The Legend of Futian Chap 2953

The people of the Original Realm gradually realized the changes of the world too. Meanwhile, Ye Futian perceived all of this. Of course, he no longer had a solid shape. After becoming the Path, he had no physical body, no cultivation plane, no life or death. He could truly sense the “Path” now. He was […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2952

The strong figures in the Devil Imperial Palace of the Devil World saw the figure that had floated over and felt immense pain in their hearts. “Your Majesty,” they called out, only to hear the Devil Emperor say, “From today on, Yu Sheng will inherit the position of the Devil World’s Devil Emperor. All strong […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2951

“Who are you?” a cold voice streamed from the dome of the sky. Incredible destructive force exploded, but it had no target. Everything was in a formless state. The Human Ancestor smelted the world and turned his body into the Heavenly Path. He controlled all of the material energy and comprehended the force of the […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2950

“It’s effective!” Ye Futian looked up at the Heavenly Path. Back when the Heavenly Path had collapsed in the ancient war of gods, it had meant that the Heavenly Path was not undefeatable. The Human Ancestor was not either. The Devil Emperor’s previous attack had been effective, and it caused the Human Ancestor to grow […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2949

“All of you come back,” Ye Futian announced loudly, calling for all the fighters to return to his side. At the same time, his Divine Power enveloped the vast space, raising his guard against the other. “It is meaningless.” The voice traveled from the dome of the sky, and a face appeared in the Heavenly […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2948

In many continents of the Human Realm, the trees were withering, and the rivers and lakes were drying up. Everything in the world was being destroyed. The people of the Human Realm all sank into endless despair. They looked up to the heavens. Was that their world savior? Why was he now bringing doomsday to […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2947

“Donghuang!” a voice rang out. Then the Eternal Swordlord’s body was already gone. He had transformed into the divine domain of the Sword Path, becoming one with all the heavens. His huge silhouette appeared in the dome of the sky, formed by countless sword intents. These sword intents seemed to be immortal, eternally existing in […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2946

“Not bad!” A voice traveled from the Human Realm. Divine light kept flowing in the dome of the sky as if an illusory figure was forming. It gave off a misty and intangible feeling. “The Law of Time and Space. And you’ve touched onto the level of ‘substance.’ As expected of the god of creation,” […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2945

Ye Futian’s body was forced into a retreat. That frightening fist intent also broke apart. The surrounding space was collapsing and cracking crazily while the frightening spatial currents ravaged wildly. But neither Ye Futian nor the Human Ancestor cared at all. With their current cultivation states, they could pass freely within the space windstorm. “Divine […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2944

After the Dark Sovereign, yet another beam of divine light descended. The Evil Emperor had arrived too. He had fought fiercely against the Dark Sovereign, but neither could defeat the other. However, the Dark Sovereign was not looking at the Evil Emperor right now. Instead, she kept staring at the Human Ancestor. “It’s you, right?” […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2943

A loud sound could be heard from the sky. The sound came from a massive maroon ancient bell that revolved ceaselessly. It gradually turned into bolts of maroon lightning that occupied the entire firmament, permeating the boundless void as they were rained down. Bell sounds were produced from each flash of the maroon lightning that […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2942

While Chen Yi was going around exterminating the enemies, the Great Emperors beside Ye Futian sealed up the Heavenly Imperial City. Standing in different locations, they unleashed the Divine Domain of the Great Path to prevent the Gods of the Human Realm from killing indiscriminately. In another place, Ye Wuchen, Yaya, and Swordmaster of Lihen […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2941

Ye Futian hovered in the void of the Heavenly Realm while watching the projections of the live happenings from all realms that appeared around him. The cultivators of the Human Realm unleashed their worldwide conquest and began to slaughter the people from other realms indiscriminately. Mountains of corpses could be seen everywhere—it was a living […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2940

The Evil Emperor came to the Dark Court to see the Dark Sovereign. “Why betray me?” the Evil Emperor asked the Dark Sovereign unceremoniously. “Evil Emperor, do you know the truth about the Human Ancestor?” asked the Dark Sovereign. “That’s not important.” The Evil Emperor brushed the question aside nonchalantly. “No, it is essential.” The […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2939

Inside the Human Divine Palace, there was peace at the moment. There were no conflicts or disputes. Everything appeared like a place out of this world that was exceptionally tranquility. In front of a palace, the Human Ancestor was chatting with a child. The scene was peaceful, in stark contrast to the war currently taking […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2938

In the Dark World was a passageway that connected to the Human Realm. The Human Realm was known as the most perfect realm after the collapse of the Heavenly Path. Under the governance of the Human Ancestor, the Human Realm had been peaceful and stable, and its cultivators, likewise, were strong in strength. But now, […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2937

Fierce battles broke out all around Xia Qingyuan as many top figures from the Human Divine Palace had gone over there to attack. Even the army from the Heavenly Court had headed that way to render their support. For a time, people continued to perish in the area around Xia Qingyuan. Xia Qingyuan was in […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2936

Bang! The golden spear came crashing down. But before it hit Xia Qingyuan, it shattered and pulverized. It was smashed by a long rod surrounded by divine flames. Not far above Xia Qingyuan, a ferocious and domineering demon was standing there; it was Zhu Yan the Beast, who had once fought against Ye Futian. Behind […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2935

The Human Divine Palace, under the rule of the Human Ancestor, had numerous cultivators from different temples, and their cultivation abilities differed as well. This group of cultivators specialized in the divine power of thunder. When their divine power exploded, chains of thunder and lightning encircled Dou Zhao’s body like dancing snakes. Dou Zhao’s body […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2934

The army of the Devil World began invading the Divine Prefecture from the North Cliff Region. On the continent, black clouds covered the sky above a city. The members of the Devil World filled the skies. Tens of millions of troops of the Devil World began their invasion of the Divine Prefecture. In an extremely […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2933

The atmosphere in the Heavenly Imperial City was exceptionally serious and depressing. The Human Ancestor set up the space passage above the Heavenly Imperial City. He would invade the place and directly declare war. Rumble. A dull and terrifying sound could be heard. The space passage expanded, and the entire sky became a Door of […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2932

Time trickled past. The cultivators who were training in Ye Futian’s micro world utilized every second to improve their cultivation and to break through to the next plane. However, some of them chose not to break through to the Imperial Realm even though they were qualified to do so. It was because they wished to […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2931

In the ninety-nine heavens of the Heaven Realm, Ye Futian’s Small World was also getting busy as the cultivators of the Human Realm were mobilizing across various continents. The Human Ancestor was adamant about initiating the war of the Seven Realms. He also wanted to involve cultivators from all levels. No one could keep out […]

The Legend of Futian Chap 2930

“What business do you have?” said the Devil Emperor as he looked towards the Door of Space. “I wish to reset the order of the Seven Realms and revive the Age of the Gods. Would the Devil World be willing to join me?” asked the Human Ancestor as his voice reverberated in the space. The […]