Gosick Chap 27

epilogue — the promise [1] “…And after the spirits of the past carried out their revenge, the ghost ship Queen Berryonce again sank to the bottom of the dark sea.” On a clear morning, behind the main building of St. Marguerite’s School, two children sat on a three-tiered landing overlooking a lush flower garden, speaking to […]

Gosick Chap 26

[2] Once the debriefing was over, they walked out of the room into the hallway. Uniformed policemen and men who looked like detectives were moving busily through the broad corridors. Occasionally, some of them would shoot curious looks at Kazuya and Victorique, seeming to wonder why children were in a place like this. As they […]

Gosick Chap 25

chapter six — I’ll never let go of your hand [1] Back at the police station, Julie had finished with her long testimony. The room fell silent. Two slender stalks of white smoke wound their way up to the ceiling from the ceramic pipes held in Victorique’s and Inspector de Blois’ hands. No one spoke […]

Gosick Chap 24

We ran through the flooded hallway and climbed up the forward stairs toward the deck. Ree was feeling heavier and heavier on my back. My knees shook with every step I took up the staircase. But I had to keep carrying her. The two boys who had been shot by Huey looked sickly from blood […]

Gosick Chap 23

[2] In a room in the police station, Julie Guile sat before Inspector de Blois, Victorique, and Kazuya. The inspector’s two deputies were shut outside for some reason, and they stood in front of the door, holding hands. This station was not under Inspector de Blois’ jurisdiction, but once he had received word from Victorique, […]

Gosick Chap 22

chapter five — game, set [1] Julie Guile walked away from the port and hailed a horse-drawn carriage. Once inside, the unsteady movement rattled her body, and her long black hair fluttered in the wind, alternating between sticking to her pallid face and flying away from it. Julie sat alone, jostled around in her seat, […]

Gosick Chap 21

I slipped the heart-shaped pendant that I found in the stairwell into my pocket, and stood up, going back down the stairs again to return to the hallway. As I made my way down, I had no inkling of what was about to happen. The next thing I heard was the sound of a gunshot […]

Gosick Chap 20

[5] Julie Guile stepped off the ship with her head bowed, trying to look inconspicuous. She walked faster and faster, finally breaking into a run away from the ship. No wonder, she murmured silently. Countless vessels were arriving at the port, and throngs of people were disembarking. The shouts of dockworkers unloading cargo and of […]

Gosick Chap 19

[4] A few minutes after the rescue party ushered Kazuya, Julie, and Victorique to safety aboard their ship… The Queen Berry sank into the sea with a loud groan. It was a spectacular sight. But once the large ship finished slowly settling beneath the waters, and the waves it stirred up had vanished, only the quiet sea […]

Gosick Chap 18

[3] The three of them emerged onto the deck. Dawn was breaking, and the pale morning sun was starting to shine on the damp wooden planks of the deck. The rain that had poured down so heavily at night had turned to drizzle, but still showed no signs of stopping. Waves towered ominously in the […]

Gosick Chap 17

[2] With each step Kazuya, Julie, and Ned took up the stairs, water dripped from their soaked clothing. Victorique was the only one still dry, but her elegant lace and frills, along with the silk socks that peeked out from underneath, were blackened with dirt. When Kazuya happened to glance over and see this, he […]

Gosick Chap 16

chapter four — the hares and the hound [1] The five of them quietly walked down the hallway. Victorique and Kazuya kept pace at the back of the group. In front of them was Julie Guile, carrying the hem of her red dress, her long black hair bouncing from side to side with each step. […]

Gosick Chap 15

monologue three [1] A loud voice rang out. “If you’re looking for weapons, here they are!” The children stood very still under the blazing lamplight of the hallway. I stood there in their midst, clutching the body of the Hungarian girl, her throat pierced with the combat knife. For several seconds, no one moved a […]

Gosick Chap 14

[2] The five survivors re-entered the original lounge, where a man lay dead on the floor. Compared to the other room, the chandeliers here shone with an unnatural brightness that made them feel even more on edge. They each found a seat for themselves and sat down, keeping an eye on each other. Victorique stared […]

Gosick Chap 13

chapter three — the ghost ship Queen Berry [1] An oppressive air settled upon the flooded lounge. Only Victorique remained coolly detached, while the other four people would drop their eyes down, then look up to glare at each other, over and over again. Cloudy drops of water dripped down to the floor from the […]

Gosick Chap 12

monologue 2 [1] I awoke to the sensation of someone shaking me. I opened my eyes, and saw a pair of black eyes peering at me worriedly. Her long black hair, the same glistening color as her eyes, draped down to the floor. She was a pretty girl, around the same age as me. I […]

Gosick Chap 11

[4] The five survivors made their way back to the lounge, trudging down the hallway to the opened door. But just as the woman walking in front was about to step foot inside… Her eyes opened wide. She slowly raised her hands to cover her mouth, a scream catching in her throat. Kazuya, following closely […]

Gosick Chap 10

[3] Kazuya was steadily recovering from his sedative-induced headache, and he stood up and began to investigate the lounge. He took a peek inside the bar counter, but found nothing of particular interest. While he looked upon the bottles of wine that were lined up inside, Victorique walked up to him, and surveyed the bottles […]

Gosick Chap 9

[2] “Hey, Kujou. Wake up.” “U-ugh…?” “You overbearing, nitpicking fusspot of a foreign student. Wake up this instant.” “…You’re the last person I want to hear that from, Victorique!” Kazuya angrily jolted awake. At the same time, he felt Victorique blow smoke up his nose. He waved the smoke away and broke into an attack […]

Gosick Chap 8

chapter two — the dark supper [1] Darkness enveloped the luxury liner. An usher, whose dark complexion hinted at his foreign origins, wordlessly led Kazuya and Victorique on board, with lamp in hand to light the way. The ship began to navigate through the water, sloshing through rolling waves in the quietude of the night. […]

Gosick Chap 7

Gosick I – Monologue 1   I was cold and hungry. Sauvure was supposed to be a wealthy country, but to the orphans who huddled in downtown alleyways, it was no better than an icy forest. It had been three days since I left the orphanage. I survived on what little I was able to fish […]

Gosick Chap 6

Gosick I – 1.5   [5] Alongside a large wharf that faced the Mediterranean Sea were anchored the luxury yachts of nobles and men of means alike, in addition to foreign passenger vessels of exotic design. Sailors of varied skin colors ran between ships and shore in a constant flurry of activity. A young man stood […]

Gosick Chap 5

Gosick I – 1.4   [4] Soon enough, the weekend arrived, bringing with it a dolefully cloudy sky to shroud the silent grounds of St. Marguerite’s School. The student dormitory overlooked a corner of the campus on the side of a gently sloping hill. Although it was nominally a mere student dormitory, it was actually a […]

Gosick Chap 4

Gosick I – 1.3   [3] And then, the next morning… In his room in the boys’ dormitory at St. Marguerite’s School, Kazuya rose at his usual seven-thirty sharp. He walked through the hallway to the washroom, giving a brief glance at the other boys drowsily stumbling by, and washed his face and neatly combed his […]