Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 954

Chapter 953: 953 "Power……." Namgoong also bit his lips until the stomach was torn. "Cheer up, just a little…….I'll hang in there a little longer.….” I know, he's been pushing his way through and trying to keep his hands falling, but……I already understand that no matter how hard I try, I can't save it. It's […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 953

Chapter 952: 952 Two days have passed. And in those two days……the Shaolin monks could not move a single step from their first place. No one sat in their seats, and no one left their seats. He just stared at the fleet of Sapaeryeon, which blocked Maehwa Island and the place between them with blood-stained […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 952

Chapter 951: 951 The disciples of the volcano, who were lying as if they were dead, raised their heads, shining eyes. While carrying people on carts and listening to the situation, there is a limit to what ordinary people know. The disciples of the volcano naturally wondered about the details of the Janggang River. However, […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 951

Chapter 950: 950 "Mom, my legs hurt." "It's just a little further. Hang in there." "My legs hurt…….” The woman carrying the bot asked for a pat on the back of the disturbance. I'd love to give her a piggyback ride right away, but the load she carried wasn't that small. No, it was too […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 950

Chapter 949: 949 A family name standing on the deck greeted Jang Il-so politely. "Well done, Lord Lyeon." "Hmm." Jang Il-so nodded slowly. However, unlike his family name, King Heukryong's complexion was not so bright. "Jillang……. No, Ryeonju." King Black Dragon asked with a stiff face. "I don't understand what the lord is doing. Do […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 949

Chapter 948: 948 The word opportunity doesn't really go together. Rather, the author is a demon who steals the opportunity of his opponent, plays tricks on him, and drives him into that deep abyss. But who can stand by the word "opportunity." Those in front of him had no choice but to listen to Jang […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 948

Chapter 947: 947 King Black Dragon gritted his teeth. Enemies were retreating from Maehwa Island. "I……." Ugh! Biting his lips tightly, he shivered in anger. 'These bastards.’ He never gave any instructions to his enemies. His instructions stopped at destroying the Southern Palace. Nevertheless, those stupid people are stepping back according to the order of […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 947

Chapter 946: 946 The court looked at Maehwa Island with a puzzled face. The fleet of all men led by Jang Il-so blocked the view between them and the island, but it was not that difficult to look at the scenery between the ships. What's going on here?’ The war was in full swing. In […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 946

Chapter 945: 945 Who doesn't know. It's just a joke. That the horse that comes out of the mouth of the devil is just to bring them down to the floor and crush them, mock them, ridicule them. But… was there anyone who wasn't shaken? When the word "life" came out of Jang Il-so's mouth, […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 945

Chapter 944: 944 He may not be the strongest. It's Jang Il-so, called Zappa Jeil-in, but no one knows whether his force is really the best in the world. No, I didn't tell you. Why? It's too simple. It doesn't matter at all. The position of all those who live in the strong country depends […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 944

Chapter 943: 943 The court's face was completely bluish. "Oh, how…….” He would rather have denied all this sight, even though he could clearly see the approaching fleet. How could you do that? How does it have to be when Shaolin arrives here, of all people? Coincidence? It's a coincidence? Then, there is no way […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 943

Chapter 942: 942 Enemies literally flooded the river. A bunch of Seung-nyangs smelling blood? No, a herd of blood-smelling sharks would be a little more appropriate. With their eyes painted with madness, they vented out their evil voice to gain the flesh of Namgung Sega. The battle line against each other. The endless screeching of […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 942

Chapter 941: 941 Whoosh! The battle ship broke the current. The white foam created by rapid maneuver and acceleration was quickly turning the Janggang into white. It was literally spectacular to see dozens of giant battle ships turning their heads and pushing in at the same time. No, the word spectacular may not be appropriate. […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 941

Chapter 940: 940 King Heukryong's mouth slightly twisted while standing on the player and looking at Maehwa Island. "What's the situation?" "It's progressing steadily. We'll soon run out of energy." "Well." King Black Dragon snorted as if he were in a good mood. "The Sword of the King. Sometimes the angry voice of Namgung Hwang […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 940

Chapter 939: 939 “…….” Baek Cheon's face is slightly distorted. Let's be honest. Yeah, let's be honest. I fully understand that intervening in this lecture can be a play on Shaolin's Baekcheon is still young, but based on his experience, most of the great disciples of the Munpa are now enough to survive. When Cheongmyeong […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 939

Chapter 938: 938 Paaaaaaaaaaaah! The court's feet, which ran out of a dozen sheets at once, hit the ground again without a break. He jumped over the mountain in front of him in an instant, crossed the flowing river, and went on and on. And behind him was a crowd dressed in yellow, the symbol […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 938

Chapter 937: 937 Namgoong Hwang's eyes twitched. I'm trying not to show my feelings as much as I can, but I couldn't stand what I just heard. "No food?" "…Yes, my lord." For a moment, Namgung Hwang burst into a blank smile. Now I'm more devastated than angry. "This is where merchants used to live […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 937

Chapter 936: 936 "Room leader." The court did not answer the call. There were times when he smiled mildly, but now he kept his silence with a cold face like a man, even if he forgot how to smile. That's the only way. It was a disgrace to him that he had left with no […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 936

Chapter 935: 935 "Volcano sword! Ugh!" As Hong Dae-gwang slammed into the door, the corners of Cheongmyeong's eyes immediately became sharp. "No, but do you know what this place is like in the front yard of an oyster?" "Jee, this is not the time to argue about that! Volcanic GeomHyup! "Why, again?" "I, Namgoong Sega!" […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 935

Chapter 934: 934 It was such a long night. During the night when they had never experienced it before in their lives, inspectors at Namgung Sega had to suffer from fear of when their enemies might invade. But that didn't mean to try to get off the island. Haven't you already experienced the dangers of […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 934

Chapter 933: 933 A ship doesn't sink as easily as you think. There is space on each floor below the ship. Therefore, even if the floor is tilted and twisted with holes, it usually takes enough time for the entire ship to sink under the water. That's common sense for ordinary people. but Rumbling! Now […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 933

Chapter 932: 932 "Clear alert!" "Well." Namgungmyeong nodded loudly. Namgoongdowi, who was escorted by him, looked at the conditions of those who were wary with sharp eyes. "The boundaries cannot be excessive. Do everything you can to make sure you don't miss a little thing." "Yes!" Namgoongmyeong, who nodded lightly, moved to the next area, […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 932

Chapter 931: 931 "I mean!" Cheongmyeong spoke in an absolutely convincing tone. "You don't have to pay attention to Shaolin right now. They're probably all over the place right now. And just because you take care of the Janggang doesn't mean you can afford it. They can't do anything unless they're clearly alive with their […]

Return of Mount Hua Sect Chap 931

Chapter 930: 930 The court, who was silently descending the volcano, looked back. The terrible look in his eyes made the legal world cringe without realizing it. "…volcano." I certainly didn't feel this way when I went up this road. Strange prickliness certainly existed, but there was no doubt that he would get what he […]