Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1730

Chapter 1735 The End! Swoosh! His mind slowly dissipated. The world turned into a white light again. Three days later, several climbers in their early twenties were walking forward in a jungle. Swoosh! A sound attracted the attention of a man in his early twenties. A hand suddenly emerged from the ground! “Ouch! What’s that?” […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1729

Chapter 1734 The Beautiful Look and Smile Seven drops of blood slowly merged into the pearl, which suddenly flickered in the void and emitted bright moonlight. The void of the universe was illuminated by the moonlight. “What is he trying to do?” “Does he want to become a sovereign?” “Record everything about him. No matter […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1728

Chapter 1733 I’m the Nether Emperor “Has Wolf Tortoise died just like that?” Hei Yue fell into a daze. She had never expected the legendary creature with strong defense to be killed and assimilated by the armored man who controlled the Bone Spirit Troops in just a few seconds. The Bone Spirit of the Wolf […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1727

Chapter 1732 Incorrect Behavior? She had also heard about the Bone Spirits, but the other party was far away. There must be a reason why the Bone Spirits appeared here. She still had to observe what it was. Great Emperor Purple Moon was confident that she could defeat even a Great Emperor like the Bone […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1726

Chapter 1731 Great Emperor Purple Moon Zhang Han was no longer afraid to have the traces of the Bone Spirits discovered. His next target was still far away. The Bone Spirit Ship set out again. Hong Yue said, “Hey, a newcomer has arrived.” Hei Yue and Lan Yue also welcomed Bai Yue. “What’s your name?” […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1725

Chapter 1730 Advancing All the Way “You’re called Hei Yue, right?” Hong Yue smiled when she saw that the other party was dumbfounded. At this moment, the Bone Spirit Ship was already on its way, rushing into the distance. “Come on. Take a seat here.” Hong Yue patted the sofa next to her. Hei Yue […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1724

Chapter 1728 The Destruction of the Blood Dragon Mountain Empire On Saint Waluo Planet, the Hong Feng Clan was named after its patriarch. Hong Feng was at the third level of the Kingdom Lord Realm. The clan was the strongest family on the Saint Waluo Planet. This planet was dominated by the Hong Feng Clan. […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1723

Chapter 1727 Returning to the Original State “Han Yang Immortal! How could it be you? Are you going to destroy the Human Clan?” “Han Yang Immortal, you are also from the Human Clan. How could you do this?” “Even if we’ve asked the ancestors for help, we were in a passive position. What right do […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1722

Chapter 1726 He Came Some sects in the inner ring quickly discovered the clues. “Why can’t I get in touch with the branch palaces in the outer ring?” “Not only our sect. I’ve inquired about 17 sects. But I can’t get in touch with their branches in the outer ring.” “Could it be a signal […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1721

Chapter 1725 Slaughtering in the Star Sea “This…” The hundreds of thousands of clans who saw this fell silent. They couldn’t believe that Han Yang Immortal still turned the tables. Only the hoarse cries and shouts lingered in their minds. Han Yang Immortal was defeated. They all knew this was an enormous blow to him. […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1720

Chapter 1724 Death “Han Yang Immortal, your strength is not weak.” Prince Wo Lun watched the battle calmly. “Your six bodies have all reached the first tier of the Zone Lord Realm. It is beyond the Cultivation World. You are indeed powerful. As they said, you are invincible in the Cultivation World. “But it’s your […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1719

Chapter 1723 The Big Gap “Ha… It’s useless!” Grand Master Tongtian laughed wildly outside and said, “You are facing immortals! How dare you resist? You are dreaming. Han Yang Immortal, you can’t escape.” Swoosh! Zhang Han suddenly turned his eyes and looked at everything outside coldly. He sensed that the space was gradually stabilizing, and […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1718

Chapter 1722 To Live and Die Together “Oh, my god! Each person with the bloodline of the Moon Spirit is worth more than a hundred times more than the Level S small universe!” Prince Wo Lun’s eyes were full of ecstasy. It could be seen by anyone. Grand Master Tongtian was at a loss. He […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1717

Chapter 1721 The Moon Spirit Clan Clack! Clack! The Golden-armored Giant Beast was gnawing on the iron chain. The crisp sound shook the void, which could be clearly heard in the entire ancient martial arts world. “Will this work?” Dong Chen asked in shock. “It will.” Zhang Han nodded slightly and said in a deep […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1716

Chapter 1720 Just Eat It It seemed that now, Sir’s Second Mind was going to tell something that Zhang Han once wanted to know. But now, Zhang Han suddenly realized that when he was about to reach more things, he felt depressed. He had no way out. What a vast and wonderful world it was […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1715

Chapter 1719 Used to Be a Great Emperor “Tell the whole Cultivation World about this!” Grand Master Tongtian’s face was flushed, and he was in high spirits. He felt as if he had become young again. He ordered, “We’ve found a way to the world of immortals. Tell all Dao Seeking Cultivators who want to […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1714

Chapter 1718 Time to Fight Back The spaceship was very large. The bow of the spaceship alone was about 8,000 feet long and oval in shape. Seeing this, the crowd was extremely terrified. In the Cultivation World, no spaceship could be so large. If the spaceships were too large, they were very easy to be […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1713

Chapter 1717 The Arrival of Immortals Hearing the words of Immortal Master Mingyu, everyone present was astounded and fell into silence. They didn’t know what to say. The silence wasn’t broken until Yue Xiaonao said in a cold voice, “That Grand Master Tongtian coveted the Pearl of Fate and attacked us many times. If Uncle […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1712

Chapter 1716 Origin What he didn’t know was that the First Elder of the Tongtian Holy Land was deeply moved at this moment. He had never thought that even though Immortal Master Mingyu was a man of few words, he would stand firmly on the side of the Tongtian Holy Land at such a crucial […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1711

Chapter 1715 Invite the Ancestors Zhang Han was like a Killing God that no one could stop. The hundreds of Sect Masters and Grand Masters in front of him thought that with their friendly relationship with the Highest Clouds Palace, they would be able to persuade him. When large-scale battles broke out in the Star […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1710

Chapter 1714 Persuade Him to Retreat “So what if I’m a spy?” Grand Master Mingyu said casually, “I still care about my prestige as a spy. I find that you have been shocked recently. You need to flatter me, not belittle me, understand?” “Oh, I see. You’re the most powerful, Grand Master. You’re invincible in […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1709

Chapter 1713 Be a Spy “What? What did Grand Master Tongtian just say?” “The Pearl of Fate can control the Law of the Great Domain in the world! It can change the fate of the Cultivation World. Does, does such a thing really exist?” “It makes sense that Han Yang Immortal has such a supreme […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1708

Chapter 1712 The Enemy of the Star Sea “How did his strength suddenly increase so much?” The expression of Grand Master Tongtian changed slightly. He couldn’t figure it out. In any case, it was impossible for him to know that Zhang Han, previously, was not at the Peak Stage of the Tribulation Stage at all. […]

Godly Stay-Home Dad Chap 1707

Chapter 1711 The Start of the Chaotic Battle “Oh, my god! There are so many top Holy Lands from the first mountain to the third mountain.” “Grand Master Tongtian has gathered more than half of the top-grade forces in the Star Sea and the Peak-Stage masters of more than 5,000 races. Who can be a […]