Eternal Sacred King Chap 2647

2735 Martial Dao Inheritance The woman nodded as well. “That’s true. Ever since Junior Sister Beiming ascended, the Peak Master has placed great importance on her and poured in a lot of effort. The supply of various cultivation resources has never stopped.” “If not for that, Junior Sister Beiming’s cultivation would not have advanced so […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2646

2734 Eight Sword Peaks Sword World. Su Zimo followed Jian Chen and the other sword cultivators towards the gigantic mountain peak ahead. Before long, they arrived. From afar, one could only see this mountain peak. In reality, this place was an endless continent. On this land stood a mountain that emitted endless sharpness that pierced […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2645

2733 Whereabouts of Xiaoning In the academy, due to the supreme might of the Sect Master of the Academy, even if someone heard those rumors, no one dared to discuss it, let alone reveal them in front of the Sect Master of the Academy. No one dared to question the Sect Master of the Academy. […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2644

2732 Standoff Mo Qing left the inner sect of the academy and headed straight for the Sect Master of the Academy’s Heaven and Earth Palace. Along the way, she pondered deeply. Initially, she did not believe that. However, when she found out that Junior Brother Su was Desolate Martial of the Fiend Domain, she could […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2643

2731 Identity Known Heaven and Earth Academy, legacy ground. In an elegant and simple cave abode, there was a fragrance. A beautiful woman closed her eyes and held a brush, drawing continuously on a piece of rice paper. On the woman’s shoulder, a snow-white butterfly stood and flapped its wings gently, looking at the painting […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2642

2730 Sword World “What a powerful Sword Intent!” Su Zimo nodded to himself. The mountain peak was more than 5,000 kilometers away and the Sword Intent emitted left sword marks on the ancient stars here. It was obvious that the stars around the mountain peak must have been sliced into dust by that powerful Sword […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2641

2729 Martial Dao Aura? Su Zimo could not help but recall a catastrophe of the ten thousand races that Dao Lord Blood Fiend caused in Tianhuang Mainland. At that time, Dao Lord Blood Fiend was extremely talented and relied on the help of Heavenly Wolf to create the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra, wanting to turn […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2640

2728 Secret of the Emperor’s Tomb In Su Zimo’s opinion, the Emperor’s Tomb appeared in time and devoured him. Including the changes in Green Lotus True, the reason why he could be saved and revived was definitely because of Immortal Emperor Dawn Twilight. Immortal Emperor Dawn Twilight was probably the only person who could possess […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2639

2727 Resurrection In the dark and cold starry sky, a gigantic tomb floated. Compared to the tomb, even some ancient stars were as insignificant as dust. The Emperor’s Tomb. A saintly middle-aged man in an ancient white robe stood by an isolated tomb with an already cold corpse lying beneath his feet. The corpse wore […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2638

2726 Back to the Emperor’s Tomb “Hmm?” Ghost Emperor Yang Yun’s expression changed! This change was not because of the attack of the Martial Dao Prime Body, but for another reason! Ghost Emperor Yang Yun stared at the footwork released by the Martial Dao Prime Body in a daze. When he saw the attack of […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2637

2725 Ghost Emperor Yang Yun Right then, a figure in multicolored armor with a dignified expression and a golden halberd strode over from the east of Mount Baodu. As that person approached, a gigantic spirit consciousness might surged over—it was not inferior to Ghost Emperor Zhou Qi at all! Ghost Emperor Yu Lei of Mount […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2636

2724 Truth of the Six Paths Heaven, Human, Asura, Demon, Ghost and Hell! Translated, the six strange runes on the six regions of the gigantic vortex corresponded to the Dharmic Daos of the Six Paths! The two true bodies had already comprehended a supreme divine power, the Six Paths of Reincarnation. However, neither of the […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2635

2723 Mount Baodu This was the Martial Spirit Fire and was the most domineering. It was a killing move that specialized in burning Essence Spirits and souls among the many methods of the Martial Dao Prime Body! “Ah!” Black and White Impermanences let out a tragic cry. The Martial Spirit Fire burned extremely quickly and […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2634

2722 Black and White Impermanences Su Zimo slowed down and gradually lagged behind the crowd. Before long, everyone arrived before a surging withered river. On the river, there was a stone bridge mottled with time that reached the other side. On the side of the stone bridge stood a stele with the words ‘Bridge of […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2633

2721 Netherworld Death’s Door, Yellow Springs Road Su Zimo’s last memory of collapsing in the Emperor’s Tomb was hearing a familiar voice. However, he was unconscious at that time and no longer had the strength to distinguish. When he regained consciousness and woke up, he realized that he was in a dark and sinister place […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2632

2720 Gathering in the Netherworld The Martial Dao Prime Body turned around and looked at the closed hole on the world barrier behind him. His heart skipped a beat. He did not know how long he would have to wait before he could return after leaving the Hell World. Actually, there was nothing in the […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2631

2719 Leaving Hell The Martial Dao Prime Body raised his hand once more and his fist hovered above the head of the Void Yaksha, prepared to continue smashing down! “S-Stop wheating me!” The Void Yaksha waved his hand hurriedly and said in a muffled voice, “I admick wheafeat!” “Hmm?” The Martial Dao Prime Body frowned […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2630

2718 Stunned “Roar!” The Void Yaksha had a violent expression. Even though he was injured by the water of the Bitter Springs and Martial Dao Purgatory, he still glared fiercely at the Martial Dao Prime Body and let out a roar! “If you want me to submit, don’t use that water of the Bitter Springs!” […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2629

2717 Suppression Hell Lord Bitter Springs continued, “Master, you should have heard that there’s a Yellow Springs in the Netherworld. The Yellow Springs water inside can wash away the memories of the souls of living beings in their previous lives.” “Actually, the Yellow Springs of the Netherworld flowed over from our Hell Yellow Springs.” The […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2628

2716 World Passageways The three of them quickly arrived beside the Hell Bitter Springs. The Martial Dao Prime Body looked at the spring water that surged slowly in the middle of the pool with a deep gaze. Hell Lord Bitter Springs persuaded, “Master, the power of the Bitter Springs is extraordinary. Not only can it […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2627

2715 Going Upstream Hell Lord Bitter Springs seemed to be surprised as well when he heard the words ‘Nether River’. He fell into deep thought and murmured, “Could the Nether River really exist?” “What do you know?” The Martial Dao Prime Body asked. Hell Lord Bitter Springs explained, “It’s said that the Lord of Hell […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2626

2714 Nether River Before long, the two of them arrived at the Bitter Springs Palace. The prison of Bitter Springs Hell was built right beside the Hell Bitter Springs and was surrounded by it, forming a forbidden ground. Hell Lord Bitter Springs opened the prison and brought the Martial Dao Prime Body down continuously to […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2625

2713 Ghost Race The Martial Dao Prime Body was silent. He could roughly guess Consort Yu’s thoughts. Although Consort Yu still retained the memories of her previous life, she was transformed from the Hell Frost Springs and had already become a true Nether race being. Only the special environment of the Hell World was suitable […]

Eternal Sacred King Chap 2624

2712 Greetings, Mistress When Tang Kong heard the words ‘Netherworld Treasure Mirror’, his face turned pale as well and he knelt down hurriedly. On the altar, only the Martial Dao Prime Body and Consort Yu were still standing. Consort Yu had a confused expression and had yet to recover. She had long known that the […]