The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2483

2588 Side Story 92: Wish Fulfilled When heaven and earth were first formed, the world opened with a bang. Millions of stars gathered and formed constellations. The sky was clear, and the ground was dim. Everything had no end or boundary. Day after day, the stars gathered. The golden light shone down. A figure slowly […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2482

2587 Side Story 91: Follow Me When Rong Xiaoyan and Rong Xiaoxun were five years old, they finally had their younger sister, Rong Xiaoxi. The entire Fantasy Divine Palace was overjoyed. The Emperor was relieved. For the first time in five years, he received kind treatment from the High Priest and the rest. There was […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2481

2586 Side Story 90: Mu Qinghe Tianling Dynasty, Imperial City. The intense night sky covered everything. The large Mu Residence was quiet. The faint moonlight poured in through the windows and landed on the figure sitting upright. It stained him with coldness. It was an extremely young man with a handsome appearance. From his brow […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2480

2585 Side Story 89: Like Rong Xiu became famous from one battle. Ling Xiao Academy had survived for many years, and it contained talents and geniuses from all over the world. However, there had never been one like Rong Xiu that directly broke through to become a true god on the second day of admission […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2479

2584 Side Story 88: Rong Family This competition started suddenly and ended even faster. From start to end, Rong Xiu only used one move. Jiang Ping didn’t retaliate as he failed miserably and directly fainted. The crowd didn’t even see how Rong Xiu did it before he had already won. Everyone had their eyes open […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2478

2583 Side Story 87: Support You Once he said this, the crowd fell into dead silence. Everyone looked at Rong Xiu with a strange gaze. Jiang Ping was so angry that he laughed as he sized Rong Xiu up mockingly. “Just by yourself?” He had already heard that the new Rong Xiu was a demigod […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2477

2582 Side Story 86: Not Siblings Ling Xiao Academy recruited two geniuses. Actually, this wasn’t rare to the many elders and students in the academy, but the situation was rather different this time. That was because out of the two newcomers, there was a young man in his teens and was already a demigod! The […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2476

2581 Side Story 85: His Ling Xiao Academy was the top academy in the God Residence Realm, but countless talents rushed over from all directions every year, hoping to cross that doorstep and become a student of the academy. As the only stronghold for Ling Xiao Academy’s assessment, Fangzhou City was bustling with people all […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2475

2580 Side Story 84: First Meeting After a long night, Chu Liuyue couldn’t even remember when she fell asleep. Her last memory was that she seemed to have been pulled into a warm and spacious embrace. Even in her sleep, she seemed to be able to smell the faint cold fragrance. She was exhausted, and […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2474

2579 Side Story 83: Emperor, Please Work Hard “No way!” Rong Xiaoxun lifted the blanket and climbed out of bed. It wasn’t easy for Brother and I to beat Father to it. We’ve even spent a lot of effort on this, but why is the outcome different from what we expected?! Rong Xiu raised his […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2473

2578 Side Story 82: Weak Three years passed in the blink of an eye. Outside the Fantasy Divine Hall, at an isolated corner, two cute little balls in embroidered clothes were gathered together and whispering something. The little boy in white had exquisite eyebrows. He was only three or four years old, but his aura […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2472

2577 Side Story 81: Congratulations Jian Fengchi recovered his senses and coughed. “Sorry for the disturbance! We’ll leave right away!” As he spoke, he directly held Mu Hongyu’s wrist and turned around to leave. Mu Hongyu was still staring with her almond-like eyes in a daze. It was obvious that she hadn’t recovered from her […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2471

2576 Side Story 80: Thank You Marriage contract. When these two words landed in Jian Fengchi’s ears, they were like thunder that struck Jian Fengchi’s mind. He looked at Mu Hongyu in a daze. For a moment, he couldn’t tell if this was reality or illusion. Did I drink too much tonight and am very […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2470

2575 Side Story 79: Marriage Letter After keeping quiet for a moment, Mu Hongyu took the contract. It was just a thin piece of paper, but at this moment, she felt that it weighed more than a thousand pounds. There were countless times when she wanted to take this item back from Jian Fengchi, but […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2469

2574 Side Story 78: Freedom Night. The moonlight was like water, and the shadows of the trees danced. In the courtyard, one person sat quietly. The refreshing and intense alcohol fragrance spread around. The person on the left was dressed in extravagant clothes with wide sleeves. He held a cup in one hand and looked […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2468

2573 Side Story 77: Choose Only One Among Million People On this day, the sky was clear. In front of the Fantasy Divine Hall, there were many people, and it was very lively. Quite a few youngsters had faces filled with excitement and expectations as they looked at the young girl standing at the head […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2467

2572 Side Story 76: Know A rumor had recently surfaced in the Fantasy Divine Palace: Goddess Yue was planning to help her legendary fiend, the red-gold heavenly phoenix phoenix clan’s young mistress—Yi Tuan—find a spouse. Everyone knew that this person had followed Goddess Yue through life and death for many years and was deeply doted […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2466

2571 Side Story 75: Careless It was like a dream. The fireworks from the dream bloomed iridescently, and the colorful rays of light shone everywhere, almost dazzling one’s eyes and causing one to be mesmerized. Tuan Zi couldn’t remember how she returned to her residence and how she slept. She faintly recalled that Zi Chen […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2465

2570 Side Story 74: Learn A Little The night breeze was slightly cold, and the moonlight was like water. The surroundings fell silent, but every word and sentence crashed into his ears and caused his mind to whir. There seemed to be something crazily surging in his chest as it rapidly spread to his limbs. […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2464

2569 Side Story 73: Borrow to Try Si Jing’s expression instantly became one of incredulity. After a long while, he recovered his senses. “…Since you’re afraid of her misunderstanding, you must like her. If this is so, why can’t you be direct?” Why are you still acting? However, Zi Chen’s brows moved slightly. Directly say […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2463

2568 Side Story 72: Chase “And?” Xiao Ba stopped in her actions and placed the remaining petal back before she continued asking curiously, “Then, how did your friend react after hearing this?” Tuan Zi was dazed and muttered, “Um, it seems like she didn’t say anything… I-I think she slept…” Xiao Ba snorted and felt […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2462

2567 Side Story 71: Have or Not Zi Chen seemed to notice something as he turned around and glanced at her. “Why are you smiling?” Tuan Zi was stunned. Her pair of blackberry-like eyes moved with shards of light. How did he know that I was smiling!? I’ve already covered more than half of my […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2461

2566 Side Story 70: Important Tuan Zi naturally refused to say it. She hesitated for a moment before softly saying, “I… forgot.” Zi Chen held her chin, lifted her face up, and sized her up carefully. Previously, he was rather far away and couldn’t see her clearly. Now that he was near, he indeed saw […]

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor Chap 2460

2565 Side Story 69: Wait Yi Fu naturally did not understand what she said. She quickly went forward, wiped Tuan Zi’s tears, and asked softly and carefully, “What’s the matter? Tuan Zi, what do you want?” However, Tuan Zi pressed her lips against each other tightly and refused to speak. Yi Fu had never seen […]