Dry Monsoon Chap 33

Chapter 22 Part 1 He lay in the narrow space I made for him in the bed. I glared at him while pressing my cheeks with the back of my hand, which were flushed red with shame. Lee Hyun lowered his gaze to look at me, and gently grabbed my chin to align my mouth […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 32

The shower room was very small. It wasn’t unexpected, but every time I washed my hair, my elbows bumped into the wall, and when I turned around, I could see the outside right away. Fortunately, there was plenty of hot water. A strange sense of guilt came over me. Earlier, I had overlooked it because […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 31

Chapter 21.1 Chapter 21 Part 1 “You don’t believe me.” Chuckling he grabbed my pelvis and rammed himself inside me making my eyes roll back in pleasure. Lee Hyun scooped my leg and gently placed it over his shoulder. His hot wet lips roamed around my calves, ankles and my inner thigh. He sucked, tugged, […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 30

He twisted his head to cover my lips as he kissed my softly moaning lips. Fingers slid down my pussy and pumped two deep inside of me, causing the jerk to awake. My walls clenched around him as he eased his thick long fingers in and out of me. He found my sensitive spot and […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 29

A red tooth mark was engraved on the wrist he bit. I narrowed my eyes and muttered as he approached me. “You are trying to blame me secretly, aren’t you?” “Why are you so quick to read my mind?” He smiled as he kissed the inside of my wrist. He pressed his lips against my […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 28

“Don’t you know you’re more dangerous? God, this is driving me crazy…” I said to myself. A flood of tension trickled along my skin. I sighed and took a quick look around the interior of the caravan. Inside the camper was a small but cosy shower, toilet, kitchen, and fortunately, there were two beds. It […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 27

For a long time, I admired the picturesque scenery in front of me. I couldn’t believe I would see something like this in my lifetime, and that also with Kwon Lee-Hyun. I felt as if I was living in a fairy tale, I couldn’t take my eyes off the breathtaking sight. Damp air blew across […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 26

I didn’t know how many stares I had to endure coming down to the first floor while holding Lee-Hyun’s hand. I had to control my heartbeat which was pounding and hurting my ears. As we exited the department store, Secretary Kim was standing in front of a waiting car. He politely greeted me and opened […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 25

I felt like a doll. Unlike Kwon Lee-Hyun, who had a strong sense of asceticism, Kwon Soo-Yeon on the other hand, had a charming aura. After Soo-Yeon picked up the clothes, I took them and went inside the fitting room. Once I came out every time a group of staff rushed out to me repeatedly […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 24

“What do you mean? We have to prepare for the wedding. Soo-Yeon—ah, I mean the chairman is here to help us. Did you think you have one or two things to prepare before you get married?” I frowned slightly and looked at Soo-Yeon, who was sitting opposite me. A few days ago, Soo-Yeon had visited […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 23

I woke up at 6:50 am and took a shower after filling my empty stomach with an instant microwave meal I found in my fridge. After spending most of my time drying my hair, I applied some light make-up. I only wear sunscreen on days I don’t have any scheduled appointments with clients. Every morning, […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 22

Without a word, I turned my gaze to the front view. I felt his stare fixed on me. I gathered my inner strength to ignore Lee-Hyun’s piercing eyes, but I felt waves of current passing through my skin. “Do you get hot this easily?” He suddenly reached out and touched my forehead. Then I remembered […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 21

I followed him to the 61st floor and was surprised when I saw that he had used the entire floor as his penthouse. Unlike typical apartments, this place clearly defined the differences between the lower and middle floors versus the upper floor’s lifestyle. I passed by the living area which resembled a miniature version of […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 20

“It’s not a boyfriend, it’s an acquaintance. Then, I’ll be leaving first. Let’s have a meal on the last day, alright? The day I officially leave the company.” Director Ko sighed at what I told them. Manager Yoon was staring at Lim Soo-wan with narrowed eyes. Soo-wan, who had just left the office, quietly snuck […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 19

Two cups of ice coffee were placed on a huge conference table where 20 people could sit comfortably. There was some condensation along the surface of the plastic cups that appeared to just have been bought from the coffee shop downstairs. Joo Hae-in handed over some napkins before the water droplets could touch the table. […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 18

“I thought maybe you might have felt the same way as me. Was I a little presumptuous? That’s why I said that at that time. I’m sorry.” Said Ji-Eun. A light smile was painted on her face. The attendants who had been waiting in the distance approached the two who got off the elevator and […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 17

There was a fine crack that appeared in her straight brows. Ji-Eun said with her arms pulled out. “Well, I’m exhausted.” “Then, all the more why you should spend the night here.” “How far are you going to interrupt my precious weekend? It’s still 9pm. If I go now, I can watch a movie and […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 16

I stared at his face for a moment and turned away with a sigh. Secretary Kim closed the blinds to block out the light and approached me. “It’s because of the sleeping pills. I believe the drug kicked in quickly because he couldn’t sleep for three days.” “Sleeping pills…? If I had stayed up for […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 15

“I’m sorry, Hee-joo.” There was a long silence between the two before Mrs Yang broke it. They both were childhood friends and even with the differences in their social classes, they still boasted about their close friendship. Hee-joo placed down her spoon next to the emptied rice bowl and shook her head with a smile. […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 14

I trailed off my words, stopping whatever I was going to say and looked at Lee Hyun, he sat there eating calmly without a care in the world. I felt like I was falling into a huge bog. Mrs Yang stared at my red face with her eyes squinted and asked, “Don’t tell me you […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 13

“Oh, no. Never mind. I heard it from your dad. I’m not such a vicious stepmother. You still don’t know me very well.” Kim Hee-Joo waved her hand in denial. I thought about the sushi restaurant owner from the lower end of the street, who had been visiting my mom’s store frequently these days. But […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 12

Unlike the drive to Mr Kim’s villa earlier, the road back was quiet. He glanced at me after stopping the car in front of the traffic lights. He continued with a blank expression concealing his emotions. “I only found out three months later. Yoon Jae-sun wanted to reveal it to the press, but Seoryang quickly […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 11

Unlike me, who was surprised by the unexpected reunion, he grinned as if he had expected this moment. Without approaching where he was standing, I turned back towards the road. At the other end of the call, the driver’s voice was heard over the phone. — “Yes, where are you?” “Oh, I’m on my way […]

Dry Monsoon Chap 10

Unlike me, who was surprised by the unexpected reunion, he grinned as if he had expected this moment. Without approaching where he was standing, I turned back towards the road. At the other end of the call, the driver’s voice was heard over the phone. — “Yes, where are you?” “Oh, I’m on my way […]