Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 282

He slammed into the hunting salamander and was attacked by the group, and hissed. The fire waves splashed on the flag along with the collapsed tent, and the time of the rainbow eagle flag burned. The wolf-knife slashed down and, against the machete, made the sound of tingling ears in the stagger. The blade missed […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 281

At dawn, the assassination in the city had ceased. Because it had rained, there was no dust in the air. The palace was burned for the most part, and Shen Zechuan stepped on the ruins, only to see the remains of the broken wall. "It's the arson in the palace," Fei Sheng followed Shen Zechuan […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 280

Xiao Chiye woke up. He pillowed his arms numbly, opened his eyes and stared at the tent for a while, feeling that he had dreamed of the heavy rain in Badu. Lu Guangbai came in, and wiped the wet sweat between his neck with a kerchief at the door. He said, "The eagle inspected found […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 279

Fog locked the capital, Li Jianting's body was soon covered by the rain, she was a remnant cloud in this towering temple cluster, spreading too fast, not even an "opponent". The gates of Zhengdongmen continued to shake in the 'squeak" sound, and Luo Mu, who re-embarked on the wall, tried his best to mobilize the […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 278

When Cen Yu saw the arrow going out, he knew it was not good, and when he saw the banned army pulling a knife, he even vomited and bleed in anxiety. He covered his mouth embarrassedly and said, "Who is doing it!" When he came, he ordered Luo Mu to strictly keep the soldiers from […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 277

"When Xue Yanqing greeted the prince and returned to the palace, he presented to the cabinet Zhu Xian and Emperor Qin's private seal," Yao Wenyu gently wiped his white lips with his fingers. "But these two objects are incompatible, and Qin Wang's private seal is not covered at all. Zhu Zhushang. If only Li Jianting […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 276

What a pain. Yao Wenyu couldn't answer, and he didn't come to answer this "what a pain" today. He knew what the intention of this move was. Everyone in the world looked at him, and envy became mercy. Everyone would prefer to pity him condescendingly, as if he had lost his legs and lost his […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 275

There was a lot of rain and rain in November, and the city walls were covered with defensive equipment on all sides. The army did not mingle with the Chazhou miscellaneous soldiers brought by Luo Mu. Luo Mu's return to Badu is no longer a matter of gloomy eyes. He is now relying on Badu. […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 274

The territory of the Mengluo Ministry is close to Hu Tonglin. From a distance, they seem to live in a desert bonfire. Hu Tong is their symbol. The tributary of the Chashi River is here. They occupy the only source of water in Mosanchuan, and going east is the desert hinterland ruled by the scorching […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 273

Mo Sanchuan is located to the east of Jugdala, and is famous for its continuous desertion. The deserted beach of Gobi is dozens of miles long, and only Hu Tong embellishes it. At this moment, it was dark in Ba Du, and it was still evening. Xiao Chiye put his arms together and watched the […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 272

Raindrops were beating on the camp, and boiling tea was boiling on the stove. Shen Zechuan had changed his clothes, sat in a chair, and asked Ji Gang: "Does Master recognize 'Feng Quan'?" "Recognized," Ji Gang held the tea bowl, and looked at Qiao Tianya at the side of his eyes. "But I don't know […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 271

"Qi Zhuyin really became a rebel?" Cen Yu couldn't believe it. "Qi's centuries-old keep Qidong, this move is to make Qi's century-old prestige ruined …" Da Zhou's surname is Li. They can die for the monarch and die for the monarch, but they cannot accept kings other than the Li family. Hua Xiangyi said that […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 270

Knowing that this battle is invincible, Hutaihu spit his mouth and cursed: "The dog thief is so treacherous. He actually used these methods!" Shao Chengbi was not moved by the swearing and looked at the Taihu Tiger. He continued: "The soldiers are fighting with you, and they are committed to you. You have no chance […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 269

The ban under the imperial court could not stop the gossip of Badu, and the streets, the Chuguan teahouse, and everyone were discussing the emperor's life. The gates were closed, but rumors still reached the eight cities and they were spreading towards Juexi. "Keep the capital closed as soon as possible," Kong Ming said during […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 268

Xue Xiuyi's legs were weak. He supported the door frame and slid down on the ground, watching his wife and sister's maids hurriedly gather up the softness, and murmured: "Can't go … Brother Jin hasn't come back yet …" The sound of footsteps from outside the courtyard, the nurses stretched their necks to see the […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 267

Batu will pay chrysanthemums in September, but due to the drought in Yongcheng, the imperial court owed a part of duanyue magpies. The palace and the palace all followed Li Jianting's will and did not set up a chrysanthemum feast. Fu Man had originally cultivated hundreds of pots of precious chrysanthemums in his village, but […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 266

Huantai Tiger stood up with a knife in his arms. After listening to the communication, the soldier nodded and turned into the military account. There were several Dunzhou soldiers in the account, all of whom were confidantes of Yantai Tiger, smoking a cigarette in it. "The monarch has orders," one asked, "how unhappy the general?" […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 265

Ge Qingqing rode into the night to buy buns at the bun shop that must pass through Zhao sin Temple. He stood in front of the shop, plucked a few copper plates in his palm, and said, "Brother, give two buns." The old man in this bun shop has bad eyes and is blind. He […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 264

In early September, preparations for the expedition ended, and Chen Yang and Guo Weili followed the grain and grass. The Luoshan horse road has been restored, and the Zhongbo grain truck will directly reach Luoshan from Dunzhou, and then send it to Shasanying from Luoshan. The major battle battalions were very mobilized. The Sha 1 […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 263

In the autumn of August, Wang Xian was ordered by Shen Zechuan to supervise the grain warehouses in Liuzhou with Yu Xiaozai, organized the China Bo grain into a book, and reported it to Duanzhou in detail. The carriage was crushing gravel, Wang Xian was wearing a collar shirt, and looked through the window to […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 262

"Here, I'm afraid of falling down." Xiao Chiye smiled indifferently. Since he had not been told, Shen Zechuan was injured in the waist and he really couldn't stand it. Shen Zechuan endured for a moment and wanted to drop his foot back, but Xiao Chiye didn't allow it, and pinched the ankle in his palm […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 261

At noon the next day, Helien Hou went to Mingli Tang to thank him. Fu Man stopped Helianhou and advised: "Hou Ye is slow, the emperor is taking a nap now, and he will be called later." He turned to his side, "If you are not in a hurry, wait here first . " Helien […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 260

"Reward," Li Jianting's mind fluttered, and he closed the bankruptcy. "He Lianhou has done a good job in raising food, so I want to reward him again." Kong bowed his head and secretly bowed his head, congratulating, "The Emperor Shengming." No food can be recovered anyway. At this moment, Li Jianting rewards Helien Hou, and […]

Qiang Jin Jiu Chap 259

When Li Jianting arrived, the doctor in the hall feared falling to the ground. Aunt Liaoyu knelt on the side of the couch, clinging to the hand of the queen mother, and said gently, "Chu Jun is here." The queen mother breathed slightly, turning her eyes, and saw Li Jianting. She was sweating a lot, […]