God Of Slaughter Chap 2023

There were not even a thousand nor eight hundred cultivators watching from the sidelines. Some of them were desperately rubbing their eyes while the others were biting their tongue and pinching their thighs. An Aurous Core stage cultivator was actually killed in a single exchange. Moreover, from the aura on his body, he seemed to […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2022

Chen Xiang had already stayed in Evil Divine Palace for ten days, he tried to use his hands to dig out the bottom of the jade box, but he could not find anything, it did not seem to be anything, but he could feel some lines, he guessed it was Spirit grain or something like […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2021

Chapter 816 – Returning to the Divine State Oldest Tree and his subordinates were all very strong. Now that First Beast-creation Ancestor was able to come here, it seemed like their relationship was not bad. "What's the situation outside now?" Oldest Tree said: "We have never left this place and have always been waiting for […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2020

Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang looked indifferent. They had no concept of what it was, so they were naturally not afraid of it, but Wang Jinshi and Chen Xiang had serious expressions, and Lv Qilian's expression was filled with seriousness. She already understood Yue'er better, whether Yue'er was from the Star Law Divine Realm, or […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2019

Maybe this immortality only in this world. He printed quickly with his hands and pressed down. “Tengai Shinsei!” “what is this?!” Below, in the twelve Japanese military bases, Japanese soldiers quickly came over and wondered about this inexplicable phenomenon. twelve meteorites of the size of small hills emerged at a height of ten thousand meters. […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2018

Chen Xiang immediately left the forest filled with heat. As he was leaving, he told the clan leader of the Ba Ye clan that Ba Ye had greeted him earlier, and that Ba Ye and his clan members were currently bidding farewell inside the Demon Ring. This was a place that they had lived in […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2017

           Translated By – DemonKiller Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile Proofread By – DemonKiller Please do not host our works anywhere else without our permission. Chapter 0540: Snatching the Perpetual Moon Pills Hearing those words, Zhao Yanxiang immediately sped up and quickly disappeared from Ning Cheng and Ruan Mingshu's vision. […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2016

"Hey! What was that for!" Steamed Bun cried out in the chat. Even though he wasn't as chatty as Huang Shaotian, he was still far more talkative than most players. Rookies, in particular, would almost always play careful, completely focused on their playing. There were truly very few rookies who trash talked during a only […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2015

This is unedited, just letting you know whoops also, I might go back and change “king and queen of film” to “film emperor/empress” because it’s a bit awkward saying “king of film” lmao as stated before, chapter 7 has been split into two parts. second part will be on Saturday, see you then! Face Slapping […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2014

Chapter 555 – Lodging Laurence Chang was still thinking, these two people who looked like they came from the countryside, could they afford a first-class ticket? However, in order to successfully capture Xiao Bai's heart, Laurence didn't care about anything else and went to find someone to exchange for a first class cabin. But when […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2013

Chen Xiang stood at the end of the crevice, and this was the crevice of a tall mountain. At this moment, he was halfway up the mountain, and when he looked outside, he could only see a sea of jade-green trees, and at the very beginning, a blurry green shadow of a tall mountain. A […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2012

Chapter 287: Episode 54 – Demon King Slayer (3) TL Note: A lack of gender words in Korean means that sometimes the gender of a character is ambiguous. This chapter was the first time a gender pronoun appeared for Gabriel, showing that she is female, not male like previously assumed. [Archangel!] Demon King Ose was […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2011

"Right here? "Well done, I can't see anything wrong with it." Wei Suo looked around and said to the three people beside him. At this time, it was obvious that Wei Suo and Zhang Zongming had finished their conversation. They were standing in a valley with a radius of four to five miles. In this […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2010

Encounter – 2 The bear-like man’s name was Rodolgo, and he appeared to be the leader of a small, decrepit settlement that was just outside of the forest. “Before that damned bastard came here by order of the king…” Rodolgo’s eyes shined with the luster of someone boasting, as Chizuru looked down at the dark […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2009

Chapter 66: MarquessThe small boat advances slowly on the River Styx. Despite it moving so slowly that it seems stationary, but in reality, it is jumping between dimensions, shortening the distance to our destination. The water of the River Styx that is full of the silent dead flows peacefully through countless dimensions, collecting the souls […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2008

The thick smell of blood stormed into people's nostrils while pieces of bleeding meat that even had dragon veins and tendons were now moving in Shi Yan's body, bringing him thick life energy like a flood. Drops of blood with magical energy meted into Shi Yan's body and blood, augmenting his life form. A pleasure […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2007

The person who suddenly came was dressed in a red robe and was wrapped up in a red mist. When the red mist gradually dispersed, the person who appeared was a middle-aged man. "Isn't this guy Fire Divine Palace's Fire God?" Chen Xiang recognized it. At that time, the Fire God was with the Hell […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2006

The aftermath rippled away. The whirlpool stopped and the area around Ross stopped spinning, The entire street was silent. The ground in the entire area is full of bright red color, among which are the bones of Dead Marines. In the middle of the area, Ross is standing there in a punching position and opposite […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2005

The Roulette of Fate moved fast forward on the long journey. Sauron stepped on the roulette, clasping his hands behind his back, his face calm and cold. Behind him was the group led by Absolute Beginning creature Yuan. Han Tian, Serene Prison, and Rupert all had a beautiful, exquisite mark of a spiderweb on their […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2004

After a short period of calm … Some people could no longer suppress the deathly silence. He escaped out of the city as if his life depended on it. He sprinted all the way. "Oh my god …" Flee. "Quick, flee." "That's right." "How could I have met such a lonely star?" The first man […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2003

Chen Xiang relied on his senses to walk away. Right now, the place he was heading to was extremely hot and he felt that something was off. Although this place could make him perspire profusely from the heat, there were many emerald green trees and beautiful flowers of all different colors growing here. "This place […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2002

Golden Court Avenue was a main street outside the south gate of Heavenly Temple Palace. After the initial main street was built, it was called Holy Court Avenue. However, not long after it was named, a sentence came from the Great Xi, which probably meant that if he didn't change the name of Holy Court […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2001

How many punches?Not many people had the patience to count, but Song Qiying did. 164! River Sunset had punched the wall 164 times so far. Facing normal attacks, this wall appeared extremely sturdy. But after 164 punches, the wall was filled with cracks. Many parts of the wall weren't flat anymore.  Song Qiying drew in […]

God Of Slaughter Chap 2000

n They had set off from the Tongtian Pass. On the 10th day of the journey, Gu Shenwei encountered Shangguan Ru. It was purely accidental. Shangguan Ru wrote a letter saying that at the invitation of the second wife of the Khan, she would start from the Land of Fragrance, go via the northeast entrance […]