Renegade Immortal Chap 2095

Immemorial God Realm, at the center of the circular continent, stood the seven-colored snowy mountain, and two figures were standing on it. They were Wang Lin and Li Muwan. They stood there, looking at the bridge not far away, and softly spoke to each other. Wang Lin’s gaze was gentle as he looked at Li […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2094

The All-Seer’s voice echoed inside the Immemorial God Realm with the seven-colored snowy mountain as the center. Its huge body made of black fog rushed toward Wang Lin with unwillingness and madness. He was unwilling to let this be. He had waited for so long, waited for countless reincarnations, until this day arrived, but he […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2093

“I was hesitant about all of this until I saw the mountain with the seven-colored snow for the second time and the figure holding the body when I was in the Ancient Shi ancestral temple. I felt like something was wrong, but at the same time, a crazy idea was born!” Wang Lin didn’t look […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2083

Master South Cloud saw Wang Lin. Dao Master Blue Dream also saw Wang Lin. In the Celestial Realm, everyone who had met Wang Lin saw the white-haired and white-robed figure. The Lord of the Seal Realm! Although some of the cultivators that had entered the Celestial Realm later hadn’t seen Wang Lin, they had heard […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2082

“Master Scarlet Soul…” Wang Lin let out a cold snort. Right now, he clearly noticed everything that was going on outside the Celestial Realm. He saw Master Scarlet Soul’s face and the youth, from whom he vaguely felt some bloodline connection to. He also saw the formation outside the Celestial Realm being corroded by the […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2081

Master South Cloud only had his origin soul left as he stared at the young man in the blood light. As he listened to the young man talk, he let out a laugh filled with sorrow. “Two days. Ever since the Celestial Realm was created by Wang Lin, all the people that have lived here […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2080

Wang Lin found all the old friends beside Li Qianmei and Qing Shui. He either released their memories or allowed them to choose to forget. Wang Lin had nothing to tie him to the Immortal Astral Continent anymore. Before going to the Heavenly Bull Continent, he went to see Zhou Yi and Qing Shuang once […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2079

Inside the rain curtain, the soft rain was like a gentle mutter. As the water scattered, the sound of the wind fused with it and formed a wisp of dream that came from a previous life. The butterfly around Qing Hong landed in her hand and she gently gave it shelter from the rain and […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2078

“Reincarnation… What exactly is reincarnation… I thought reincarnation was the heavens, but in truth, reincarnation is more than the heavens.” Wang Lin walked through the sky and the appearance of Zhou Ru, Situ Nan, and the madman appeared in his mind. “The Madman’s choice may not be reincarnation, but Zhou Ru and Situ chose reincarnation… […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2077

Deep into the night, the torchers flickered and teams of soldiers patrolled the barracks. The entire camp looked like a heavily armored city and also gave off a sense of order. Outside the camp, there was no longer any music. It was completely calm. Lights were extinguished in most of the tents. Only a few […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2076

Wang Lin respected the madman’s decision. Everyone had their own responsibilities, Wang Lin understood this. He had no right to decide madman’s responsibilities. As a friend, the best he could do was awaken the madman. As for what he should do next, there was no need for Wang Lin to interfere. Wang Lin also had […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2075

In the northeastern part of the Lofty Mountain Continent, there was a mountain range. Not far from the official road, there was a paradise-like village. There weren’t many people in the village, only a few hundred. Most of them were hunters, and they relied on the dense forest filled with beasts for a living. This […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2074

While Ji Du and the others were using the secret spell to watch the battle, Wang Lin arrived at the celestial clan. In the Northern Continent, he looked at the slightly familiar land and felt emotional. “Hundreds of years ago, I left this place and headed toward the Ancient clan… Now I’ve returned.” Wang Lin […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2073

The sky, earth, wind, thunder, rain, cloud, internal organs, body, and blood songs echoed. The three signs, golden sky and black earth, silver eyes, and the baby’s cry! The nine songs and three signs had many legends on the Immortal Astral Continent. However, the root of almost all these legends was that when the nine […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2072

With this step, Wang Lin’s anger surged out through his right foot and smashed onto the world. At this moment, he reached an unimaginable realm as he trampled down on the heavens. The entire world seemed to be below his feet, all life seemed to be below his feet. Whether it was laws or rules, […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2071

All the Grand Empyreans on the Immortal Astral Continent were startled. Seven rays of light rushed toward the vast basin from different directions. The three rays of light from the Ancient clan were extremely fast. On the celestial clan side, the four of them remained silent as they rushed forward. However, even with their speed, […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2070

Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, the stronger person on the Immortal Astral Continent! His cultivation was mysterious and he hadn’t made a move in countless years. With just one finger, the world changed colors and the sky showed signs of collapsing. Even the sea wall was pushed in, as if it could not bear the force. […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2069

Aside from Wang Lin himself, no one else knew how many bridges he had walked past. Not even Grand Empyrean Gu Dao was able to clearly sense it. He only knew that after Wang Lin entered the Heaven Trampling Bridges, Wang Lin had walked onto the fifth bridge! As for whether Wang Lin had passed […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2068

The bright red soul blood suddenly changed colors, becoming purple. When it arrived above the Ancient Ancestor statue, it turned purple! Purple blood, Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood! The soul aura inside became even stronger and caused the entire sky to be dyed purple! The entire Ancient Shi imperial city, including the new Emperor, Ji Du, […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2067

“Imperial power, ignite!” A shocking sound echoed across the Ancient Shi imperial city. The entire palace was silent as all gazes gathered on the square, on the person in the royal robe before the furnace. Ji Du no longer looked like a young man, but gave off a mature feeling. He stood there and looked […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2066

Who did that figure belong to and who was the body he was holding… Wang Lin didn’t dare to think about these questions, he was afraid of think of them… He silently sat inside the temple and recalled the 68 years he had spent here. “There not much time left…” Wang Lin’s murmuring echoed inside […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2026

“This finger is not a spell, but communicates with the world or manipulates the world. It also didn’t attack the beasts, but the world the beasts exist in. “It tore open the world and used the pressure of the finger to cause the world to squeeze and collapse. The beasts were mere collateral damage.” However, […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2025

Wang Lin put down the invitation jade and no longer considered this matter. After all, compared to the Ancient Dao Emperor’s empress title ceremony, his cultivation was more important. “The metal essence true body will be able to form in these next few days. When the five-element true body is complete, I will be able […]

Renegade Immortal Chap 2024

His voice was not loud and was not heaven-shaking. However, when it appeared, a pressure no weaker than that of Mount Gu Dao came from Wang Lin! This pressure was enough to shock anyone who felt it! It has to be said that Mount Gu Dao’s pressure came from Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, the number […]