Emperor’s Domination Chap 5456

“What if the bulwark can’t stop it?” A dragon lord from The People was worried about the situation. According to the legends, this wall was built by countless top masters who contributed divine metals. Some believed that it was meant to stop the tower of Celestial Court. During Emperors War, both sides had activated their […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5455

The war between The People and The Race started again, spreading destruction from the illusory realms to the upper continents. In spite of the continents’ massive size, the auras of the apex cultivators and their followers could still be felt in all corners. More and more cultivators were dragged into this mess regardless of their […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5454

The upper continents had four alliances and three other great powers – Lesser Firmament, Azure Peak, and Pure Land. Lesser Firmament didn’t interact with the world, rumored to be the home of ancient emperors and monarchs. Pure Land was another ancient lineage – a kingdom of Buddhism. Azure Peak was the newest among the three […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5453

Chapter 5439: Goodbye, Crow “Fine, the bear can stay.” The old man was eventually persuaded. “Congratulations, your legacy lives on after so many years.” Li Qiye said with a smile. “Lives on, huh?” The old man glanced at the bear before looking up at the sky. As an apex existence that had treated the world […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5452

“I suppose you’re right, I’m no passerby if the world is empty.” Li Qiye smiled. “That’s why in order for you to play your favorite role, the world needs to be rather vibrant with life.” The old man said. “You speak as if you’re still alive.” Li Qiye gave him the side eye. “I’m infected […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5451

War had begun in the upper continents starting with the strongest cultivators. Others outside of the battlefield trembled in fear. Sects and kingdoms recalled their disciples and tried to evacuate. There were no winners for regular cultivators. They were as feeble as ants compared to the conquerors and dao lords. This was a matter of […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5450

Immortal Pagoda was unstoppable back in the lower continents and had the same success in the upper continents. He was ferocious and decisive during his conquest, destroying numerous kingdoms and sects along the way. The most frightening thing about him was his inborn primordial dao fruit – something most likely superior to having twelve fruits. […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5449

The four alliances maintained a delicate balance after Emperors War; none displayed clear dominance and absolute advantages. Today, Supreme seemed confident in breaking the established mold. “What did you get from Celestial Court?” Eternal couldn’t help but ask. The two had a peculiar relationship – neither entirely friends nor foes, seemingly allies with a hint […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5448

All-things knew that although Supreme was antagonistic, he didn’t pose as much of a threat compared to Illumination. If Illumination had been allowed to act untethered, he would eventually lead The People to damnation. His death today erased a heavy burden on All-things’ shoulders. “Goodbye now, gentlemen.” He turned toward the others and immediately left. […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5447

Illumination still thought about the people with his last breath. Alas, the crowd didn’t read the situation quite the same way. This was absolutely a heroic and stirring moment if it came from anyone other than him. Nonetheless, this could still be a legendary tale for the mortals with certain embellishments added. Songs could be […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5446

Illumination Conqueror attained a high mastery over his anima tree while borrowing the power of the illusory realm. This granted him enough power to kill apex cultivators such as Supreme or Eternal. Alas, his anima tree was uprooted by Li Qiye while he lay in a puddle of his own blood. If he had gotten […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5445

Shadows belonging to the sacrificed cultivators appeared behind Illumination Conqueror and began blessing him. Devil and Riverwalker were particularly powerful. Although they were no longer alive, their cultivation remained intact and transferred to Illumination. This was beyond an addition of raw power. His lifespan and true blood were boosted back to his prime. He reverted […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5444

Illumination Conqueror’s cosmic form made everyone else seem like ants in comparison, the few exceptions being Supreme and his allies who were also in their grand avatar form. Theft is never good, try looking at [ pawℝ ]. Li Qiye, on the other hand, didn’t activate a grand avatar form and resembled a speck of […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5443

“Sir!” All-things was ecstatic and no longer worried about the situation. “You!” Illumination became alarmed. By this point, everyone had witnessed Li Qiye’s frightening ability, especially his effortless victory over Immortal Pagoda Conqueror. “You deserve death many times over.” Li Qiye uttered coldly. Everyone shuddered after hearing this, feeling as if their heart had just […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5442

The world seemed to be contracting to a single core – Illumination Conqueror. This extended beyond Duality World and affected all the illusory realms. Theft is never good, try looking at /3iBfjkV. “Rumble.” His grotto was disintegrating, unable to handle the incredible influx of power. Once all of the dao and world essences were absorbed […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5441

After taking a closer look, they found that the pool was containing liquified stars. They saw their own reflection while gazing into it. As they took their time, they suddenly saw a vision of time – a river coursing to the past and then to the future. It resembled an unfurled scroll revealing dreamlike scenes […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5440

Everyone could tell that this was the end of Illumination Conqueror’s era. However, he didn’t seem to think so. “Hahaha, it is not decided just yet!” Illumination showed no sign of despair. This naturally surprised everyone including his opponents. “Still got an ace card?” Swordsea stared intensely at him. All-things did the same while having […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5439

“Bam!” Illumination smashed into the spatial fabrics of the grotto, nearly sending it flying. Supreme landed as well, ready to help Swordsea Dao Lord. Although the skirmishes inside the grotto raged on, spectators only paid attention to this particular battle between the apex cultivators. “There’s no salvaging this.” Someone commented. Illumination couldn’t handle his opponents, […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5438

The sky shook violently as he raised the truncheon. It carried the immensity of a divine mountain and left everyone breathless. “Shall we?” Immensity asked Supreme. Supreme answered with a void thrust capable of piercing through all things in this world. The hardest dao fruit and the most indomitable dao heart couldn’t stop him. “Break!” […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5437

Rumor has it that each of the four alliances had one immortal order. None expected for Illumination Conqueror to possess two. “Given by a friend.” Illumination smiled: “What a shame.” He had purposely used one dream order and baited Supreme into using his. With that, he planned to use the second one today. Heaven and […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5436

“Rumble!” The area shook violently due to the dreadful imperial auras since the combatants no longer held back. Spectators from a distance had a hard time standing straight. Though they were prepared mentally for a fight of this magnitude, they found themselves akin to floating duckweed amidst a raging ocean. The waves alone could destroy […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5435

Those who were swayed by All-things’ call for peace felt their blood boiling after listening to Illumination. Cultivators needed a concrete goal in order to endure the long years of training. Becoming a conqueror was virtually impossible. However, having the ambition of destroying The Race was far easier and grander. This notion played a large […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5434

“You’re a roadblock, aren’t you?” The voice said slowly. “That’s an interesting way to put it, but I think of myself as something grander.” Li Qiye chuckled and took a bite of phoenix wings. “Putting that aside, it’s your turn to respond to the move.” The voice said. “And if I don’t?” Li Qiye asked. […]

Emperor’s Domination Chap 5433

Meanwhile, something else occurred in the deepest area of Dream Paradise. Immortal light and dao seemed to be harmonizing with one visitor – Li Qiye. He sat inside a pavilion with a table full of the best meals for him. This seemed to be the end of the world – there was no other path forward. […]