Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 14

Chapter Ten              A New Prologue I             … This series of battles was named, “The Battle of Amritsar,” after the name of the starzone where the final battle occurred. During this battle, the Free Planets Alliance Fleet suffered an overwhelming defeat. The consequences were obvious. While the Imperial Fleet initiated a strategic retreat, the Alliance Fleet […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 13

Chapter Nine       Amritsar I The star, Amritsar, continued to roar in silence. Among the ultra-high-heat nuclear fusion, countless atoms collided with one another, splitting and recombining. The insatiable repetition caused enormous energy to disperse in the void. The variety of elements gave off a variety of colored flames, pulsating in units of 10,000 kilometers. […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 12

Chapter Eight       The Verge of Death I             In the first month, the entire Alliance Space Fleet was friendly with dazzling excitement. As that friendship cooled, their mood dampened, and only impatience and anxiety were left. The officers asked where there were no spacemen around, and spacemen asked where there were no officers around, […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 11

Chapter Seven       Interlude I             The person that represented the interests of the Galactic Empire within the Dominion of Fezzan was the Imperial high commissioner (帝国高等弁務官), CountJochen von Remscheid (レムシャイド伯ヨッフェン). This noble with whitish hair and nearly transparent eyes was dispatched from the Imperial capital Odin when Rubinsky became the landesherr. Behind his back, people called him […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 10

Chapter Six       Each and Every Star I The Iserlohn Fortress fell. This tragic news shook the Galactic Empire. “Wasn't Iserlohn impregnable?” The minister of war (軍務尚書), Fleet Admiral Ehrenberg (エーレンベルク), muttered as he stood completely stunned in front of his desk, blood drained from his face. “I do not believe this. Is this a false alarm?” The Imperial military […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 9

Chapter Five     Capturing Iserlohn I Iserlohn. That was the name of the Galactic Empire’s most important military fortress. It was positioned approximately 6,250 light years from the Empire’s capital planet, Odin, and near a middle-aged star named Altena (アルテナ). Altena was originally a lonely star without a planet. Here, the Galactic Empire constructed an artificial planet sixty […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 8

Chapter Four      Birth of the 13th Fleet I Fifty-five stories above ground, eighty stories below ground. In the northern hemisphere of the planet Heinesen’s (ハイネセン) deciduous forest climate zone stood the building that housed the Free Planets Alliance’s Joint Operations Headquarters (統合作戦本部). The building was surrounded by the Center for Science and Technology (技術科学本部), the Logistics […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 7

Chapter Three      Sunset of the Empire I             Across the beautiful curved wall made out of specialized glass, numerous stalagmites shaped like hanging bells were standing. This view, combined with the quiet sunset expanding in the background, along with the dry air devoid of humidity particles, was seemingly unlimited. The ground was seemingly dyed green. […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 6

Chapter Two      Battle of Astarte I             When the report, “The Imperial Fleet is approaching quickly,” came, the Alliance 4th Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Pastoll (パストーレ) was taken by absolute shock. A cluster of artificial lights appeared on the fluorescent screen of flagshipLeonidas (レオニダス).  Within the blink of an eye, the brightness increased, and the area rapidly expanded. Upon seeing […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 5

Chapter One      Eternal Night I             The moment Galactic Imperial Fleet captain, Siegfried Kircheis, stepped onto the bridge, he stopped thoughtfully. Countless specks of light inlaid the abyss of the universe, and they enveloped Siegfried’s body with an overwhelming sense of infinity. “………”             It was as if his entire being was floating in the boundless darkness, […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 4

Prologue      A Brief History of the Milky Way …Anno Domini 2801, the center of the government moved from the third planet of the Solar System (太陽系), Terra (地球, テラ), to Aldebaran (α Tauri) (アルデバラン系) system's second planet Deolia (テオリア). There, the humans pronounced the creation of the Galactic Federation (銀河連邦), and changed the calendar to the Universal Calendar (UC) (宇宙暦), Year 1. […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 3

Chapter Three      Yang Fleet, Mobilized I             The first blow the Free Planets Alliance received was on March 30th. It was only a few days after Yang Wen-li had departed from Heinesen. Consequently, the Space Fleet Commander-in-Chief (宇宙艦隊司令長官), Admiral Bewcock, did not have time to begin his investigation of the coup d'état. The old admiral’s talents […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 2

Chapter Two      Ignition Point I             It was November of last year when Lynch was first called in front of Galactic Empire Space Fleet Commander-in-Chief, Marquis Reinhard von Lohengramm. It was shortly before Reinhard decimated the Alliance Fleet that was invading Galactic Empire’s territory. After becoming a disgraced prisoner in El Facil Starzone (エル・ファシル星域), Lynch had […]

Legend of Galactic Heroes Chap 1

Chapter One      Before the Storm I             Billions of stars gave off billions of lights, but their power was weak. The vast majority of the boundless void was dominated by darkness that resembled polished obsidian.             Endless night. Boundless void. Unimaginable coldness. They did not reject mankind. Mankind was simply ignored. Although the universe was vast, it […]