The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 704

That evening. At the Central Palace Tetra. The Emperor, who had been more active outdoors lately, had returned from a long-overdue inspection of the continent. Leaving most of the state affairs to Empress Charlotte, he had been roaming around outside. On his way back, the Emperor called all of his children for dinner. It was […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 703

Empress Harriet walked the palace grounds with Priscilla, having left the Spring Palace. Indeed, Priscilla was a troublemaker, but the root cause was the persistent torment she suffered at the hands of Amelia since her early childhood. "It doesn't make sense in the first place. If she hates Mom and me so much, why doesn't […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 702

Chapter 701 Epilogue – The Spring Palace At some point, a cat began to live in the Imperial Capital. A cat with fur as white as snow. The reason it was known as a cat living in the Imperial Capital rather than the emperor's pet was that no one in the palace claimed to be […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 701

The man awoke from his dream to find the day already bright. He had merely endured. He had lived for five years after that time, during which he had to bear the weight of a lifetime. Not crumbling. Not falling down. The man, whose life's work had been to never fall, now lived a directionless […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 700

Epilogue – The Edge of the World Since the new empire had proclaimed a law recognizing the landownership of the farmers who had cultivated the ruined land, groups of pioneers began to leave the city. There were still many vacant lands where wild grasses swayed in the wind, and cautiously growing crops began to raise […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 699

Anna and Louis had arrived at a place that could not be found. Their connection had ended when the Gardias Empire disappeared. Although former Emperor Bertus was wanted, Anna and Louis were different. All information about individuals related to the Immortals had been buried beneath the surface. Hence, Anna and Louis were not wanted. However, […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 698

"Honestly, it's fun." "Fun, you say?" At Bertus' words, Turner tilted her head. "Seeing you like this." "Ah…" "I've never been treated this way in my life." "That's true… but…" The emotions Turner felt in this village were unlike anything she had experienced in her life. She had always been a person mentioned in the […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 697

Epilogue – Beyond Civilization At the farthest northern tip of the continent. Even further to the west of that remote place. There was an unnamed snowy region that lay beyond a vast mountain range, where no one had lived even before the Gate incident occurred. A polar region where no other season existed but winter. […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 696

The skirmish was short-lived. It lasted a total of thirty-five exchanges. As Ellen, holding the Lament, parried Reinhardt's sword with her half-swording technique, she pierced through the gap in his dynamic movements, burying his entire body in the white sand. Thud! With Reinhardt half-buried in the sand, Ellen climbed on his chest and ended the […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 695

How long had it been since she slept in a bed? How long had it been since she fell asleep without worry of ambush, completely relaxed? When Ellen woke up, she was startled by the sensation of the pillow touching her face and sat up. Her instincts, honed by her lifestyle thus far, made her […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 694

For the two whose bare bodies were weapons, even a tree branch could become an excellent weapon. The importance of a weapon with aura imbued in it wasn't significant unless it was a relic-level item. As Reinhardt requested, Ellen imbued the tree branch with aura, and sometimes they fought using only the branches. Ellen lost […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 693

If human thoughts were like tangled threads, Ellen's thoughts were now a complete mess, twisted and knotted together. It was impossible to know where the tangle began, and therefore, it was impossible to untangle it. She couldn't make sense of anything. There was no way she could understand why the cat, still wearing the necklace […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 692

That night, the results of the identity verification came out straight away. As everyone had expected, it was Ellen's. However, since action had already been taken, the identity verification results only served to reconfirm the facts. The border closure had already begun, and the Emperor had nearly finished preparing for his campaign. The news came […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 691

The banquet had not been interrupted. After all, suspending the banquet wouldn't make the situation any better or solve the problem. And nothing was certain yet. They had merely gathered the people who needed to have a quiet discussion. The conference room in the Spring Palace. Scarlett was positioned at the entrance to prevent anyone […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 690

"Please stop teasing him." "But the reaction is too good, Your Majesty, I can't help myself." Holding the champagne glass brought by the maid, the Emperor sighed deeply after taking a sip. The Emperor was still laughing as he watched Kono Lint and his classmates shivering in the cold. "I appreciate the amusement, but at […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 689

The banquet hall was filled with countless people, among whom most of the participants from the temple were included. Those who were second-year students at the time of the Gate Incident were particularly remarkable. Not only were there the Demon King, the Emperor and the two Empresses, but others as well, all of whom had […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 688

Epilogue – The banquet of the meritorious As it was a banquet to gather the meritorious contributors of the Gate Incident, the scale of the arriving attendees was quite considerable. Numerous people had gathered, and naturally, the spring palace was bustling with activity. As it was a gathering for those who had achieved significant accomplishments, […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 687

The Emperor exited the meeting hall and walked down the corridors of the central palace. The major matters had been dealt with, so Charlotte would handle the remaining affairs of state. Once they exchanged summaries and discussed matters, the bulk of the day's work would be completed. As always, Scarlett was by the Emperor's side. […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 686

Even if he wanted to listen to nagging all day, the Emperor had no time for it. After finishing his entrance speech, the Emperor returned to the imperial palace. Charlotte was by his side as he sat on the imperial throne. The heated ministers began their respective reports. "Your Majesty, I bring news that the […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 685

"Are you ready?" "Of course." At his nonchalant reply, Charlotte looked at Reinhardt with a warm expression. "When I ask if you're ready, it means something entirely different from your understanding. Are you ready?" "Didn't I say I am?" He was still incorrigible. His outfit had been checked, his demeanor posed no problem. All he […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 684

Epilogue – The Red Thread There were words that can only be written in blood. There were pictures that can only be drawn in blood. Such was the empire of the Demon King. After the Gate incident, the Demon King proclaimed a new empire. There were those who believed in the Demon King, and those […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 683

Time had passed. As per Charlotte's plan, the wedding would be a simple affair. But it was a ceremony laden with profound implications. It signified not only the proclamation of a new empire but also the formal acknowledgment of humanity's subjugation beneath the Demon King's feet. The Gardias Imperial family had finally and completely bowed […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 682

Louise von Schwarz remained in the Imperial Palace as a pivotal figure in the Demon King's army. Though she needed to return to her homeland as soon as possible, her essential role in the Demon King's army meant she had to familiarize herself with all the necessary aspects of the Imperial Palace. Louise quietly observed […]

The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Chap 681

Central Palace Tetra, the Emperor's office. "…You've got to be kidding me." Harriet and Reinhardt, who had arrived first thing in the morning. That was all Charlotte could say in response to Harriet and Reinhardt's words. At Charlotte's icy response, not only Harriet, but also Reinhardt turned pale. "Well, I guess we have to do […]