Martial World Chap 2290

Chapter 2255 – Epilogue (2) … … … Today was the day when the Human Sovereign of the 33 Heavens would give a lecture about the Dao. There were no set times for these lectures. Sometimes they would occur two or three times every hundred years, and sometimes they would occur every several hundred years. […]

Martial World Chap 2289

Chapter 2254 – Epilogue (1) … … … In the 33 Heavens, at the intersection point between the Divine Realm and Saint Convocation Heavens, there existed a newly established great world. This world had a history of a mere 200,000 years so far and was called the Human Sovereign World. It was a world created […]

Martial World Chap 2288

Chapter 2253 – The End … … … The skies above the Dark Abyss had already completely darkened. The stars and moon were all swallowed up by the inky darkness and if one reached out their hand they couldn’t even see their five fingers. The riotous heaven and earth origin energy became increasingly fierce, as […]

Martial World Chap 2287

Chapter 2252 – The Memories of a Lifetime … … … Kacha! Kacha! The Demon God’s Tomb continued to collapse upon itself, disintegrating! At this time the Demon God was like a wild beast. His hair spread down his head like withered grass and his thin hands had turned into grisly claws. A faint trace […]

Martial World Chap 2286

Chapter 2251 – Your Era Has Been Ended … … … At this moment, Lin Ming could feel his body filled with endless strength. The World Destruction Spear in his hands could be called a weapon, but in truth it was no different from a part of his body. It was as close to him […]

Martial World Chap 2285

Chapter 2250 – World Destruction Spear … … … When it came to Evil being killed by Lin Ming, the truth was that the abyssals weren’t shocked. Before the attack began they had already planned for the worst case scenario. If Evil couldn’t severely wound Lin Ming by self-explosion and simply died, then that wouldn’t […]

Martial World Chap 2284

Chapter 2249 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion … … … “His Majesty the Human Sovereign! The Human Sovereign has left seclusion?” At this time, many martial artists of the 33 Heavens started to realize this possibility. The great earthquakes occurring throughout the Asura Road might be an indicator of Lin Ming leaving his seclusion. That […]

Martial World Chap 2283

Chapter 2248 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion … … … The sky seemed to droop downwards, filled with divine light, and the earth was cracked open. The seas had dried up and the entire Asura Road seemed on the verge of destruction, as if the end of times had arrived. Ink and Clear gathered the […]

Martial World Chap 2282

Chapter 2247 – Reckless … … … “Preserve their lives?” Ink and Clear looked at Xiao Moxian and sighed. “I fear that is too difficult. The great array sucks in one’s source of life… if it is all drawn away then a person will die. Even if a little bit of their life source is […]

Martial World Chap 2240

Chapter 2220 – The Final Attack … … … In the starry skies, the Soul Emperor frowned. Sheng Mei, Ink, Clear, and Lin Ming all held their breath; they didn’t know what the Soul Emperor’s situation was like. And the Soul Emperor seemed to be momentarily lost in thought. With a calm gaze, he looked […]

Martial World Chap 2239

Chapter 2219 – Cold Ice Mirror … … … The suction force of the vortex became increasingly terrifying. The Soul Emperor’s body seemed to have turned into a giant black hole, and even the surrounding space began to collapse, forming an absolute enchantment that covered everyone. Caught within this enchantment, Lin Ming, Ink, Clear, and […]

Martial World Chap 2238

Chapter 2218 – The Soul Emperor’s World … … … What the Soul Emperor cultivated was to fuse the super world of the Demon God’s Tomb into himself, turning it into his own strength. Finally, his body would become one with the world, and if the world was indestructible then he would also be immortal! […]

Martial World Chap 2237

Chapter 2217 – Fight As One … … … Lin Ming’s injuries were far heavier than the Soul Emperor’s. He had truly fused together the highest Laws and his will had already reached the highest possible peak. But, the problem was that he lacked the strength to display this! Ultimately speaking, in the end, his […]

Martial World Chap 2236

Chapter 2216 – Heaven and Man as One … … … From when Lin Ming first started fighting with the Soul Emperor, the human race headquarters had already obtained news of it. Even though they knew perfectly well that they couldn’t play any effective role in Lin Ming’s battle, they still couldn’t stand idly by […]

Martial World Chap 2235

Chapter 2215 – Moth to the Flame … … … Transferring through the void again and again, the Soul Emperor’s True Divinity mark was no different from a life-reaping symbol. With Lin Ming’s strength, if he were given enough time then he could erase it. But now the Soul Emperor would never give him this […]

Martial World Chap 2234

Chapter 2214 – The Power of the Soul Emperor … … … Hu – Hu – Hu – Souls cried and demons wept. The sea of the Soul Emperor’s tear was flooded with countless suffering souls and bones. Lin Ming felt the energy within his body turn stagnant and his strength be suppressed by a […]

Martial World Chap 2233

Chapter 2213 – Lin Ming versus the Soul Emperor … … … “Jiu’er, come here!” As Jiu’er was dripping with a cold sweat, unsure of what to do, a deep and dignified voice sounded out from behind her. Jiu’er trembled; this was her father’s voice. Although this unknown person had quietly passed through their enchantments, […]

Martial World Chap 2232

Chapter 2212 – Crisis … … … Within the wild universe, not only were there many star clusters with complicated terrains, but there were also many areas of space that were twisted up, making them nearly impossible to probe. This was a place deep in the wild universe, in a world isolated from the outside […]

Martial World Chap 2231

Chapter 2211 – The Soul Emperor Emerges … … … As Sheng Mei’s steps came to a halt, that voice disappeared, as if it had never appeared at all. However, Sheng Mei knew that this couldn’t have been an illusion. She closed her eyes, quietly sensing the origin of that voice. After a long moment […]

Martial World Chap 2230

Chapter 2210 – Summons … … … These divine chains of order locked up humanity’s destiny. It was like this 3.6 billion years ago and continued until the present, like a great mountain pressing down on humanity. In front of Emperor Shakya, Xiao Moxian, and everyone else’s gaze, Lin Ming walked towards those divine chains […]

Martial World Chap 2229

Chapter 2209 – Refining the Spirit Bead … … … A month later, deep within the endless starry skies – Pata! Pata! The Grandmist Spirit Bead was grasped in Lin Ming’s hand. It emitted dull ringing sounds that reverberated into the heavens and earth. It was like the heart of a divine god, beating in […]

Martial World Chap 2228

Chapter 2208 – For the People … … … Within the enchantment, Lin Ming passed a jade slip to Soaring Feather God King that described the Soul Emperor’s plans. The truth was that before this, Soaring Feather God King had already heard some clues from the dialog between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint […]

Martial World Chap 2227

Chapter 2207– Hold the Overlord … … … “Mm?” For a time, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign couldn’t understand what Lin Ming meant. But at this time, Lin Ming attacked; his fist smashed into the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s chest. Peng! With a loud explosion, the already wounded and powerless-to-resist Good Fortune Saint Sovereign simply […]

Martial World Chap 2226

Chapter 2206– Defeating Good Fortune … … … “This is… what is happening?” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign began to panic. He wanted to recall the Grandmist Spirit Bead, but at this time he felt a strange strength cover it. As Lin Ming hurtled towards the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign he used the world strength […]