Solo Leveling Chap 270

Chapter 270: 270 Only I Level Up Recollections/After Stories Part 6: Goodbye (TL: Here it is, the very last chapter.) [The sibling conmen duo of Hwang Dong-Seok and his younger brother Hwang Dong-Su that caused an uproar in the country have been arrested earlier today….] Beep. The TV located inside the Violent Crimes Unit that […]

Solo Leveling Chap 269

Chapter 269: 269 Only I Level Up Recollections/After Stories Part 5: Conclusion (TL: One more chapter to go!) There were around 30 metres between him and the b*stard. ‘….Let’s do this.’ Soo-Hoh concentrated and in an instant, the flow of time around him seemed to slow down to a crawl, allowing him to see and […]

Solo Leveling Chap 268

Chapter 268 Only I Level Up Recollections/After Stories Part 4: Forward! Forward! Soo-Hoh walked through the tunnel-like darkness and after emerging from it, took a look around himself. He was now in a passageway of an ancient-looking structure. The only source of light illuminating this place was a lit torch on one of the walls. […]

Solo Leveling Chap 267

Chapter 267 Only I Level Up Recollections/After Stories Part 3: Approach Spin, spin…. The radar of a boy named Lee Eun-Cheol, a recent addition to the ranks of high school students, began spinning around. A brand new school, a new classroom, and new classmates. The eyes of Lee Eun-Cheol, sitting right at the back of […]

Solo Leveling Chap 266

Chapter 266: 266 Only I Level Up Recollections/After Stories Part 2: Until we meet again “Thank you for coming in, Miss Cha.” “Ah, yes. Hello.” Hae-In stepped across the doorway of the kindergarten headmistress’s office with a tense expression on her face. Soo-Hoh hadn’t had any contact with kids of his own age until he […]

Solo Leveling Chap 265

Chapter 265 Only I Level Up Recollections/After Stories Part 1: Beru’s memories Inside a certain egg…. Before he was ready to hatch, Beru heard the voice of the Queen through the thick shell of his egg. [For the sake of the kingdom.] ‘For the sake… of the kingdom.’ [Make all the enemies blocking our path […]

Solo Leveling Chap 264

Chapter 264: 264 Side Story 21 The last side story: Twelve years later (Fin) Later that evening. Jin-Woo headed to the local diner that he frequented with Yu Jin-Ho when they were much younger. Still did, as a matter of fact. – “Hyung-nim! I have something important I must discuss with you.” He felt the […]

Solo Leveling Chap 263

Chapter 263: 263 Side Story 20 The last side story: Twelve years later (2) A shadow of a woman, yet to shed the hints of her teen years, vigorously rose up from the thickly-coagulated clump of blood on the floor. Chwa-ahck!! Droplets of blood dripped from the ends of her hair as she took a […]

Solo Leveling Chap 262

Chapter 262: 262 Side Story 19 The last side story: Twelve years later (1) Within the ranks of the Central Region Precinct’s Violent Crimes Unit, there was this one detective nicknamed the ‘Phantom’. The newbie detective joining the squad this year after passing the promotion exam, Lee Seh-Hwan, often heard this rumour while he was […]

Solo Leveling Chap 261

Chapter 261 Side Story 18 Since he didn’t share his memories with them, Jin-Woo had not thought of the possibility of it happening, but the truth was, there were a few other people who were still connected to the higher beings on Earth. And, out of them all, one person was quite lucky enough to […]

Solo Leveling Chap 260

Chapter 260 Side Story 17 9. I’m going there to meet you right now (3) The ‘impulse’. An overwhelming impulse, that’s what Kim Cheol felt; this powerful impulse, strong enough to nearly blow his reasoning away, almost completely swallowed him up. ‘But….. But how come I…..’ Why did he want to kneel down in front […]

Solo Leveling Chap 259

Chapter 259: 259 Side Story 16 9. I’m going there to meet you right now (2) Once more in the United States of America, somewhere in the quiet suburbs on the outskirts of a city. A black saloon car gliding smoothly on a certain road finally arrived at its destination – a small, but cosy […]

Solo Leveling Chap 258

Chapter 258: 258 Side Story 15 9. I'm going there to meet you right now (1) The United States of America, inside the official residence of the nation's president – the White House. Several bigshots gathered in this iconic white building created for the President of the U.S. of A to live and work. "…." […]

Solo Leveling Chap 257

Chapter 257: 257 Side Story 14 8. Only I’m Max Level Antares was my name. I was the ‘First Sovereign’ born from the darkness, as well as the ‘Strongest Sovereign’. I was the king that lorded over all Dragon-kind, an existence that signified terror and destruction. That’s right. All those who knew me referred to […]

Solo Leveling Chap 256

Chapter 256 Side Story 13 7. A day in Fangs’ life Gooood morning!! ….Was what I’d like to say, but there was no distinction between day and night in the world of shadows. So, I simply stretched my limbs without saying anything after waking up from my nap. Yawn-!! The sleep one could get inside […]

Solo Leveling Chap 255

Chapter 255 Side Story 12 6. Decision ‘That’ suddenly appeared without any warning. On a certain day in April, only a stone’s throw away from May’s doorstep, an American emergency call centre was blessed with a strange phone call. – “Hello. I’m a tourist currently travelling through the desert.” It was not uncommon to hear […]

Solo Leveling Chap 254

Chapter 254: 254 Side Story 11 5. Your daily routine (6) “That image of a monster, can I have it as a souvenir?” A few hours ago. As a souvenir for his reunion with Woo Jin-Cheol, Jin-Woo wanted the sketch of Beru the detective had drawn up on the spot. ‘Well, it does kind of […]

Solo Leveling Chap 253

Chapter 253: 253 Side Story 10 5. Your daily routine (5) Woo Jin-Cheol led Jin-Woo to the end of the school corridor. He only stopped walking once they got to a distance far away from the classroom where their conversation wouldn’t be overheard by someone else. Jin-Woo, quietly following behind the detective, also came to […]

Solo Leveling Chap 252

Chapter 252 Side Story 9 5. Your daily routine (4) Didn’t someone say that the ground would harden after the rain had fallen? Now normally, people would grow much closer when they made up after a big fight. But then, the bond between young boys created through sweat and drive to succeed was far hotter […]

Solo Leveling Chap 251

Chapter 251 Side Story 8 5. Your daily routine (3) Ding, dong. Ding, dong…. From the elementary school kids who’d find the embrace of their mothers more comfortable than their respective classrooms, right up to those teachers with greying hair and only a little bit left on their clock until retirement… ….The sound of the […]

Solo Leveling Chap 250

Chapter 250 Side Story 7 5. Your daily routine (2) The high school freshmen were gathered in the school’s athletics field for the entrance ceremony. Noisy, noisy…. The new students used the gap created by the still-lax surveillance of the teachers to form small groups comprising of the graduates from the same middle schools and […]

Solo Leveling Chap 249

Chapter 249: 249 Side Story 6 5. Your daily routine (1) Every once in a while, Woo Jin-Cheol felt this inexplicable sense of loss in his heart. One heck of a weird thing this was, as if he had forgotten something really important to him. However, no matter how hard he combed through his memories, […]

Solo Leveling Chap 248

Chapter 248 Side Story 5 4. Igrit’s memories The first time I met ‘him’ was inside the irregular space created out of my liege’s power. My mission was to test the human about to enter this place. Although my liege said that he wished to find out if this human was fit to become his […]

Solo Leveling Chap 247

Chapter 247: 247 Side Story 4 3. Return The entirety of the United States of America became rather noisy when a certain fortune-teller made an announcement. “Not too long from now, the God of Death will descend on this land!” Now normally, a prophecy like this, one better suited for a spot on a comic […]