Invincible Chap 3863

In the main hall, everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong like he was some sort of monster. What he said was too crazy! Moreover, he killed yet another grand elder of the Jian Family! In the eyes of a peak-tier family like the Zhu Family, tens of billions of dao coins was nothing much. However, Huang […]

Invincible Chap 3861

At his current cultivation level, Huang Xiaolong gained complete control over the Star Dragon Divine Tree. It became nothing more than an extension of his limbs. Moreover, there was no one in the city who detected its presence. At Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation level, not even Jian Wushuang would be able to notice something Huang Xiaolong […]

Invincible Chap 3860

Zhu Jian and the others eventually left the auction venue, but before they did, Jian Bifei enthusiastically invited Zhu Jian to the Jian Family’s ceremony. Laughing happily, Zhu Jian responded, “How can I possibly reject Brother Bifei’s invitation? I will definitely show up!” After all, he had his own plans. He glanced at Tao Han’er […]

Invincible Chap 3859

The faces of Cao Dehong and the others also changed greatly. Anyone with any bit of knowledge in the auction venue revealed a terrified expression. There were even some who got to their knees instantly! Among them were Gods of Creation at the great completion stage and the peak of the great completion stage. That […]

Invincible Chap 3858

Zhu Yun’s eyes lit up and he giggled, “Young Master, that’s a great plan! With your status, the Jian Family’s old ancestor will be more than happy to accept! When the brat hears of it, he’ll go crazy with frustration!” Zhu Jian revealed a sinister laugh. No one knew if it was intended, but he […]

Invincible Chap 3857

Just as Tao Hang was about to refute, Jian Bifei brought out a spatial ring and tossed it over. “There’s a low-grade universe-level spiritual vein in there. You should know how precious that is. It’s something you will never be able to obtain even if you used your whole life trying. Let it be your […]

Invincible Chap 3855

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from "pawread dot com". Allowing Cao Ying to get up, Huang Xiaolong ignored the other experts of the Cao Family. “This city is really busy. The night life is pretty good too. Let’s go walk around a little.” Huang Xiaolong said. Cao Dehong stared […]

Invincible Chap 3854

Helpless, Cao Kezhang could only look towards Zhu Yun. Zhu Yun sneered in contempt, “Cao Kezhang, you brought this upon yourself. Our young master decided not to pursue the previous matter, but your daughter hasn’t entered the Chen Family yet. Aren’t you messing with us internationally?” Cao Kezhang revealed a bitter expression and he sighed, […]

Invincible Chap 3851

“Mei Jie’s son?!” Huang Xiaolong was stunned. He asked them to take note of matters regarding the Zhu Family and Mei Jie, but he didn’t expect them to be so efficient. It had only been several million years, and Mei Jie got himself a son! “Yes… Mei Jie’s son.” Zheng Shen continued, “We also learned […]

Invincible Chap 3849

Yu Xiaohong didn’t hold back and her second kick caused Jian Xiyuan’s spine to snap. Initially, Jian Xiyuan was an expert with 13 billion units of grand cosmos energy. He would be able to put up a fight against Yu Xiaohong, but he was careless! He didn’t think that she would move against him with […]

Invincible Chap 3847

Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “Let them in. Let’s see how fierce they can be…” Yu Xiaohong and the others laughed in response. That was true. Even if Jian Wushuang personally came, he wouldn’t be able to leave the hall unscathed! Turning to the general who entered the hall, Yu Xiaohong ordered, “You heard the Lord! Bring […]

Invincible Chap 3844

The grand elder who was together with the eminent elder couldn’t help but stutter when he heard that they were going to look for Yu Xiaohong. “But… But… Her strength…” Jian Xiyuan might be an eminent elder of the Jian Family and his strength might be second only to the patriarch. However, he barely had […]

Invincible Chap 3842

They turned to the entrance of the main hall instantly. They saw a massive group of people entering the hall without the slightest resistance! The protective formation around the hall didn’t seem to exist! Yu Dawei looked at the beauty among the group. “Ances… Ancestor…” They couldn’t believe their eyes. Wasn’t she said to be […]

Invincible Chap 3839

The experts she dragged over were peak-level Dao Venerables. They might be important figures in the region, but in front of a God of Creation with more than 14 billion units of grand cosmos energy, they were barely specks of dust. Facing her face, they felt their souls leaving their bodies. With their lips trembling, […]

Invincible Chap 3838

As the distance was pretty large, Tao Hang needed several years in order to arrive in the Limitless Celestial Empire. In the years that followed, Huang Xiaolong decided to continue refining the Three Gods Halberd. With his current strength and the help of the Universe Boat, Star Dragon Divine Tree, and the four Universe Origin […]

Invincible Chap 3836

The storm had the power to end worlds! Despite the terrifying defensive abilities of the Universe Boat, it started to sway back and forth! The three great worlds in Huang Xiaolong’s body were like suns that glowed with the intensity of a billion stars. The golden light they emitted could blind even the strongest of […]

Invincible Chap 3835

With the revelation of his grand cosmos energy, the experts of the two factions felt as though a formless pressure was pressing down against them from the heavens. Their auras were completely suppressed by an even more terrifying power! When they were feeling despair, the Three Gods Halberd in Huang Xiaolong’s hand shot out towards […]

Invincible Chap 3834

“Three Gods Halberd!” Ye Ye and Wu Xin yelled the instant they saw the weapon. They charged at Huang Xiaolong in unison. Their reactions were quick and their actions were ruthless. Instead of hiding, Huang Xiaolong waved the Three Gods Halberd to welcome their assault. The instant it shot out, rays of light filled the […]

Invincible Chap 3832

This novel is available on "pawread dot com". Someone barged into the Sleepless City! Everyone in the hall stared at the messenger in shock. “How many people attacked the city?!” Ye Ye’s expression sank. “Just… Just one! It’s a youngster from the Human Race!” Youngster from the Human Race?! Everyone in the hall stared at […]

Invincible Chap 3831

“Oh? Even the Limitless Master came…” Huang Xiaolong was slightly stunned. Whatever the case, it wasn’t a bad thing for him. He decided to subdue the king of the Ocean Race along with the Limitless Master after he returned. Since the Limitless Master had entered the Sleepless Sea, he would save the trouble of dealing […]

Invincible Chap 3830

After suppressing the halberd under the grand formation in the Universe Boat, Huang Xiaolong didn’t leave as he looked at the giant lake. Even though he had no idea what it was, he knew that it was an extremely precious treasure since the Three Gods Halberd was willing to nourish itself there. After thinking about […]

Invincible Chap 3827

Circulating the power of space, Huang Xiaolong tried to control the contortion around him. Instead of getting better, the world started to spin even faster around him. Huang Xiaolong could only call out the Star Dragon Divine Tree when he discovered that he alone was powerless to stop it. With star dragon qi pouring out […]

Invincible Chap 3826

Everything seemed normal when he looked at the plains from outside, but everything changed the moment he entered. Waves of green light emerged from the plains like an endless tide. The green light was much more intense than anything that could be seen in the Bewilderment Island. It was too bad the green light never […]

Invincible Chap 3824

Bi Luo tried to hold Bi Shifei back, “Grand Elder, listen to me! Haizhou tried killing the man first!” Support us at /3iBfjkV. He was quickly interrupted by Bi Shifei, “If you try stopping me, I’ll cripple you along with him.” Bi Luo’s expression changed slightly. When Bi Shifei approached Huang Xiaolong, he growled, “Even […]