Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 842

Chapter 842: Episode 34 The Dawn of Makoto (Earthworm Mate) “Come on, it’s okay.” It’s a little disgusting, but I can’t afford it like this. “ I put sea worms on the tip of the needle, and Meer said proudly. Basically, meer… in fact, she has the same taste as an ordinary princess. As a […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 841

Chapter 841: Lesson 33…… Who is the culprit? – Cyril, it’s Nice. Meir nods contentedly after drinking a delicious juice. It’s not because you brought me a delicious juice. No, there was, but more than that, I was kind to Oulania. ― ― It would be harder to say no than to teach the strangers […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 840

Chapter 840: Episode 32, Moonbow or something….. –Ahhhhh? What’s happening now… The scene suddenly appeared, and Oulania was stiff. * giggle *… my head is getting cold. From now on, row out to Lake Noeliege and enjoy fishing! Such a casual excitement was instantly dispersed. – No way, no way. Even though I deny it […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 839

Chapter 839: Lesson 31 Meer Heroine Tier Moon It was a ship the size of a ship that was moored in the harbor. As expected, even if it’s not big enough to carry every carriage, perhaps up to twenty people would be able to ride it? –Okay… I’ve prepared the bait for you, Mr. Oulania, […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 838

Chapter 838: Episode 30 The Venom of the Snake, or the Stick of the Sea Moon… “Fishing is precisely a noble and elegant hobby. Isn’t this an exaggeration of the aristocracy’s taste?” Oulania was calmly listening to the overflowing narrative. “Hmm, why does Princess Meir say such flattering things?” She… received Meer’s speech as something […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 837

Chapter 837: Episode 29 Princess Meir’s Fishing Declaration! “Master Rafina, you’re struggling… a portrait like a mermaid.” “Meer, I accidentally imagined that…” “…… Thank you so much.” Hey, Taichiya. “ While sending a sympathetic gaze to Rafina as she walked away, Meer switched her mind. “Well, that’s the opening declaration.” We need to boost it […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 836

Chapter 836: Lesson 28 The First Great Fishing Competition…… The First Competition? {…… how did you end up like this…? Why didn’t anybody tell me? ” Behind your ears, you hear a voice. That’s my voice from the previous timeline, when I was alone in St. Noel’s… The morning of the fishing tournament… Meer rarely […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 835

Chapter 835: Lesson 27 Towards the Sword Now, the swordsmanship training ground of St. Noel’s School has changed. There were two princes there. “But fishing…” As usual, Meer’s thoughts are going to exceed our imagination. “ Theon Saul Sankland snatched his training sword in his hand and crushed it with pleasure. “I told you it […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 834

Chapter 834: Episode 26 Princess Meir, get information from your ears After Yana and Patty broke up, Meer went to the Oulaniya room in the girls’ dorm. “Are you there, Mr. Oulania…?” I hope I’m not going fishing again…! “ Well, just in time, the door to the Oulania room opens. From the inside, Oulania […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 833

Chapter 833: Episode 25 Every moon on the surface of the water….. If it’s a safe fishing spot, it’s better to avoid rocky areas. I see, sure, it’s slippery there. “In this case, what could be considered a fishing spot……” Fishing maniacs, led by Santelli Bandler, gather in the student meeting room. It’s so hot […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 832

Chapter 832: Lesson 24 Verga’s Fishing Maniac (Angler) Preparations for the fishing tournament began. Meer gathered the main faces in the student council room, including the usual student council members, as well as special elementary school teacher Julius and Santeri Bandler, who was responsible for the security of Sankeland Island. “That’s why I’m planning to […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 831

Chapter 831: Lesson 23 The Ignorant Princess, Oulania, laughs. “Hah…” A satisfying sigh resounded in a room in the girls’ dormitory of St. Noel’s School. The inhabitants of the room were a young girl who had recently enrolled in St. Noël – an unparalleled princess of the port country of Ganudos, Oulania Perla Ganudos. Lying […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 830

Chapter 830: Episode 22 Soft Kaizuki – Meer Three days after we found Oulania on Lake Noeliege. With fullness, Meer called a student council. Headed by Vice Chairman Rafina and Sion, Abel, Chloe, Tiona, and Lanja enter, along with their servants, who were the main protagonists. Looking at their faces, Meer organizes the flow of […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 829

Chapter 829: Episode 21 Night Library Actually, Saintess Raffina… she’s not free. Recently, she has been playing with her friends completely (she wants to play) and her image is becoming entrenched, but her duties as a public official are not infrequent. Gawa is not the only Saintess. I am also doing my job properly. After […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 828

Chapter 828: Episode XX Princess Meir, start a philosophical reflection on the pot….. After a leisurely walk on the beach, Meer arrives at the girls’ dorm and fumbles to breathe. “Hmm… you’re totally sweating, aren’t you?” In the autumn, even though the coolness is winning, as expected, the longer you walk on the unstable scaffolding, […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 827

Chapter 827: Episode 19: I didn’t know. ”Phew… I’m glad you’re convinced…” After watching the children wave, Mea fumbles. Then, I slapped my cheek, and then went out on the beach. At my feet, the crunching sound of the sand gradually turned into a rippling, stiff sound, and furthermore, the crunchy and large rocks became […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 826

Chapter 826: Lesson 18 Meer Elite Rookie! Four elders aged ten and three young people aged seven or eight are enrolled in the Special Primary Department. Of the four seniors, Jana, Karon, and Patty were the four most able to study… the other boy, Lauro. Rollo was from an orphanage in the Kingdom of Lemno. […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 825

Chapter 825: Episode 17 Meer Remember to Follow! “Fishing… is that the kind of thing that catches fish?” By the way, Meer, I know what fishing is like. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to do it myself, but if my life on that deserted island had grown a little bit, I might have tried […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 824

Chapter 824: Episode XVI Princess Meir makes you feel like a princess in a summer retreat St. Noel Island has several lake-facing beaches. A girl was walking on the white sandy beach that stretched out around her. Platinum hair danced in the wind blowing from the lake, sparkling in the light of the sun. A […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 823

Chapter 823: Episode Fifteen Belle finally begins to think. "Finally…" “Hmmm…” That day, Bell was in the library. The summer vacation, because I enjoyed various events, I completely flew to the other side of my memory, but to think about what I was summoned to this world. “Patricia’s grandmother was sent to this era… somehow […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 822

Chapter 822: Lesson 14: The Trouble of Our Lady Rafina While watching Mia progress, Rafina…… –What can I do…? I was in a bit of a hurry. Because… I proposed collaborative research because I was burning up against Emeralda. “For Raffina-sama’s sake, I’m going to take off my hat again.” In fact, I was well […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 821

Chapter 821: Episode XIII: Multitasking Princess The next day, Meer called a student council. “Every event… it’s every event, isn’t it?” ummm….. “ Naatsu, today’s agenda will be limited to collaborative research at St. Noël’s Meer School. Basically, even after eating a full stomach, Meer can eat sweet things. It can be said that sweet […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 820

Chapter 820: Lesson Twelve Princess Meir, struggling Now, having sorted out what needs to be done, from the next day on, Meer starts to act quickly in order to deepen her friendship with Oulania. “Each major event shrinks the distance between each other. Therefore, it is mandatory. However, in addition to that, it is also […]

Tearmoon Empire Story Chap 819

Chapter 819: Episode Eleven: The Sprouting of a Small Determination The three youngsters who had returned to St. Noel with Meir were also celebrating a reunion with the children from the special elementary school who had also returned from their hometown. Originally, they were children from orphanages and shanty towns. It was not uncommon for […]