Spirit Vessel Chap 1098

Chapter 1173: Assassination The seven colors and edges of Heaven Jewel came from seven different materials with the saint affinity. Feiyun eventually deduced them into the following: Blackwater Edge Stone, Cloudwind Iron, Redsilk Ore, Porcelain Gem, Sacred Amethyst, Sky Sand, and Yellow River Aqua. These rare materials were the reason for the few saint artifacts […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1097

Chapter 1172: Monk And Daoist Feiyun and Yiyi met trouble the moment they left Aquamoon Paradise. “Amitabha.” They saw a monk breaking out of a boulder and blocking their path. This surprised both of them – this monk was learning the dao within a special boulder. He had a fierce expression like a vajra. His […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1096

Chapter 1171: Conditions Feiyun contemplated for a while without looking at Shui Yueting. Perhaps he still hadn’t gotten over his memories with her or it could be due to her intimidating saint aura. “I accept, I will try to find a way for half-demons to reach Heaven’s Emergence so that this branch would grow stronger. […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1095

Chapter 1170: Karmic Ties Feiyun had already recalled Di Zhong and the Regal Sacred Jade back when Shui Yueting was still fighting against Shaman Crow. He was the only one floating in space, staring at her. She was as pure and beautiful as a snowflake. She didn’t look over twenty with flowing long hair and […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1094

Chapter 1169: Go Match The man landed on a floating palace made from jades and crystals. Its master had died long ago. He gazed at the celestial river and saw through everything, eventually stopping at a star. “You’re still alive?” An illusory voice seemed surprised to see him. The man posed with both hands behind […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1093

Chapter 1168: Saint’s Demise Arrow The appearance of the vessels caused the hidden outsiders to make their move again, wanting to weaken West Bull before the next calamity. Their target during this conference was the human race, and they wanted to fan the flames of war. “It’s a shame that it was all for nothing, […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1092

Chapter 1167: Her Dao Yin energy erupted from the crack and turned into images of hell. These were all parts of Governess’ dao. “Condense!” The two souls in her eyes seemingly came back to life. They reached forward and fixed the skull. Dao chains twisted together to form a fiery skull. Those with keen vision […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1091

Chapter 1166: Dragonslayer “This slash… I… I do not yield The ferocious dragon lay defeated and broken. Blood drops stemming from the wounds could crush dimensions. “Boom! Boom!” Suddenly, it split into thousands of pieces. This was due to a single slash. Just how sharp and swift was it? Blood stained space while a flood […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1090

Chapter 1165: Return Of The Deity Immortal Refiner in Long Jie’s hand looked like a sacred inferno. Its aura intensified and engulfed the region. “Long Jie, if it’s a fight you want, I shall entertain you!” A holy voice came from above. Silver flowers descended from the sky and purified the demonic energy in Aquamoon […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1089

Chapter 1164: Public Revelation The old crow’s corpse fell to the ground, turning an entire region into a raging inferno. Those nearby were reduced to ashes. A bright ray flew out of the inferno and carried a powerful saint presence – Immortal Refiner. It flew into the hand of Long Jie who stood calmly with […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1088

Chapter 1163: Two Civilizations This revelation shocked Feiyun to the core. “Know the three grand saints of Time Immemorial? They’re all humans. Saint Nuwa healed the heaven, Nine-arrow Grand Saint shot nine golden crows in one day, Terra Grand Saint united the continents. All races came to offer tribute to the humans, the four grand […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1087

Chapter 1162: Dragon Saint Feiyun stared at the jade statue, his eyes turned cold and more determined. “Brother Ximen, I leave this place to you.” He adorned his dragon-pheonix armor before flying toward the city. *** The power of the evil dragon eye had alarmed everyone. “It’s Grand Devil Dragon’s aura! Is that monster here?” […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1086

Chapter 1161: Killing Frenzy Although Xuanyuan Yiyi was young, she wasn’t afraid of the pseudo-saint. “If the heaven allows half-demons to be born, then there is meaning to their existence. All life is a part of the heavenly cycle, the ones at fault here are humans and demons. Cultivators on the righteous path do not […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1085

Chapter 1160: Ruthless Demons Night-ink released a dark miasma with a frightening corrosive force. It took the form of a demon eagle, ready to soar forward. Feiyun’s Buddhist energy dispelled the miasma before shooting a beam with the dragon's eye. Night-ink was horrified and summoned the skin of a pseudo-saint. The surface had runes from […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1084

Chapter 1159: Into Aquamoon Feiyun used Swift Samsara to instantly appear behind the old man, attempting to pierce him with his weapon essence. Unfortunately, he only got air and the old man appeared behind him instead to deliver a palm strike. This was his first time being beaten in terms of speed. One part was […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1083

Chapter 1158: Mount Deity “There is only one entrance to Aquamoon.” Shangguan Mingqian said. “Then we will kill our way in.” Feng Feiyun turned his weapon essence into a spear. Ximen Chuixiao jumped on top of a boulder and chose to play a sad tune for the dead while the others sat on the dragon […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1082

Chapter 1157: Remnant Soul “Oh? Priestesses from Aquamoon? Die then!” A bloody banner flew out of the demonic clouds and summoned several hundred beast souls. The sky turned dark and violent gales took over. “Demons!” The four priestesses quickly destroyed the banner and killed the demon. They brought the corpse on top of the dragon […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1081

Chapter 1156: Demons In Paradise Which man didn’t dream about having numerous beauties? This was especially true regarding a noble like Shangguan Mingqian. Conquering her was quite a fulfilling accomplishment. “I’m not taking advantage of your situation. You should have known that without my interference, you and your priestesses would have become slaves for that […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1080

Chapter 1155: Nefarious Feiyun didn’t immediately pull the sword out of her chest and merely observed her struggle. “Now, I ask, you answer.” He commanded. “Why… should I obey you?” She remained prideful, having grown used to her high status. “Because I control your rate. If I want you to die, you shall die. Now […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1079

Chapter 1154: Giving Blood Away The devil ape’s formidable arm nearly broke while the hammer sank to the ground. “Raaa!” He grabbed the hammer again with the other arm, activating its bright power again and smashing it forward with a fierce expression. Unfortunately, the outcome was identical to the first. “Bam!” The hammer smashed the […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1078

Chapter 1153: Heaven Punishing Hammer Prince Moonbreak lost again! The Buddhist radiance receded and Feiyun’s proud voice could be heard once more: “Still alive? Impressive, worthy of being a genius of an immemorial demon race.” The guy wasn’t happy about the result? Listeners couldn’t believe it. Feiyun actually wanted to kill this prince because the […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1077

Chapter 1152 – Triumph Avatars The divine trident pierced through the Buddhist energy, looking like a needle piercing through a balloon from a distance. “Boundless Suffering!” Feiyun placed his palms together and more energy oozed from the center, turning into an ocean with massive waves. The needle could pop a balloon but not when it […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1076

Chapter 1151 – Rising Star Of The Humans The place was filled with fish demons who were naturally powerful, hence their spots near Prince Moonbreak. The weakest was still a first-level paragon. Among the hundred or so cultivators were ten old men who were particularly mighty. They surrounded the four priestesses while having a nefarious […]

Spirit Vessel Chap 1075

Chapter 1150 – Through The Bones “Moonbreak? What a coincidence, my old nickname was Sunbreak. The sun and moon cannot co-exist so he must be purposely provoking me by choosing that title.” The blood dragon said. “No, no, our prince’s title was chosen by the king himself!” The three cultivators decided to bring up the […]