Reverend Insanity Chap 2339

Chapter 2334: Fang Yuan and Giant Sun Fight Star Constellation Intense wind blew as Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s hair fluttered behind her. She frowned slightly as the image of Heavenly Court was reflected in her dark pupils. In her memory, Heavenly Court had never been in such a distressed state. The star fog got denser […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2338

Chapter 2333: Three Venerables Attack Heavenly Court! “One step more, just one small step!” Duke Mei shouted in his heart. He was surrounded by surging white qi, the qi path dao marks were so dense that the Heavenly Court expert Duke Mei could barely move a single step! He had to use all his effort […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2337

Chapter 2332: Heavenly Court’s Resolve Zhao Lian Yun and the others quickly cast a look of surprise at Vicious Lightning Fiend. Vicious Lightning Fiend’s face turned red, this was a rarely seen expression, he explained: ”The Lightning Deities are damaged from the explosion, due to the qi path dao marks carved on them, they are […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2336

Chapter 2331: Pitiful Survivors Old Lord Can Yang was a famous expert in Central Continent, his reputation was long established. Zhao Lian Yun looked at him, some information surfaced in her mind. After becoming the current generation fairy of Spirit Affinity House, because she could not undergo tribulations, her cultivation level could not rise. She […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2335

Chapter 2330: Almost Suffering Amnesia From The Explosion With a soft grunt, Zhao Lian Yun woke up in an area of ruins and rubble. All she saw were qi currents in front of her, the entire place was covered in white, in all directions. Her ears were buzzing, she felt dizzy and lightheaded. “What… what […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2334

Chapter 2329: Fang Yuan’s Scheme To Blow Up Heavenly Court This huge explosion was too sudden, it had occurred too fiercely! At once, winds soared and clouds dispersed, heaven and earth changed colors. Heavenly Court shattered! A large number of grotto-heaven fragments flew everywhere like a volcanic explosion. Only half of the immortal aperture entrance […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2333

Chapter 2328: Explosion!!! Star Constellation Immortal Venerable saw the issue, the qi path immortal materials were insufficient, her expression turned dim. Heavenly Court’s foundation had finally hit rock-bottom! In fact, when she set up the star array calculation formation and nurtured the immemorial star beasts, she had already expended all of Heavenly Court’s star path […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2332

Chapter 2327: Primordial Origin’s Revival After hearing Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s words, many of the Gu Immortals gained some realization. “Now it seems that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable is still a righteous path person in essence.” “He is indeed quite different from Fang Yuan, be it in terms of action or ideology. Fang Yuan is […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2331

Chapter 2326: Giant Sun Retreats “Star Constellation, is the rumor in treasure yellow heaven true?” Giant Sun Immortal Venerable fought against Spectral Soul Demon Venerable while contacting Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and questioning. Star Constellation Immortal Venerable replied casually: ”This is Fang Yuan’s scheme to waver your determination.” Giant Sun Immortal Venerable dodged Spectral Soul […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2330

Chapter 2325: Fang Yuan Plunders Central Continent! Profound jade snake cave was a famous super resource point in Central Continent. It belonged to one of the ten great ancient sects, Heaven’s Envy Manor. The scale of annual resource production of profound jade snake cave was among the top five in Central Continent, the resources it […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2329

Chapter 2324: Primordial Origin’s Grand Revival Plan “Do what you want.” Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s words almost froze the atmosphere between the two venerables. Fang Yuan could not help but laugh in ridicule: ”Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, you are truly the Immortal King of Heavenly Court, this is truly the number one super force, the […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2328

Chapter 2323: Central Continent Held Hostage “Success! We succeeded!!” Prince Feng Xian shouted loudly, his pale face was filled with excitement. “I accomplished the mission…” Wan Zi Hong’s eyes were shut, her aura was almost depleted, she had never felt so weak and tired before. The so-called Four Elements Shifting Formation was only a cover […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2327

Chapter 2322: Star Constellation’s Scheme Just as Qi Sea Ancestor was about to be trapped by the Earth Water Wood Fire Four Elements Shifting Formation, a rank eight Gu Immortal came charging. The immortals saw the person, he had a tall and fit stature with a high nose bridge, there were golden dragon scales on […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2326

Chapter 2321: Qi Sea’s Divine Might “What a scheme, Fang Yuan!” Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s expression looked unsightly. Fang Yuan’s move was extremely ingenious. He took Meng Qiu Zhen to Central Continent, forcing Star Constellation Immortal Venerable into a dilemma. If Star Constellation Immortal Venerable continued to fight Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, Fang Yuan would […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2325

Chapter 2320: Like It Was Nothing! The battle over the heaven path dream realms was started by Fang Yuan. In this battle, Fang Yuan revealed new killer moves like Arrival of Dragon Snake with Dust Fog and Explosive Soul Wind, Shocking Departure of Year Dream Wave and Dang Hun Sound, and heavenly ghost concealment. Seven […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2324

Chapter 2319: Star Constellation Admits Defeat Heaven and earth was torn apart like a huge opened mouth. Endless lightning exploded and resisted the fierce tornadoes. Meng Qiu Zhen floated in the air and observed the land. “Lightning, come!” He shouted and at the next moment, tens of thousands of lightning balls fell from the sky […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2323

Chapter 2318: Giant Sun Accidentally Harms His Son Even before the Huang Jin tribes asked for help, Longevity Heaven had already detected the commotion in Flower Forest Forbidden Land. Bing Sai Chuan was overseeing Longevity Heaven. He was having a discussion with Yao Huang and some of the Eight Extremities. “The commotion in the fierce […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2322

Chapter 2317: Eight-Desolate Sword Leaf Tree The formation grandmaster calculated with all his efforts, after a while, he said with perspiration running down his face: ”I need five hundred kilograms of rank eight immortal material, heavy sand, to temporarily cover the shortage of this formation core.” Zhang Ji’s heart sank, heavy sand was a specialty […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2321

Chapter 2316: Giant Sun Immortal Venerable’s Explanation Spectral heaven battlefield. Boom! Seven kills rainbow attacked, while starlight shone around Star Constellation Immortal Venerable as she dodged. She was about to counterattack, when she saw Fang Yuan hiding beside Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. Since the battle started, this situation had already occurred about a hundred times. […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2320

Chapter 2315: Nothing is Certain Except Success Ever since the sun was destroyed, five regions and two heavens fell into deep darkness. Spectral Soul Demon Venerable who was burning with blue, eerie fire could never replace the sun. Because what he gave the world were not vitality and warmth, but coldness and killing intent. In […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2319

Chapter 2314: I Reside in All Living Beings and Heaven and Earth Among the many modified killer moves, heavenly ghost concealment was actually the first to be completed. Since the battle in Crazed Demon Cave where Fang Yuan’s ghostly concealment was restrained, Fang Yuan had the thought of modifying it. When his heaven path attainment […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2318

Chapter 2313: Heavenly Ghost Concealment Star Constellation Immortal Venerable’s killer move was called chaotic intent dispels dream. It was a wisdom path killer move but included a large number of dream path mortal Gu to imitate the power of dream path, it could influence dream realms. Star Constellation Immortal Venerable deduced this move to counter […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2317

Chapter 2312: Profundity of the Heaven Path Dream Realm Waves continued to strike the rocky land, flooding and breaking the land including the earth spikes. Earth trenches were already submerged in water, the underwater force continued to surge and slam into the trenches, enlarging them. Faint rumbling sounds resounded in the blessed land, the rocky […]

Reverend Insanity Chap 2316

Chapter 2311: Meng Qiu Zhen’s Crisis Although Giant Sun Immortal Venerable participated in the battle, he had been preserving his strength. He wanted to save his immortal essence and continue to hide his trump cards while making Star Constellation and Fang Yuan expend each other’s immortal essence. Although Fang Yuan’s situation was bad and was […]