hadn’t said anything, his mind though couldn’t help but wander. At the pinnacle of Yan Wushi’s wugong, fighting Hulugu, he might be a notch below, but this notch would not decide the […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 123

Acquiring a new disciple, the shifu couldn’t just drop him and leave, Shen Qiao personally explained to him Xuandu Purple Pavilion rules, then briefly described Shiwu and Yuwen Song’s circumstances, Duan Ying memorized everything, and listened intently. Shen Qiao said to him: “While I’m away, you cannot let your homework lapse, I will have Kong-zhanglao […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 122

After the dust settled, this chapter came to its conclusion. For Xuandushan, the price they paid was most painful. Yu Ai was dead, Tan Yuanchun’s wugong was nullified, to spend the remainder of his days guarding a gravesite, not much different from death, of the other six elders, four were injured seriously, including Liu Yue, […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 121

Shen Qiao did not move for a long time, in these moments, the glint and noise around him faded, he held the slowly cooling body of Yu Ai, his head bowed, no one knew what he was thinking. Maybe it was a scene from all those years ago, he and his martial siblings on the […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 120

In the face of Shen Qiao’s full sky of sword light, Sang Jingxing didn’t wait for death, where others saw an impenetrable sword front, Sang Jingxing didn’t have that same degree of horror. Shen Qiao’s opponent was a grandmaster after all. Sang Jingxing’s steps were as swift as shooting stars, his sleeves billowing, his whole […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 119

Everyone’s expression changed hearing this, zhanglao Lian Shan said: “A while back Tujue was here, saying they were hoping Xuandushan would form an alliance with Tujue, Yu-zhangji…” He had wanted to say the two words zhangjiao, but looking at Shen Qiao, he changed his mind: “Yu-shidi refused, they must have not been able to accept […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 118

The two Daoists were stupefied as if seeing a ghost in broad daylight, Shen Qiao was not too arrogant on account of their reaction. “Xiao Yunchang, long time no see, you’ve grown taller. His gaze fell on the other person, his expression was warm as it was before, as if nothing had changed, “Le’an’s wugong […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 117

For those who had never seen Hulugu fight, hearing this didn’t amount to much, as they saw it, the Yan Wushi who could stand the ambush of five martial masters and emerge unscathed definitely had the potential and strength to challenge Hulugu. As the sentence was said, it was like a drop of water falling […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 116

Shen Qiao had thought that Yan Wushi’s injuries were not extensive, after this many days, even if not fully recovered, he should be mostly there. Who knew that examining his meridians would reveal stagnant qi, blood coalescing, the appearance of flow obstruction: the injuries were more serious than before. Could it be that Xueting’s wugong […]

Thousand Autumns Chap 115

The newcomer was indeed Yuan Ying. It was said that after Shen Qiao fell off the cliff, although Yu Ai used his efforts to suppress rumours, on Xuandushan people were anxious, Yuan Ying out of Qi Fengge’s disciples was numbered fourth, whether in temperament or wugong, he was not the most outstanding, so within the […]