Star Odyssey Chap 2342

The second star’s explosion sent Yi Ren hurtling backwards, coughing up a mouthful of blood as he flew. His eyes opened while he was still tumbling through space, and one of them took on a blood-red color. At this moment, Yi Ren looked exactly like when Yang Yi had seen him underground. But this time, […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2341

Yi Ren’s expression grew serious as he stared at the jiao. Slowly, he released the aura of a Progenitor, and it spread out from beneath the Aeternus Kingdom to eventually encompass the entire Starfall Sea. For the full version, visit pawread dot com. The man had already recognized Lu Yin. The young man was the […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2340

Countless scarlet eyes glowed in the depths of the Starfall Sea past Mt. Microcosms, all of them staring into the Fifth Mainland. Corpse God’s Semi-Progenitor avatar was the closest one to Mt. Microcosms, and he opened his eyes to find Lu Yin staring straight at him. The Skygod’s mind spun in confusion; had humanity actually […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2339

“Dao Chosen, do you find the Fifth Mainland’s network useful during war?” Zi Jing asked. Lu Yin nodded. “Of course. Having a clear channel of communication is crucial during any battle.” “What if a similar network were employed on the battlefield?” Zi Jing prompted. Lu Yin was not certain what the woman was suggesting. “What […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2338

The Fifth Mainland’s entire military force had been ordered to assemble in several different locations. Semi-Progenitors then used their inner worlds to transport people from the gathering points to the entrance of the Starfall Sea. It would have taken far too long for people to gather directly at the Starfall Sea, given the various regions […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2337

At least, those were Xiu Ming’s feelings. Just several decades ago, he had considered accepting Lu Yin as an apprentice. At that same time, the Array Grandmaster had encouraged Wu Dan to surpass Lu Yin by using himself and Highsage Grandmaster as examples to motivate the young Lockbreaker. Xiu Ming sighed. Already, Lu Yin’s capabilities […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2336

Lu Yin’s comment badly shocked both of his companions. “The Perennial World has another battlefield like the one behind the Mother Tree?” “Not the Perennial World, but a parallel universe. Aeternus has the coordinates of countless parallel universes, and they use those places as fuel to create their endless hordes of corpse kings and other […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2335

Kui Luo’s expression changed several times over the course of Lu Yin’s speech. The old man detested people with such selfless, self-sacrificing spirit. “This old man thinks you’ve got a hole in your head.  Opening the Fifth Mainland back up to Aeternus? That’s ridiculous,” he grumbled. Suddenly, his expression changed. Wait a second. Kui Luo was […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2334

On a barren island in the Middle Ocean, a raging inferno soared into the sky as an old man howled in despair and fury, “I will never let you go! I will have my revenge! Revenge…” Suddenly, he heard a soft but disturbing sound. The old man turned to look at the source; off in […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2333

Since it was just Lu Yin and Bai Xian’er approaching the Python Ancestor, the only thing Lu Yin needed to worry about was the Python Ancestor suddenly listening to Bai Xian’er. However, Lu Yin refused to believe Bai Xian’er had any way to control the Python Ancestor. If the snake actually obeyed her commands, Lu […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2332

Lu Yin finally understood Undying God’s scheme. He wanted to use divine divine energy to recover from his injuries. Lu Yin had first personally experienced the power of divine energy when Forgotten Ruins God had demonstrated its power. It was domineering yet incomprehensible, and it had left a deep impression on Lu Yin. “Each time […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2331

Search /2p9emv8w for the original. Qing Chen became quite upset by Wu Yao’s answer. “Anything to do with Aeternus cannot be taken lightly! You need to immediately inform us if you notice anything that seems abnormal. If we find out that you’ve been purposely hiding things from us, the consequences will be harsh!” “Qing Chen, […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2330

If not for the Python Ancestor, Lu Yin would have never had such an opportunity to begin with. Undying God would have never just stood in place and allowed Lu Yin to attack him with Extremes Must Be Reversed. Instead, Lu Yin would have died within seconds from a single counterattack. There was no denying […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2329

"That's right! Is that really the Python Ancestor's tail?" Progenitor Liu was horrified. Lu Yin and Big Sis stared blankly at the hole in the ground. From where they were standing, they could see into the Lower Realm. There, they saw a gigantic python, and there was no end in sight to its body. It […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2328

While it might be possible for a person to lack emotions, it was completely impossible for anyone to have never suffered. Even someone born into wealth and power could still suffer from loneliness, and in fact, loneliness was one of the worst torments that one could suffer. "Elder Song, are you alright?" Lu Yin said. […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2327

Big Sis continued to stare at Liu Song, so Lu Yin quickly stepped forward to block her view. "Elder Song, I was hoping to ask for your guidance on this junior’s sword skills." Liu Song was caught off guard. "Lu Xiaoxuan did not pursue the sword, yet you do. That’s quite interesting. Unfortunately, given your […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2326

Liu Lu said, "This is where we receive foreign guests." He purposely looked at Big Sis. "We hope for everyone to see my Liu family in this manner." Big Sis sneered. "How unnecessary." Liu Lu frowned. Big Sis's attitude was quite abrasive. Lu Yin also felt rather helpless. Big Sis had the behavior of a […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2325

"No, she’s not Big Sister Lu Qian. She's another big sister," Lu Yin explained. Lu Qian was the name of his big sister from the Lu family, who had also been the eldest of the Seven Heroes. She had been called Xiao Qian. Elder Song nodded. "I was going to say that she doesn’t look […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2324

"You underestimate Xia Shenji too much." After hearing Big Sis’s comment, Lu Yin responded out of reflex. As soon as these words left his mouth, he noticed a dangerous glint in Big Sis’s eyes, so Lu Yin quickly amended his comment. "Of course, while not even the masters of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2323

Lu Yin was speechless. "Big Sis, that’s not what I meant at all! Come on, you haven’t even recovered your full strength yet." "Do you think that cultivation is all that matters? I can absolutely do it! Forget one of Xia Shenji's Progenitor-level clones—even if one of the masters of the Nine Mountains and Eight […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2322

Yun Yang's expression shifted slightly, and he let out a cough. "What’s that? Cousin, we have some guests coming, so I'll go greet them first." "Yun Yang, tell me now. Who are ‘they?’" Yun Yang tried to escape, but Yun Tingting easily caught him. The woman might have spent decades as a prisoner on Zenith […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2321

In the Outerverse, outside Earth’s solar system, dozens of cultivators were staring blankly at the jiao and Ancestor Tortoise as they swallowed their saliva. "My brother told me that the jiao from Shenwu’s Sky is here and that it’s massive, but I didn’t believe him. I didn’t think that it’d really be here." "That's your […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2320

Lu Yin opened his eyes, exhausted. He lifted a hand and stared at it as he clenched his fist. Right now, he felt completely helpless; he could not cultivate the Nine Clones Secret Technique. The first step of the secret technique required a person to sense their own subconscious and then condense it to the […]

Star Odyssey Chap 2319

"Hey, get over there and get on your knees. Bow to the Soldier Crew. You need to pay for your crimes." Lu Yin suddenly stopped and released Hua Wu. The man blinked. "Brother Lu, what are you talking about? On my knees? For what? What crimes?" Lu Yin replied, "You betrayed the Soldier Crew, so […]