Keyboard Immortal Chap 1911

Eunuch Lu’s eyes appeared to be shining as he said, “Please hurry on in, Sir Zu. Her highness is urgently waiting.” When he saw how anxious Eunuch Lu was, Zu An was speechless. This guy really is something else. He’s always more hurried than me! I wonder what his problem is… He nodded and pushed […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1910

When he heard the name Zu An, Zhao Ruizhi’s body couldn't help but tremble. When he recalled how Zu An had beaten him down viciously, he cowered. Still, he was used to throwing his weight around. Leaving just like that was a bit too humiliating. He craned his neck and asked, “Can I not even […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1909

All the people in the surroundings jumped in fright. They looked at Zu An and the crown prince nervously. Many of them wanted to say something, but hesitated. No one dared to try to advise the crown prince otherwise. After all, even though the crown prince was slow, he was extremely good at being rude […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1908

“The one who sent us was… was…” Ninth Lady Lust opened her mouth, but she couldn't say anything. She suddenly seemed to have realized something. She grabbed her head and shook it back and forth frantically, her expression full of alarm. “What’s wrong?” Zu An asked, feeling a bit dejected. Right at that moment, Ninth […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1907

That sword strike was just way too dazzling and beautiful. But of course, if the assassin were given some ‘regret medicine’ and could go back in time, he wouldn’t have been infatuated with the beauty of the sword, and would instead have turned tail to run. No, I wouldn’t even have taken this mission and […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1906

Zu An called out a few times, but there was no response from next door. He couldn't help but become worried. He immediately put on his clothes and headed to the entrance next door. He knocked and asked, “Little sister Ling’er, did something happen to you?” He had made sure to order the best room […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1905

"Alright, alright, don’t get so angry. I was just joking around. I actually don’t believe you could even win over someone like the crown princess anyway,” Zhao Xiaodie said, apologizing with a big smile. “Big brother Zu, you’re not really going to leave, are you? Our group will definitely be bullied a lot without your […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1904

“You don’t know?” Zu An asked with wide eyes. When Guan Chouhai saw his doubtful expression, he said, “This was actually something I inadvertently learned. It was Landowner’s plot at first, but then King Qi took over… Right, King Qi’s code name was Salted Fish.” Zu An was stunned. He hadn’t expect King Qi to […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1903

Zu An knew she wasn’t lying. He had witnessed her skills back at the Hub of Freedom. Even though the Hub looked like a place of entertainment, full of singing and dancing, the poison mist in her mouth could make her target fall into an illusion and think they had succeeded. In reality, they would […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1902

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for +666 +666 +666… Zu An immediately began to sweat like crazy. Previously, he had been so nervous and alarmed that he just tied it carelessly. He hadn’t expected it to be wrong! More importantly, Yun Jianyue had noticed! This really was social suicide… … Meanwhile, when Qiu Honglei […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1901

Meanwhile, Xie Daoyun was rolling back and forth in bed, unable to sleep. After she saw Bi Qi leave Zu An’s room, she hesitated for a bit, but decided to go to Zu An’s room eventually. “I am doing this for the sake of the academy and not because I wanted to see big brother […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1900

Meanwhile, in another courtyard, Chu Chuyan looked at Yan Xuehen with a worried expression. She asked, “Master, do you think Ah Zu will be able to fool those old foxes?” “That guy is even more cunning than an old fox. How could he possibly fail?” Yan Xuehen replied, rolling her eyes. My disciple is normally […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1890

Meanwhile, the Ghost King was chasing Zu An, so they had never expected a blast of lightning to strike them. The black mist around them shuddered. Even though the lightning couldn't hurt them, lightning had a natural restraining effect toward sinister things. That was why it still made them feel extremely uncomfortable. Startled, the Ghost […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1889

After some hesitation, in the end, Mi Li didn’t say anything to Zu An. He still wasn’t strong enough, and knowing more would only do more harm than good. Meanwhile, Qiu Honglei saw the things Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman had obtained. Even though she didn’t understand what exactly the Pure World Ice Lotus or […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1888

Zu An hadn’t realized it yet when he first saw the Ghost King use the Glare of Eternal Slumber, but now that he saw Immortal Ruler Baopu’s eyes instantly subdue Ghost King, he gained a great deal of inspiration. Before, he had never thought that even the eyes could be used to attack. The eyes […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1887

Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman were both intelligent women. They quickly added, “We were entrusted with this task by Baogu, so we had no choice but to offend the immortal ruler. We hope the immortal ruler can forgive us.” Are you kidding? Who would dare to argue against someone who gives off such a terrifying […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1886

The Ghost King and Zhao Han were both feeling pretty awful. We’re fighting with our lives on the line here, and yet that brat is playing the kissing game over there?! And with two freaking beauties at that? F*ck that! Zhao Han suddenly felt a bit weary deep down. He felt that he should have […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1885

Zu An didn’t have time to respond before Qiu Honglei interrupted, “No, you all came at the perfect time. Not only did you save me, Ah Zu is in a dangerous situation right now and might faint at any time.” Hmph, Ah Zu must now know who actually cares about him the most! Chu Chuyan […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1884

Meanwhile, Zhao Han was on guard against the Ghost King’s Demonic Voice of the Ghost King and Glare of Eternal Slumber. He just had to keep his primordial spirit within him and not look at the opponent, which actually wasn’t too hard for him. With his current cultivation, he didn’t need his eyes to see […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1883

The whole group felt dejected. They hadn’t expected the Ghost King to get here so quickly, and they still hadn’t found the method to restrict him either. Zhao Han quickly got up off the ground. Even though he had gone through all kinds of dangerous and thrilling events, his face was still a bit hot. […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1882

At first, they had been worried, since he was the immortal ruler. But now, even though there were still all sorts of treasures inside the coffin, they still wanted to avoid touching his body to prevent offending him. Even though they knew that he was already dead, he still had his reputation of being an […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1881

“What? Agate of Enlightenment?!” Zu An exclaimed in his mind. He had only picked it up to draw Zhao Han’s attention. How could he have known that it was that thing? After all, it was one of the ingredients Mi Li said she needed to reconstruct her body. So far, he had only found enough […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1880

Zu An was a bit surprised. He had studied ‘One Drop of Heaven’s Essence’ before and knew that most emperors particularly valued the mountain form. And yet, the owner here had actually used constellations? This was on an entirely new level! He wondered just how that starry sky had been created. It was as if […]

Keyboard Immortal Chap 1879

Qiu Honglei and Jing Teng reflexively stood at Zu An’s side, vigilant against any sudden moves from Zhao Han. Zhao Han’s eyes narrowed slightly. However, after sizing up Zu An for a moment, he said with a smile, “Why would this emperor care about the items of a junior? Besides,  we already have an alliance […]