I Am Overlord Chap 1889

Chapter 1833: Overlord’s Hegemony Ge Yi, a man who had fought against the aliens since ancient times. He had lost his eyes during the ancient war, yet he had relied on his willpower alone to cultivate divine dao eyes, gaining enough strength to stand at the peak of existence. For the dominion, he had sacrificed […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1888

Chapter 1832: Six Paths of Reincarnation The newcomer was none other than Baili Xiongshi, who had been staying at Wumo Pass for a very long time. Someone as arrogant as him was naturally unwilling to enter Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea. When he saw both Ge Yi and Xiang Shaoyun completely helpless before the undefeatable […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1887

Chapter 1831: Phantom Dome Xiang Shaoyun had always been capable of fighting above his class. He had firmly believed that he was no weaker than anyone else in terms of combat. Furthermore, he had the Primal Inception Physique, a physique granting him a combat strength others couldn't compare with. Right after he went through the […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1886

Chapter 1830: Anxious Advancement Xiang Shaoyun had heard the voice of the dominion's will. The voice was very weak, as though it was going to be snuffed out at any moment. "You are?" asked Xiang Shaoyun in confusion. "I am the dominion's guardian essence," replied the planet. "The core of the dominion has been destroyed. […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1885

Chapter 1829: Blood Spirit Destroyed Blood Spirit, the alien that had been missing for a very long time. Unknowingly, he had entered deep into the dominion. He had absorbed countless living beings, reaching Seven Revolutions. His cultivation level was still lower than Xiang Shaoyun's, but that was because of his physique. Despite his ability to […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1884

Chapter 1828: Fighting Alone Long Wusheng's punch was powerful. It was as though an entire star had crashed into the Primal Chaos Star Locking Formation. Waves of primal chaos energy rippled across the formation, but it stood strong. Mo Busi said, "You really think Yuan Shi's trump card is so simple? We need to all […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1883

Chapter 1827: Before the Dominion's Destruction Xiang Shaoyun had never told anyone that his astral cosmos sea had transformed into an actual world. Nobody knew that, including those currently staying inside it. They had all thought that they were in a mysterious domain, unaware that they were literally inside Xiang Shaoyun. Only Money knew a […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1882

Chapter 1826: Resounding Face Slaps Qin Hongyan was slapped across his ancient face. He roared in fury, "Xiang Shaoyun, you're courting death, devil spawn!" Qin Hongyan released a powerful aura and charged, grabbing at Xiang Shaoyun with both hands in an attempt to tear Xiang Shaoyun apart. Any super expert had powerful foundations. Qin Hongyan […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1881

Chapter 1825: Shameless Grandpa Grandson Pair The Guardians Guild token turned into a massive shield and propped itself in the middle of Mo Busi's bridge, severing it. When Mo Busi sensed the terrifying willpower, he realized that Venerable Yuan Shi was about to use all his strength. Mo Busi was forced to use all his […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1880

Chapter 1824: Devil Blood Congregation, Divine Spatial Bridge A disaster and a phenomenon appeared at the same time. Devils roared, and the dominion shone blindingly. One terrifying energy wave after another rippled out. Those who could escape all fled as far as they could. They all knew that if Ge Yi failed to stop this […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1879

Chapter 1823: Ge Yi Who Shoulders The Dominion The newcomer had a pair of empty eye sockets in place of his eyes, yet the empty eye sockets seemed to contain boundless strength, as though they carried the universe in them. One would not dare to stare into the abyss that was his eyes. Ge Yi, […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1878

Chapter 1822: Primal Chaos Fusion Kong Pingfan was dead. Mo Busi did not hold anything back in his attack, and he used all his Reincarnation Realm power, completely destroying Kong Pingfan's body, blood, and soul. His frosty devilish energy froze a large area, not leaving any part of Kong Pingfan's person behind. And thus, the […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1877

Chapter 1821: Master and Disciple Fighting Together Mo Busi had arrived. This was a true undefeatable expert in the Reincarnation Realm. After his arrival, he did not waste his time talking. He directly clawed in the direction of Wumo Pass. A dreadful claw appeared in the sky, crushing countless zombies into powder, including even those […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1876

Chapter 1820: What Was Lost Would Never Return When Baili Xiongshi unleashed his Life Death Punch with his primal chaos energy, Venerable Yuan Shi appeared slightly amused. Yuan Shi muttered, "Utilizing the fake-death state, he went through the gates of hell to seek the dao of reincarnation. A decent method, but ultimately still a wrong […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1875

Chapter 1819: Baili Xiongshi's Might The undefeatable expert of the Undying Devil Clan had arrived. He was Mo Busi, a true undying super expert. The strongest innate ability of the Undying Devil Clan was the ability to regrow from a drop of blood. Even when one's soul was destroyed, one would still be able to […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1874

Chapter 1818: Unrivaled Venerable One The appearance of Venerable Yuan Shi's clone shocked the entire dominion. The eyes of Gongsun Yingxiong and the others who had just returned turned wet as they exclaimed in surprise. "The guild master has not abandoned us! He has always been with us!" said Gongsun Yingxiong as he wiped his […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1873

Chapter 1817: The Venerable One Shows His Might At several different places, the super experts there saw what was happening at the battleground. The old immortal from the Immortal Road Chamber was mounted atop a crane. With his white hair and ruddy complexion, he looked like some hermit expert. He narrowed his eyes and muttered, […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1872

Chapter 1816: Reincarnation Weapon The Eight Revolutions alien stood no chance against Xiang Shaoyun's continuous attacks. From the moment his attack failed to deal much damage to Xiang Shaoyun, his fate was sealed. He wanted to ask the diabolic dragon for help, but the diabolic dragon was fighting Gongsun Yingxiong and couldn't even break free. […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1871

Chapter 1815: Versus Eight Revolutions Xiang Shaoyun had arrived. The only reason he was here was to fight for humanity. Thus, he couldn't watch as Gongsun Yingxiong was killed, even if there was a possibility that Gongsun Yingxiong wouldn't be grateful. The alien and diabolic dragon were greatly shocked by Xiang Shaoyun's appearance. Their senses […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1870

Chapter 1814: Bleak Hero Zhuge Zhantian was a capable military leader with high attainment in formations. He might not be the strongest, but he was the best military leader among Xiang Shaoyun's ranks. In Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea, Zhuge Zhantian had trained numerous Saints in military formations, allowing the many Saints to come together […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1869

Chapter 1813: Contending Against Baili Xiongshi "Hehe, what a naive child," said Baili Xiongshi with a sneer. "If I can really break through at the Myriad Planet Field, I would have gone there long ago. Why would I be staying at this shitty place trying to think of a way?" "Do you mean that you […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1868

Chapter 1812: Conversing With Baili Xiongshi Xiang Shaoyun glanced at them and indifferently said, "Submit to the Ziling Sect." He was so direct that the three non-humans were stunned. The humans and the aliens had been extremely courteous during their talks, and this was the very first time someone had made such a direct and […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1867

Chapter 1811: Overwhelming Changes After a hundred years in seclusion, the Ziling Sect had changed massively. They occupied nearly the entirety of the Buried Monarch Mountain Range. However, they did not have much conflict with the demonic beasts residing there. After Xiang Shaoyun went deep into the territory of the burial canines to have a […]

I Am Overlord Chap 1866

Chapter 1810: Resurgence of Dragon and Tiger A hundred years after the Ziling Sect went into seclusion… The aliens and devils had joined hands to form an Anti-Human Army. They launched a brutal war against humanity, killing all humans who refused to submit. They expanded their territory rapidly. During that year, the Guardians Guild finally […]