First Immortal of the Sword Chap 905

Sword qi intercrossed throughout heaven and earth. Wind and lightning cut through the air. One terrifying, frenzied demon after another split like paper mache as the indomitable sword light ripped them apart. Su Yi’s tall, upright figure shuttled between heaven and earth. His entire body was bathed in the light of the Grand Dao, as […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 904

The sounds of slaughter shook the heavens throughout the darkened landscape. From time to time, demons exploded and fell from the sky like meteors. In the forbidden grounds of the City of the Wrongfully Dead, the White Bone Emperor, Divine Monarch Falling Star, and the others were top-notch existences, like local hegemons. Their strength was […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 903

The Swordmaster of Abstruse Force! Lu Xing’s hands and feet quivered. Five hundred years ago, when word of Su Xuanjun’s passing reached the Netherworld, a rumor spread. People spoke of it even now. They said that it was highly likely that the Swordmaster of Abstruse Force hadn’t died, and that he’d instead reincarnated. However, almost […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 902

An air of combat permeated the turbulent landscape. The battle was certainly brutal by any standards, but it was quickly becoming apparent who’d emerge victorious. Ye Yu, Wei Daoyuan, and Lu Xing were still bitterly holding on, but the other Emperors were all injured and on the brink of death. They were tending to their […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 901

A man in warrior’s robes walked up to Ye Yu and said in a low voice, “Senior, the heavens never sever all paths. Hope is not yet lost, so whatever you do, don’t give in to despair.” The man in warrior’s robes was tall and stalwart, with coarse features. This was none other than the […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 900

It wasn’t that those cultivators were blind or unobservant. But when You Xue was with Su Yi, she subconsciously suppressed her aura, hiding her cultivation base. Furthermore, she was as docile and obedient as a serving girl. Thus, all others noticed about her was that she was matchlessly beautiful as a lady immortal. So when she spoke […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 899

Before long, Feng Yuzhi, Yun Songzi, and the others left. Before their departure, Su Yi mentioned that he hoped they wouldn’t spread what happened tonight. After all, this incident was so enormous that it would easily stir up enormous waves.  And he, Su Yi, would likely become the center of attention. Although Su Yi wasn’t […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 898

In response to the Netherworld King’s question, Su Yi merely laughed. “You’re trapped here. How are you qualified to become my enemy?” The Netherworld King’s beautiful eyes were increasingly indifferent, and her smooth, slender fingers brushed gently against her armrests. “Tell me, Fellow Daoist: do you think the source power of the City of the […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 897

“I’ll naturally have to try it for myself!” As these soft, gentle words rang out, the Netherworld King’s beautiful yet maddened eyes blazed with dazzling blood-colored radiance. It seemed the Nine Serenities Netherworld Crow instantly realized what was about to happen, and it closed its eyes in advance. Old Yao White Eyebrows, however, cried out […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 896

As the Nine Serenities Netherworld Crow’s feather burned, an invisible and obscure energy fluctuation rippled through the formation of blood sacrifice, then surged into depths of the mist-shrouded Great Chaos Ruins. Old Yao White Eyebrows’ heart shook inexplicably, and his expression shifted. A terrifying aura was awakening from dormancy deep within the Great Chaos Ruins. […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 895

The man in black’s wounds were worsening, and his body showed signs of cracking and falling apart. But he obviously wasn’t concerned about that. Instead, he rasped, “Over the years, our sect leader has been searching for someone capable of contending with the Laws of Heavenly Prayer.” His urgent voice revealed his endless agony. After […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 894

Su Yi hadn’t just crossed paths with the Nine Heavens Pavilion once; much of what Su Yi had seen and experienced in the Azure Continent was connected to them. The Prohibition of Ancient Darkness that had enveloped the Azure Continent for thirty thousand years. The irreparably damaged Origins of the Azure in the Ninth Star […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 893

As Su Yi raised his hand and pressed down, the long-dormant, unmoving tombstone suddenly quivered, and its surface shone with strange and inscrutable Dao Light. It was indistinct, but it seemed as if countless markings of the Grand Dao had arisen within it, alongside the boundless and ancient Daoist invocations. They quickly spread, reverberating throughout […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 892

Whoosh! Old Yao White Eyebrows swayed and transformed into a several-dozen-foot-long beast. It had a leonine head, with jade-colored eyes and golden whiskers. Its four hooved limbs were like pillars, while its body was as long and thin as a flood dragon’s, and its skin was covered in snowy, crystalline scales. The Radiant Void Beast! […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 891

It was a simple, direct punch. Yet it flashed through the air, boring a hole through the sky with its unstoppably sharp, blood-colored radiance. A moment later, the Demon Ape Emperor cried out in agony. There was now a fully ten-foot-wide, bloody hole that went right through his towering several-thousand-foot body. Blood gushed from the […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 890

He simply happened to arrive at the right time? Lu Changming and the others were stunned. Only now did they realize that, earlier, Su Yi wasn’t joking. He and his companions really were headed to the Nine Great Purgatories of the Dark Capital! Off in the distance, the Nine Serenities Netherworld Crow could no longer suppress […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 889

An austere atmosphere bore down on heaven and earth. All was silent save for the mellow voice of Malevolent Release echoing through the air. Feng Yuzhi, Yun Songzi, and the others’ expressions shifted erratically. “Cultivators like us have long since ceased to fear death. If you think you can force us to lower our heads, […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 888

On the way back from the cave, You Xue asked, “Fellow Daoist, why did you imprison the White Bone Emperor instead of just killing him back then?” “It’s actually quite simple. When I last explored Fallen God Valley, I set my sights on a thirty-thousand-year Nightcall Flower, and the old skeleton insisted on trying to […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 887

Shortly after Malevolent Release left the Little Necropolis, he transmitted Su Yi’s response to the Nine Serenities Netherworld Crow. “He instructed me to wash my neck and wait outside the Dark Capital?” When the Nine Serenities Netherworld Crow heard the news, it was so angry that it almost laughed. This was the City of the […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 886

Before the Iron Daoist’s choppy voice finished echoing through the air, he suddenly burst into green smoke. His body and soul were then incinerated by cold, serene firelight. Nothing remained of him but scattered ash. Everyone could tell how bitter and unwilling the Iron Daoist had been in the moments leading up to his death. He didn’t even […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 885

Huo Zheng. His cultivation had been in the mid-stage Profound Illumination Realm, and he’d condensed the complete Laws of Fireblood. He was originally the grand elder of the Netherworld River Territory’s Thousandflame Yao Sect. After submitting to the Mysterious Netherworld Divine Court, he became one of their dharma protectors. He was cruel and crafty by […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 884

Inside the dimly lit hall. Su Yi looked at the man and his soul body, which was on the verge of falling apart. He gestured toward the three-inch, green-skinned gourd. “Do you recognize this?” The man’s eyes instantly widened, and he couldn’t help but blurt, “That treasure… Why do you have it!? Don’t tell me […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 883

Ghost fire dotted their path, and the spirits of the dead wandered about. Everything was silent and eerie. The spirits of the dead came in all shapes and sizes, but all were insidious and vicious. Even the weakest were comparable to Spiritual Revolution Realm cultivators, while the strongest were comparable to Profound Illumination Emperors! This […]

First Immortal of the Sword Chap 882

Six Soul-Swallowing Birds charged in total. Their momentum was like six sovereigns attacking as one, and they stirred up monstrous, explosive thunder and lightning. Yuan Linning didn’t even have time to think; she immediately drew her Dao Sword. She was acting on pure combat instincts. But before she could attack— Clang!! The hum of a sword resounded […]