The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1051

Wolf Among three leaders of ‘God Kingdom’ organization, both Brahma and Shiva were extremely warlike. Big brother ‘Vishnu’ was the most mysterious, he did not reveal anything. To kill Teng Qing Shan, he did not intend to use his art but he never expected that it would turn out to be completely opposite. One of […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1050

Bloody It was about eight or nine p.m The Moon Lake was covered by darkness and there was nobody there, there were only some street lights emitting a little glow. In that thick darkness, the bald brawny man named ‘Shiva’ was extremely aggressive. “Haha..” Shiva laughed loudly, his legs were moving like two big swords […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1049

“Congratulation, you are now free.” Teng Qing Shan smiled. Lin looked at Teng Qing Shan. A woman whose background was from a poor family could reach this point with just a little amount of money. Lin was good at observing people, she felt that Teng Qing Shan was a giant standing at thousands of miles […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1048

The Upcoming Storm At Yangzhou Railway Station. Around 5:00 p.m, there were two Indian people coming out from the railway station. One of them was 1’80 metres tall, he had a friendly smile that made everyone feel comfortable. The weird thing was, his head and neck were really bony, and he wore braids. The other […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1047

“The Internal Arts practices the strength of the whole body until forming the internal strength, and then the higher realm is reached. In fact, this is ‘Transforming the Essential Substance’ into the ‘Divine Energy’ stage.” “The ancient people did not pay attention to musculoskeletal exercise, in their view, that is an insignificant path. Their attention […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1046

Millennium Evolution In order to get that ancient book, half of Li Shan’s body was in the vault behind the shelf. At that time, Li Shan clenched his teeth and rapidly crept into that vault that was as tall as half the height of a normal person, then the iron gate immediately closed. It took […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1045

Millennium Chronicle There were residential villas next to West Lake in Yang Zhou City. Each villa almost five hundred square meters or more and their minimum of price was at least in millions. In the centre of the residential villas, there was a Mansion which was the largest villa in the whole complex, just next […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1044

‘Chun Tian’ – The Fugitive “He smiled at you?” Li Ran surprised. “Yes, I do not know why I felt that “Wolf” was not cruel as the rumors state.” Qin Hong puzzled, “Actually, I always felt that he gave me a sense of familiarity as if I have seen him somewhere, but I just can’t remember.” […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1043

Teng Qing Shan, albeit aware that two of the Big Three of the Kingdom of God were coming to kill him, was able to remain phlegmatic. In fact, he appeared to be excited at the prospect of battling two SS-rank killers. Because he practiced “Tiger Shaped Magical Arts” and had transcended to the higher realm, Teng Qing […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1042

Tiger Shaped Magical Arts ‘When I was seven years old, I attended the hellish training camp in Siberia. At the time my body had not yet developed; so being under the pressure of training it was greatly affected. Later on I joined the Master to practice the Internal Arts. When I was young, I didn’t […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1041

: The Potential On the highway, An Audi A6 was constantly running to the north. There were two people in the car. One was a driver, the other sat in the back who was tall, seemingly nearly thirty years. His face was quite similar to Teng Qing Shan. “Ruuu, ruuu …” The phone was vibrating. […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1040

Tiger Fist Teng Qing Shan tip toed lightly and suddenly leapt to the other side, easily increasing the distance between him and Dole Goth Grove. “ Don’t run! Are you a coward? “ Dole Goth Grove was in quite a hurry. Teng Qing Shan jumped on the house’s roof. While having fought for a short […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1039

War of Life and Death “Don’t underestimate his ability.” Magosawa smirked, he looks more cold. They said that not because they were being considerate of Teng Qing Shan but they wanted to influence his will. If he had killed himself, of course that would have been the best thing. Doing so, will let both of […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1038

Powerful enemies Teng Qing Shan was sitting opposite to Lin Qing in a coffee shop named Bai Yun which was not far from the communal Willow Tea House. As time flew by the sun already went down the mountain. “So fast”. Lin Qing looked through the window. A day had passed but she felt as […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1037

The magic eyes The 4th day- Teng Qing Shan was in the courtyard of the house that he rented in Yang Zhou city. Teng Qing Shan sat cross-legged in the courtyard. The night was almost over. He opened his eyes almost at the same time as when the first sun light appeared in Yang Zhou […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1036

Yang Zhou City Spring rain fluttered, the rain covered the ancient Yang Zhou citadel. In the old citadel of Yang Zhou City, at a position against the window on the second floor of Willow Tea House, Bespectacled Teng Qing Shan was quietly sitting, placed on the desk in front him was a glass of milk […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1035

He was called “Wolf” After Teng Qing Shan had been gone for a while, two old Santana cars arrived and parked a ways from the yard. There were 3 people in the first car. A black bearded man was sitting in the back seat. He held a heat detector in hand, and carefully observed the […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1034

Teng Qing Shan The second floor of the Teahouse was very peaceful, gentle music that sounded like water flowing made people feel relaxed. There were not many people on the second floor of the Teahouse, only approximately ten or so. Groups of two or three people lowered their voice during their e was suddenly a […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1033

Chapter 621: The Reincarnation of the Nine Cauldrons. (Ending) Translator: Iamgt Editor: Iamgt Pei San’s fingers curled inward, taking on a claw-like shape. He folded his hands together and it felt as though the entire world was cupped in his hands. The tip of Teng Qingshan’s Reincarnation Spear was extremely sharp. It could penetrate even the sky and […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1032

Chapter 620: The White Horse Lake (Ending Part Two) Translator: Iamgt Editor: Iamgt Pei San heaved a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “I have taken revenge and have built the foundation of the Heavenly God Palace. Now, I just need to reach the pinnacle in my cultivation of martial arts.” Pei San turned and looked […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1031

Chapter 619: A Chat All Night With Wine (Ending Part 1) Translator: Iamgt Editor: Iamgt “Father!” While Pei San was laughing happily and excitedly, Pei Xuelian appeared. She leaped up the attic and approached with a bright smile on her face. “Father, what is making you so happy? Tell me!” When the King of Beasts Wu Hou heard […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1030

Chapter 618: A Marvelous Sight Translator: Iamgt Editor: Iamgt Currently, the Power of Teng Qingshan’s World looked just like the Power of Qin Shiqi’s World. It became grey, black, and white. However, the essence of Teng Qingshan’s power is different from that of Qin Shiqi’s power. The shades of black and white in Teng Qingshan’s power represented life […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1029

Chapter 617: The Transformation and Realization Translator: Iamgt Editor: Iamgt In the northeastern Youzhou, at night: Spring had just arrived. However, Youzhou, which was located in the north, was still extremely cold. Both sides of the official road were lined with high mounds of snow. A bloody massacre was happening on the official road. “Brothers! Kill! Kill them […]

The Nine Cauldrons Chap 1028

Chapter 616: The Secular World Translator: Iamgt Editor: Iamgt Teng Qingshan perambulated through the fields and crossed the rivers. He went wherever he wanted to go. No one could see him! As he watched the things that happened in the Land of the Nine Prefectures, he remained silent. … In the blink of an eye, the hot summer […]