Talisman Emperor Chap 2252

nI'm sure it's popular opinion that Talisman Emperor was picked up because it dealt with talismans. That was exactly why I started this translation. As the story evolved, talismans became more than just drawings on a piece of paper but an integral part of the entire system within the novel. While I enjoyed such an […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2251

nEpilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 17/17) This minor farce passed quickly. The influential figures here couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Zhao Zhicheng, so they naturally wouldn’t take his offence seriously. However, one couldn’t say for sure whether they would tell Zhao Pingbo about it once they returned […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2250

Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 17/17) This minor farce passed quickly. The influential figures here couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Zhao Zhicheng, so they naturally wouldn’t take his offence seriously. However, one couldn’t say for sure whether they would tell Zhao Pingbo about it once they returned […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2249

At this moment, all of these influential figures were gathered around a dignified and tall figure, and they surrounded him like a host of stars surrounding a bright moon. That tall figure wore a windbreaker, had a calm expression, and walked with vigorous strides. Even though there was a smile on the corners of his […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2248

The road was bumpy, rough, and completely dark. Villages were just like that. They were desolate and were far from being able to be compared to cities. After travelling for an entire day, Mu Qing who was sitting on the passenger seat beside Chen Lan felt exhausted and sleepy, so she had no choice but […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2247

“Hi, I’m Wu Chuanliu, I’m one of the staff from the capital’s Administrative Council.” The man who was wearing a windbreaker smiled as he took the initiative to introduce himself. Chen Lan shook his hand and said, “You should be aware of our identities, so let’s cut to the chase. What exactly was all of […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2246

A county town couldn’t be compared with a proper urban city, and it was almost impossible to be compared to extraordinarily large cities like provincial capitals or the imperial capital itself. As a small county town under the jurisdiction of Central Plains Province, Dragon Rise County’s streets were deserted and quiet on new year’s eve. […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2245

The 28 th day of the lunar calendar. New year’s eve. Early in the morning. Snow had covered the entire capital in a cloak of white. Chen Lan carried that old backpack of his as he arrived before the female dorms, and it wasn’t long before he saw Mu Qing walk out while pulling her […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2244

At an elegant room on the 2 nd floor of Black Hibiscus Club. Liang Liang opened a bottle of red wine and drank with Chen Lan. She smiled sweetly and seemed carefree as if she’d forgotten the incident from before. She sat there lazily in her blue dress, with a fluffy bun of hair on […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2243

Chen Lan swept his gaze through the room. He saw that woman who’d ran out screaming earlier was being forcefully restrained on the sofa by a man while he poured a bottle of wine down her throat, and he was even roaring with laughter. “If you sing for a living then sing for a living. […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2242

Black Hibiscus Club. As soon as they entered, noisy and booming music accompanied with the screams of men and women resounded, and it seethed incessantly amidst the gorgeous neon lights. At this moment, handsome men and gorgeous women seemed like starving wolves searching for food as they danced madly on the dancefloor while under the […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2241

The 26 th day of the lunar calendar. At a dormitory within the student hostels of the Imperial Academy. Chen Lan frowned as he closed the cover of his laptop on the table. He suddenly noticed that he’d forgotten something — to buy train tickets. Chen Lan thought for a moment before he tossed such […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2240

On that very same night, the houses throughout the capital were illuminated brightly by lanterns, and fireworks were erupting throughout the sky. Most families were having their reunion dinner tonight, and they were happily eating together, having fun together, and sharing all their gains and happiness throughout this year. But the atmosphere in Courtyard 37 […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2239

Mu Qing’s boyfriend was naturally Chen Lan. Even if Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi refused to accept it from the bottom of their hearts, they still couldn’t help but feel shocked when they heard Uncle Ning. Mu Tianyuan and his wife were quite stunned. After all, it was too strange and didn’t conform to reason […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2238

Zhao Zhicheng had encountered some women who insisted on remaining chaste and virtuous while he was chasing skirts, and he’d even taken some from the hands of other men. So, he was very proficient at doing such things, and he loved to toss his authority and wealth at them! Regardless of how reserved one was, […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2237

Mu Qing was prepared for the worse, and she’d even prepared all sorts of methods to try her best and convince her parents. But she’d never imagined that her father would immediately judge it as ‘impossible’ before the negotiations had even begun. Her face instantly turned ghastly pale while it felt like lightning had struck […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2236

The sound of fireworks being set off on the bustling streets in the distance resounded throughout the tranquil night sky. The dazzling light of the fireworks illuminated the night sky. Such contrast made the thousand year old alley seem even more quiet. Courtyard 19 was in the shape of a perfect square. Within the courtyard […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2235

The streetlights within the campus were lit at dusk, and an expanse of orange light descended from them. Chen Lan and Mu Qing walked side by side like a couple, yet a certain distance was maintained between their shoulders. Every single time Mu Qing tried to get closer, Chen Lan’s shoulders acted as if they […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2234

Author’s Note: The content of this epilogue will be related to the new year, and it’s set at the Origin Dimension which Liang Bing was from. I’m sure everyone is aware that Liang Bing was introduced in Talisman Emperor with a modern background, and her clothes and dressing were in accordance with modern dressing as […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2233

As the fifth group to arrive, the great figures of the Ancient God Domain shocked everyone here upon revealing themselves, and they caused all the students of Dao Emperor Academy to fall deathly silent. These great figures of the Ancient God Domain knew their limits well, and they were fully aware that they couldn’t act […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2232

Before long, the second ground of guests arrived, and they were the cultivators from the Dark Reverie’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect. The Sect Master Wen Huating, Elder Lie Peng, and all Chen Xi’s senior brothers and sisters from West Radiance Peak were present. Even though the gifts presented by Wen Huating and the others were […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2231

Even welcoming the guests had specific arrangements and methods. This wedding could be said to be unprecedented, so there were extremely detailed arrangements even when it came to welcoming the guests. As Chen Xi’s younger brother, Chen Hao had taken control of everything related to welcoming the guests since a few days ago, and this […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2230

Dao Emperor Academy. The azure blue sky was covered in auspicious clouds and a rose glow. Gorgeous divine light descended down from above like a waterfall that enveloped and suffused the entire world. The rumbling of the Dao was resounded like the tune of nature arrived in waves, and it sounded like the clear cries […]

Talisman Emperor Chap 2229

The Dark Reverie. Taotie City. Numerous clouds were layered upon each other to form a stairway that descended down from Taotie City. It was the renowned Cloud Stairs! Because Taotie City was floating beneath the sky and above the ground, it was called a city in the sky. Of course, its most well-known title was […]