God of Fishing Chap 3569

3713 Side Story (4) “Han Luoluo, I was just kidding!” A moment later, Zhang Bushuai and the other two were beaten black and blue. They shouted, “Old Ren, help!” “Teacher Ren, won’t your conscience hurt if you just watch like this?” “Teacher Ren?” In the next moment, a rough voice shouted, “Bah, three men can’t […]

God of Fishing Chap 3568

3712 Side Story (3) Originally, the sutra he gave Luo Xiaobai could indeed maintain Luo Xiaobai’s state. However, Luo Xiaobai had made a breakthrough and became a dominator, so her situation became even more serious. She was almost one with the World Tree. Unlike Li Daoyi, Li Daoyi monopolized 80% of luck of the end […]

God of Fishing Chap 3567

3711 Side Story (2) The Death God spoke again, “Now, can you talk to me?” Han Fei looked at the Death God and smiled. “Senior, don’t be hasty. Wait a moment and you will know everything.” With that, Han Fei, Ximen Linglan, and Jiuyin Ling disappeared from this star. Only the Death God was still […]

God of Fishing Chap 3566

3710 Side Story (1) A hundred thousand years passed in the Chaotic Star Sea. Without the ominous, countless new races were born, and all races rose quickly with unprecedented momentum. Perhaps there was a new war here, but that had nothing to do with the ominous. The Primordial Star Sea was still fighting, but it […]

God of Fishing Chap 3565

3709 Transcendence (7) Chaos coughed and laughed. “Fortunately, you succeeded. Perhaps your path is difficult to copy, but someone will succeed, right?” Han Fei was silent for a long time before saying, “I have a condition.” Immortal Martial nodded. “What is it?” Han Fei said, “Since it’s a trial, it’s a trial. I want to […]

God of Fishing Chap 3564

3708 Transcendence (6) Han Fei came back to himself and cupped his hands. “Wait for me? Senior, do you know that I can get here?” The woman shook her head slightly. “I don’t know, but you are the first to come.” Han Fei looked around. “Where is this?” With a smile, the woman took a […]

God of Fishing Chap 3563

3707 Transcendence (5) “So strong?” Han Fei realized his strength. He had transcended the Great Dao and could restore order and rewrite rules. With a thought, he could make all living beings die or live. Han Fei was not in a hurry to walk into the gap. Instead, he looked back. He saw the void […]

God of Fishing Chap 3562

3706 Transcendence (4) Everyone was unwilling and angry. They had already done their best. They no longer pursued self-strength. They only wanted to break the seal of the three thousand Demon Gods and see the altar and the outside of the Return Ruins. They just wanted an explanation. Unfortunately, anger was just anger. No matter […]

God of Fishing Chap 3561

Chapter 3696 Ultimate Secret, The Beginning of the Story (2) There was also a saying that was a little similar to his thoughts. That was, some people felt that the Daoless could definitely be broken, which was to forcibly break the Daoless. That person felt that when the quantity changed to a certain extent, whether […]

God of Fishing Chap 3560

Chapter 3695 Ultimate Secret, The Beginning of the Story (1) Han Fei looked into the distance, but he couldn’t see past the misty mist at all. He couldn’t see the battle in the distance, let alone the so-called Return Ruins. Someone said, “Recently, energy riots of this level have become more and more frequent.” The […]

God of Fishing Chap 3559

Chapter 3694 The Return Ruins (5) The strange man said, “I come from the Origin Energy World, which can also be called the Origin Energy Star Sea.” Someone said, “I’m from the Mystic Yellow Ancient River. I can also become the Mystic Yellow Star Sea.” The strange man said, “As for the known Sea of […]

God of Fishing Chap 3558

Chapter 3693 Return Ruins (4) On the island, people’s vision was blocked by the tsunami. Someone said solemnly, “I didn’t expect four people to come at once this time. I wonder if anyone can pass through this tsunami.” Someone shook his head slightly. “I saw two of them being protected. If the two peak-level dominators […]

God of Fishing Chap 3557

Chapter 3692 Return Ruins (3) This speed was faster than Zhang Daqian. Zhang Daqian walked the Giant Beast Divine Dao. Although he could grow without nirvana, even in a place like the Dragon Subduing Island, he had only stepped into the dominator realm in millions of years and controlled six pieces of Star Rivers. If […]

God of Fishing Chap 3556

Chapter 3690 Return Ruins (1) No one knew that on Human Emperor’s Day, Ximen Linglan, drawing on the hope and expectations of all living beings, had finally reached the peak of the dominator realm. On this day, Han Fei was saying goodbye to his parents, Xia Xiaochan and Han Chanyi, and Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang, […]

God of Fishing Chap 3555

Chapter 3689 Step Down as Human Emperor (6) Now, Jiuyin Ling’s strength had far exceeded that of a peak-level Extreme Dao Great Monarch, but she still had no intention of making a breakthrough. She had to wait for a breakthrough. But even so, she was almost invincible in the current Sound Ending Mountain. This was […]

God of Fishing Chap 3554

3688 Step Down as Human Emperor (5) However, it had only been 20,000 years. It was unbelievable for that boy who was only a Law Enforcer back then to become a Sea Quelling God, let alone a dominator. At this moment, the Time Dragon Carp noticed Ximen Linglan beside Han Fei and asked in a […]

God of Fishing Chap 3553

3687 Step Down as Human Emperor (4) Just as they were about to leave, Han Fei and Ximen Linglan sensed a fluctuation from the Time River at the same time. Ximen Linglan frowned slightly. “There are traces of battle in the Time River.” Han Fei was also puzzled. “And the intensity of the battle is […]

God of Fishing Chap 3552

3686 Step Down as Human Emperor (3) Yin-Yang World, Blue Sea Town, Heavenly Water Village. Han Fei had thought that after 20,000 years, this place had long been abandoned, the buildings had collapsed, and the old site was gone. But he never expected that when he came here, the small yard he used to live […]

God of Fishing Chap 3551

3685 Step Down as Human Emperor (2) However, he firmly believed that the World Divine Mirror was in the Primordial Star Sea. After a full meal, everyone began to discuss surrounding Le Renkuang. Because Lin Zhi was also pregnant, they were discussing how to name their child. There was indeed something wrong with Luo Xiaobai’s […]

God of Fishing Chap 3550

3684 Step Down as Human Emperor (1) A thousand years later. It had been a thousand years since the ominous was sealed. Now, it was called a new era, also known as the Origin Era, because there was no ominous in this world anymore, but the vast Sea of Stars had been destroyed in the […]

God of Fishing Chap 3549

3683 The End of the War of the Era (5) Supreme Dao Monarch hurriedly said, “Master Human Emperor, may I ask… can we go to the other side to take a look?” Han Fei thought for a moment. This could be allowed. There were only 800 Star Rivers left in the Primordial Star Sea, and […]

God of Fishing Chap 3548

3682 The End of the War of the Era (4) Han Fei glanced at the world in the Creation Star Compass and said, “I’m very curious. You can use the power of the Immortal. Why don’t you use it? If you use it, I’m afraid the Creation Star Compass won’t be able to trap you […]

God of Fishing Chap 3547

3681 The End of the War of the Era (3) Shen Le said, “Little Junior Brother, don’t be swayed by him. Even if there are stronger existences, even if there is an unknown Sea of Stars, so what? Hasn’t our cultivation path always been like this? There is always someone stronger, and there is always […]

God of Fishing Chap 3546

3680 The End of the War of the Era (2) Han Fei shouted, “No matter how long you fight, you’re just a broken hand. As for me, I’m invincible. All my techniques and infinite Great Daos are nothing to me. And your strength is drying up.” Han Fei shouted, but he knew in his heart […]