Super God Gene Chap 3462

Chapter 3462 Epilogue On a nameless island, Han Sen and his family were having a vacation. “Yanran, do you want to eat this?” Han Sen put down a slab of grilled meat in front of a seven- or eight-year-old girl. The little girl rolled her eyes. She accepted the meat, ate it, and said, “Big […]

Super God Gene Chap 3461

Chapter 3461 By Dollar’s Name (The End) A coin soared through space. It dinged when hit the geno tablet. It was like it had been drawn to the big block like a magnet. It stuck to the surface of the geno tablet. The geno tablet had been like a full-on generator seconds before. Now, it […]

Super God Gene Chap 3460

Chapter 3460 Dollar “Mister… Please… Give us the order to fight back! Even if we get destroyed along with the universe, we do not want to be humiliated in such a fashion.” Light Goddess and the other God Spirits all kneeled before Crape Myrtle, pleading for him to act. “Damn it! Why has he still […]

Super God Gene Chap 3459

Chapter 3459 Reverse Stream Light Goddess saw Crape Myrtle’s body unleash a purple stream. Clearly, his power was also being drained. She quickly said, “Mister, hurry up and reboot the geno hall and universe now.” The whole geno hall was shaking. It was like it was peeling away from space. All of the God Spirits […]

Super God Gene Chap 3458

Chapter 3458 Reverse Time and Space “What is Crape Myrtle waiting for?” Tai Yi asked with a frown. “Bao’er cannot beat Qin Xiu. If he does not reboot the universe now, there will be no chance of rebooting it later.” In the geno hall, Light Goddess and Moment God, two of the 12 main Annihilation-class […]

Super God Gene Chap 3457

This chapter is updated by “What is Qin Xiu doing? Does he not want to kill Bao’er?” Moon God was confused as she looked at Tai Yi. Anyone was able to tell that if Qin Xiu wanted to kill Bao’er, it would not be difficult. Bao’er was strong, but her experience and ability to control […]

Super God Gene Chap 3456

This chapter is updated by Qin Xiu brought everyone pressure, and he was much scarier than Human King. When Qin Xiu brought back his body, there was no killing behavior and or anything soft. That scariness was silent, and it was spreading. It made Huangfu Jing, Lin Feng, and the others feel cold without being […]

Super God Gene Chap 3455

This chapter is updated by Seeing Human King’s universe power was about to strike Bao’er, the worst was feared. Suddenly, the power was frozen in the air. It was like it had been frozen. It stopped three feet away from Bao’er. Everyone was very happy. They thought Han Sen had returned, but what they saw […]

Super God Gene Chap 3454

This chapter is updated by “I do not believe you can really copy a Universe-class power.” Human King did not believe Bao’er could really copy a Universe-class power. He went closer to her, wanting to see just how well Bao’er could copy his talents. The two of their powers did not seem so strong. It […]

Super God Gene Chap 3453

This chapter is updated by Littleflower heard the command. He put away his Holy Spirit Protect to disable its presence on Han Ling’er. He teleported in front of Bao’er and reached out his hand, trying to put the Holy Spirit Protect on her body. After thinking for a moment, Chaos said, “Han Littleflower’s power is […]

Super God Gene Chap 3452

This chapter is updated by Bao’er’s eyes looked cold. The little gold gourd in her hands was not going away. She coldly shouted, “Mother! Come back!” Human King felt bad about this. He used rule powers to cloak the skies and then suddenly felt emptiness. Ji Yanran, who had been grabbed by him, had been […]

Super God Gene Chap 3451

This chapter is updated by Human King grabbed Ji Yanran’s hands. Black and grey light was released. It was like many mysterious spells created a chain that ensnared Ji Yanran’s body. Han Ling’er jumped up off the ground. She wanted to attack Human King again. Before she could do anything, Human King said, “Right now, […]

Super God Gene Chap 3450

This chapter is updated by Human King only wanted to stop Littleflower. He really did not plan on using Han Ling’er as a meat shield to block Littleflower’s fist. Who would have known Littleflower’s fist was not going to stop at all? It hit Han Ling’er’s belly. Han Ling’er’s belly glowed with white light. Littleflower’s […]

Super God Gene Chap 3449

This chapter is updated by Human King thought, “It does not matter how great Han Sen’s genes are. He cannot compete with the most powerful gene in the universe. Only I can take that step.” The way he looked at Littleflower was more polite. He smiled and said, “Actually, to be serious about all of […]

Super God Gene Chap 3448

This chapter is updated by With Human King’s power, even if the 12 Annihilation-class main gods were to come to challenge him, there was a very high possibility that they would not be able to move freely in his presence. Han Ling’er did not seem to be affected by his power in the least. She […]

Super God Gene Chap 3447

This chapter is updated by In Space Garden, Human King walked alone and approached the remnants of a collapsed house. “Roo!” Ji Yanran and a bunch of pets were stuck inside that house. Golden Growler did not seem to be completely frozen. He stopped before Ji Yanran and looked at Human King, who was coming. […]

Super God Gene Chap 3446

This chapter is updated by “Little Gold Gold!” Ling’er saw Golden Growler’s mouth was bleeding blood. Now, Bird Elder and his people were unleashing more scary powers her way. She screamed. Golden Growler ignored the blood that was oozing from his mouth. His eyes were shining gold. He opened up his mouth again. This time, […]

Super God Gene Chap 3445

This chapter is updated by “There might be a way, but who are we going to send in there?” an Elder asked. The God Chaos Party elites were attacking Space Garden. It seemed as if sounding the retreat would not be the right course of action. “This is the sky reward,” Bird Elder said. “We […]

Super God Gene Chap 3444

This chapter is updated by “Chaos was born in the geno universe. Was she able to light up a lantern in the geno hall? If that was the case, that should be something so scary.” Han Sen was shocked. His will was going to break soon. If the word fairy meant Chaos, then the power […]

Super God Gene Chap 3443

Chapter 3443 Fairy A shocking number of Break World beasts had come. They were like dark clouds blanketing the sky, unceasing in their advance. Wang Yuhang was riding his bike out of the bai sema. He was already in his ultimate Super God Spirit mode. His entire body was so pretty to look at. Wherever […]

Super God Gene Chap 3442

Chapter 3442 Fighting The battleships and scary creatures were covering the sky and the daylight. It was like the whole of Space Garden was now covered in clouds. “Where is Han Sen?” Amidst the many scary creatures, someone walked forward. It was Itchy. He looked down on Space Garden and boomed his voice like rolling […]

Super God Gene Chap 3441

Chapter 3441 Space Garden Fight Human King was sitting in the 33 skies. He had become the owner of the geno tablet, but the geno tablet was unable to replace the geno hall to become the leader of the universe. He had to wait until the geno hall was overthrown. If there was no geno […]

Super God Gene Chap 3440

Chapter 3440 Geno Tablet Fights End The Sky’s shadow was becoming bigger in Han Sen’s eyes. A scary presence that could not be described with words was landing on Han Sen. The presence was scary but not enough to prompt a shift in Han Sen’s will and determination. Still, the presence of the Sky still […]

Super God Gene Chap 3439

Chapter 3439 Evolving Wall “Don’t be too surprised,” God said with a laugh. “I am the Geno Hall Leader. I cannot allow everyone to know I actually joined the geno tablet fights. Finding a doppelganger to stand in for me is not too difficult.” Han Sen understood that the geno hall and geno tablet’s relationship […]