Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3703

nChapter 3690 The Human Race’s Most Flourishing Era The Violet Flame Heaven Capital was one of the oldest cities within the Violet Flame Heaven. It was said that this city was actually a pile of ruins, ruins so big that they were unimaginable. It was located at the heart of the Violet Flame Heaven. But […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3702

nChapter 3689 Violet Flame Heaven Capital When the Seven Treasure Colored Glass Tree’s divine light surrounded Long Chen, his seven-colored divine ring automatically appeared. After that, Long Chen tried to search for the connection between his divine ring and the Seven Treasure Colored Glass Tree’s divine radiance. The energy of Long Chen’s divine ring felt […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3701

nChapter 3688 Treasure Tree’s Clever Use In just a short time, the primal chaos space had undergone a huge transformation. Long Chen almost didn’t recognize it. The Seven Treasure Colored Glass Tree that had been on the edge of the primal chaos space had actually run over to the black soil at the very core […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3700

nChapter 3687 “Oh? Please go ahead,” said Long Chen. “Previously, dean Long Chen mentioned this part of the Tea Scripture: from above, achieve the Dao, ascend to the heavenly palace; from the center, achieve the Dao, become an immortal in the southern palace; from below, achieve the Dao, live forever within the world. This line […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3694

nChapter 3681 “Senior apprentice-brother Tian Yu’s calculations are truly accurate. Long Chen really did come out to face the challenge.” A female disciple of the Wine God Palace smiled at the winged devil expert. Hundreds of experts from the Wine God Palace were gathered. The table was covered in delicacies and wines. Other than some […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3693

nChapter 3680 “Challenge? Don’t joke around. Who would challenge the Wine God Palace?” Long Chen refused to believe it. “It’s true! They’ve blocked the gate of the Wine God Palace and set up a martial stage! Let’s go! We’ve been watching the fun for a while before rushing over to get you!” urged Guo Ran. […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3692

nChapter 3679 Three thousand worlds? Long Chen, Xia Chen, and Guo Ran all had no idea what this place was. Xia Guhong explained, “The three thousand worlds are worlds floating on a current, moving throughout the nine heavens. The surface is almost parallel to the Violet Flame Heaven. Also, the three thousand worlds are existences […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3691

nChapter 3678 “Junior brother Guo Ran greets big brother! Big brother, I’ve long since heard about your great name!” Guo Ran was extremely emotional to see Xia Guhong, a hero whose name had shaken the world. It had to be known that Xia Guhong was a peerless hero in the Alldevil Star-Field, a figure of […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3690

nChapter 3677 “Bastards, you goddamn bastards! You dare to plunder my Soaring Dragon Company?! Just wait!” An expert from the Soaring Dragon Company let out a hysterical cry. They had just been plundered by Long Chen a couple of months ago. It had been over two months, so they had thought that it was over […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3689

nChapter 3672 A giant lotus rose out of the sea. It was so gigantic that it filled the entire sky. The lotus was flawless. It was what was emitting the white light, which was the condensation of faith energy. When it appeared, the net of faith energy in the sky instantly multiplied in power. This […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3688

nChapter 3671 When the lightning spear appeared, this entire space became a lightning sea. Chen Ming was shocked. He was instantly locked down by this lightning sea. “So you’re the one who stole the lightning sea!” Chen Ming was shocked and enraged. He finally understood that the lightning sea’s disappearance and the destruction of the […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3687

nChapter 3670 Long Chen had originally thought that with the illusion formation that Xia Chen set up right before they left, the enemies would be deceived for at least a while. After all, no one else would be entering the trial while they were there. He hadn’t expected someone to specifically take a look at […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3686

nChapter 3669 When the spatial gate opened, Long Chen’s group of three along with the other assassins from the first batch of the trial silently walked over to it. Once they were all through, the spatial gate shut behind them. All of them vanished. “Eh? Something seems off with the lightning pool?” The elder in […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3685

nChapter 3668 Long Chen sneered inside when he heard this. He hadn’t just come to the Violet Flame Heaven; he was actually right in front of him! “Why didn’t you inform me sooner?!” demanded Liao Bencang. He was no longer calm. Chen Ming was so frightened that he directly knelt on the ground. “Palace master, […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3684

nChapter 3667 This person was precisely the master of the Nine Underworld Hall, Liao Bencang. He actually appeared here. Long Chen’s heart sank. Didn’t Liao Bencang always stay in the headquarters of the Nine Underworld Hall? How could he appear here? According to the memories he had gained from the Nine Underworld Luocha’s soul, Liao […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3683

nChapter 3666 “They’re actually innate lightning runes!” Xia Chen was shocked to see that heavenly pillar. Those so-called innate runes were runes born of heaven and earth. There was no way for cultivators to replicate them. The heavenly pillar soared far into the clouds and beyond. No one could see the end of it. They […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3682

nChapter 3665 Several spirit runes flashed endlessly. After that, a black figure spun through the air, dodging six times before one of the spirit runes pierced his head, killing him. “Five hundred and seventeen. Boss, take them quick. We don’t want Guo Ran to be exposed.” Xia Chen handed the tablets to Long Chen. That […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3681

nChapter 3664 A strange figure suddenly appeared behind Xia Chen. After that, a dagger stabbed toward the back of his head as quickly as a bolt of lightning, without any sound. However, the dagger went straight through Xia Chen’s body; the latter was nothing more than an illusion. A foot-long talisman two inches wide then […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3680

nChapter 3663 In the misty area, the water was as flat as a mirror, and the mist restricted their vision as well as dampened any sounds. It was so quiet that it was chilling. Long Chen’s group of three slowly entered the mist. When they did, Long Chen’s spiritual perception was pushed as far as […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3679

nChapter 3662 In a barren desert, a red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, and violet divine ring quivered, forming a circular rainbow behind Long Chen. “This is too awe-inspiring, isn’t it?!” Seeing Long Chen standing there, appearing incredibly majestic and domineering with his divine ring behind him, Guo Ran was so envious that he almost […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3678

nChapter 3661 The Nine Underworld Island was located in the southwestern area of the Violet Flame Heaven. It bordered the devil sea. Furthermore, there was a devil eye located within this devil sea that caused countless cultivators to quiver with fear. Legend had it that there was a terrifying devil beneath the devil eye, one […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3677

nChapter 3660 “I swept through the four seas and crossed a thousand mountains, causing huge billows in heaven and earth. Who can resist my Supreme divine might? If you need a peerless hero, you can find Guo Ran! Xia Chen, how does that sound? Does it match my current status and style?” A flying boat […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3676

nChapter 3659 There was a thumb-sized hole in Enpuda’s chest, and scars stretched out of it like a spiderweb. It looked to be an old injury. This wound pierced all the way through Enpuda’s body. Even though the outer area had healed, the core still had blood seeping out of it. “Master, how were you […]

Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chap 3675

nChapter 3658 However, this Ji Wuying looked colder and more reserved than the other Ji Wuying. His eyes were like those of a devil. Within this dark palace, they emitted a spectral light that would give others chills. Those eyes did not appear to be the eyes of a human. They were like those of […]