The Problematic Prince Chap 154

“Look, your Highness, an article in the paper full of praise.” Lisa burst into hospital room as Erna was sat at the window sill, bathing in the sunlight. The article, with the Grand Duchess’ name plastered over the front of it, was completely different to the articles that were printed about her before. Erna was […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 153

“Look, your Highness, an article in the paper full of praise.” Lisa burst into hospital room as Erna was sat at the window sill, bathing in the sunlight. The article, with the Grand Duchess’ name plastered over the front of it, was completely different to the articles that were printed about her before. Erna was […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 152

The gentle firelight was just enough to keep the room from being too dark. It was nearly the first light of day when then faint sound of the door opening and closing filled the silent room. Bjorn moved with the utmost caution, making as little noise as possible as he approached the bed where Erna […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 151

The sound of a crying child echoed out through the barracks all the survivors had been placed in. Standing up from where she had bent over to tend to the fire, Erna felt a sharp pain in her side as she straightened. She placed a hand on the bandages that wrapped around her waist and […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 150

Amidst the chaotic, slanted world, Bjorn pressed on through the crumpled carriages. Doing his best to dodge broken glass and weave past sharp, jagged metal shards. He discarded his coat and wiped the sweat and dirt from his brow. “Erna,” he called out every other step. “Erna.” The name became a desperate call, echoing through […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 149

The central station of Kassen was lively with people, all were either victims of the derailed train, families of the victims, or exhausted volunteers. The platforms were a chaotic, unorganised mess of injured and luggage, It was a confusing mess. Bjorn stepped off the train from Schuber, his face emotionless. The noise and the fierce […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 148

“From what I’ve heard, your love life isn’t going so smoothly,” the Duchess Arsene said as she met Bjorn’s gaze. She looked sickly, but did not appear as bad as the telegram had suggested. Bjorn let out a sigh, the Duchess still contained an air of warmth as she looked at her grandson. “Hey, don’t […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 147

The snowmen out in the garden eventually melted, as Bjorn had said and he spent that time with Erna, as planned. There was nothing extraordinary about it. While Bjorn slept, Erna watched over him. She prepared his meals, administered his medicine and gently wiped the sweat from his brow. As Bjorn got better, their time […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 146

The village doctor came by Baden House when he was called. He looked to be in good spirits until he was informed of who the patient was and then seemed to age several years. He became pale as he was led up the stairs and by the time he got to the room, he was […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 145

“How…how do you know?” Erna said, looking at Bjorn blankly. “I asked the doctor.” Memories of a late summer afternoon flashed through his mind. The following day,, after cleaning out their child’s belongings, he had visited the doctor. In the clinic, Bjorn asked the detailed account of everything they knew about their child, from the […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 144

The Prince had thrown down the gauntlet, it was the only explanation as to why he came out into the snow and started rolling out a ball. The man, with such laudy and grand titles, First Prince of Lechen, the Grand Duke and one, the Crown Prince, none of that mattered now as Lisa and […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 143

Erna’s eyes went wide in shock and uncertainty. She averted her gaze and didn’t offer a response. Inside, a storm was brewing within her chest and left her devoid of coherent thought. “Rest,” Erna said, as if she didn’t hear what he said. Her hands were trembling and subconsciously wrung at her skirt. As her […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 142

Erna quickly opened the door and was immediately battered by the ferociousness of the wind that had been waiting. The powerful gust pushed Erna back and it took her a moment to work up the strength to look out into the blizzard. Peering outside, in the dim light of the lamps, she could make out […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 141

“Are you returning to Schuber?” Erna asked without thinking. She realised that she shouldn’t have cared, but it was too late to take back the words. Once done with the attendant, Bjorn approached her and looked down at her calmly. “Why, does it make you happy? Unfortunately for you, I will not be returning just […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 140

Once Lisa left, Erna sat at the table and stared at the letter and flowers. It felt strange, she knew they were from Bjorn, but they didn’t feel real to her. She felt awkward as she looked at the unfamiliar gifts that didn’t match the personality of the person gifting them. After sitting in the […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 139

Gifts flooded into Baden Mansion, creating a mountain of gifts in the hallway that left everyone speechless. Erna’s expression was a mix of astonishment and unease, it was a sight that evoked an all-too-familiar and uneasy memory. “Erna, what on earth is all this?” the startled Baroness said. “Greetings, Your Highness,” a servant said, handing […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 138

“What about Ella, or Sylvia?” Lisa said rattling off names. “Or maybe Christa? Does it give off too noble vibe?” Erna took naming the calf seriously. Once it had eaten up the hay, the calf returned to its mothers side in the cattle pen, the two ladies contained in the vacant cattle pen. Ralph Royce […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 137

“I want to try dating,” Bjorn said with a gentle smile, looking down at Erna “Would you like that?” “No,” Erna said, her words forced through the lump in her throat. “Liar.” “I don’t like it any more. I don’t like you, I don’t like dating and I don’t like these almonds.” “Well, it seems my wife […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 136

Bjorn didn’t hesitate for a moment to proclaim Pavel Lore was an asshole. He could see him standing with Erna by the merry-go-round. He knew it was him, he would recognise the infuriating man’s fiery red hair anywhere. The situation was a little more reassuring seeing the guardian of hell, Lisa, near by. “Hello, sir?” […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 135

The days in the countryside were extremely boring. Bjorn found himself always waking up far too early, making the days unbearably long and boring. Bjorn looked at his pocket watch, it wasn’t even noon yet. Normally he wouldn’t even be out of bed yet. The intense enthusiasm of the servants in the Baden family, the […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 134

“I understand, Your Highness,” Baroness Baden said, after a long pause. Her voice pierced through the air as the sun set beyond the window, “I’m really sorry,” the Prince  apologized once again, making eye contact with the Baroness. They sat in a quiet room bathed in the amber glow of the setting sun. Baroness Baden reached […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 133

Suddenly, there was a wolf. Erna had been waiting for the postal carriage as she had always done, but instead of the divorce paper, her husband arrived, presenting a surprising twist. “Hey, that’s not a postal carriage, its a wolf, Your Highness, its a wolf.” Lisa declared, as she scrutinized the carriage coming up the deserted […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 132

Mrs Fitz couldn’t believe what she just heard. She stood in the middle of the room staring at Bjorn, who simply leaned back in his chair and smiled. “She looked so much better when she was last here, healthy and lively. It seemed as though she had no regrets whatsoever when she decided to step […]

The Problematic Prince Chap 131

“….Bastard.” Bjorn only realised what happened when the pain in his cheek spread searing warmth through the rest of his face. Erna slapped him hard, causing him to step back. “Love? You have no love to give to me in the first place.” Despite her anger, Erna did her best to persevere and maintain her […]