Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2055

Chapter 2053: Additional Tales: Legend of the Devilish Female Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire In the Falling Devil Region, the Blackstone Devil Palace. Within the princess manor, there was a beautiful figure standing in a pavilion. The figure of this maiden was graceful and lithe. Her long cloak landed on the clean ground made from green jade. She didn’t […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2054

In the Falling Devil Region, the Blackstone Devil Palace. Within the princess manor, there was a beautiful figure standing in a pavilion. The figure of this maiden was graceful and lithe. Her long cloak landed on the clean ground made from green jade. She didn’t wear any shoes. Her beautiful and lanky legs of absolute […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2053

Time unconsciously flowed by. In the particle world, there was a piece of news from the Chu Country stating that there were people there who saw the Ancient Godly Monarch, Qin Wentian. He sat down against a towering ancient tree quietly with a goddess from the ninth heavens dancing in front of him. There were […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2052

The banquet that lasted for months finally came to an end. Countless people of the thirty-three immortal realms all felt a faint disappointment as the scene at the Godking Palace vanished before their eyes. In the future, it probably wouldn’t be so easy for them to see the Ancient Godly Monarch again. After the banquet […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2051

Qin Feng and Qin Qing trembled as they stood up. Nanfeng Shengge would personally led the way, bringing them into the interior of the Godking Palace. Qin Feng pointed to Little He beside him as he spoke, “This is my girlfriend, Little He.” “Mhm, bring her along.” Nanfeng Shengge smiled. Little He stood up agitatedly. […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2050

In the Godking Palace, the Ancient Godly Monarch would be having his wedding. Within the majestic halls, it was unknown how many tables were set up for the banquet. The scene here could clearly be seen by all thirty-three immortal realms. All lives sent their blessings and congratulations. This would be one of the most […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2049

All lives worshipped him. The deities and gods of all immortal realms paid their respects and offered their congratulations, proclaiming him as the king of the gods, the Ancient Godly Monarch. The young man looked at everything before his entire person fell limply onto the ground. He was completely devoid of strength. How could things […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2048

Mo Qingcheng smiled sweetly. She smiled, and her eyes were wet. She stared at the white-robed figure in front of her, “You have not asked if I’m willing to marry you or not?” “In that case, are you willing?” Qin Wentian smiled and asked. Mo Qingcheng inclined her head, she stared at the rainbows in […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2047

The tiny city gradually becomes increasingly lively. Many people in the particle world headed there in congratulations. Some wanted to see the immortals from the upper world, even in this era, immortals were extremely rare in particle worlds. They were all lofty characters. Hence, one could very well imagine the allure an immortal from an […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2046

Chapter 2045: The Day of Her Twentieth Birthday Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire Mo Qingcheng drank a lot, she also said many things. She simply trusted Qin Wentian a lot. Maybe she didn’t know this, this was because of their fate of two lifetimes. In her previous lifetime, this young man before her eyes was the person she loved […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2045

Chapter 2044: The Worries of Age Eighteen Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire There would be huge changes to all regions in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms every day. Countless new powers were established, countless geniuses rose up. All of them had the same dream, they wanted to be a part of the Godking Palace. For example, the Battle Saint […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2044

There was one more young miss inside the Mo Residence and the atmosphere was much livelier than before. Also, there were a few tiny huts not far from the Mo Residence. The white-robed young man would sit in the chair before the house every day and stare in the direction of the Mo Residence in […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2043

Qin Wentian was now the monarch of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, his title was the Ancient Godly Monarch. The name of the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect echoed famously throughout the world. There were no longer eight great regions in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms as it had been completely unified. The hearts of all […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2042

Qin Wentian stood in the air. He still had many things he hasn’t done yet. At this moment, he could sense the will of all lives. Everyone hoped that Qingcheng would be able to return. He felt very happy when he sensed that. The heavenly daos are heartless but the multitude of lives was filled […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2041

Heaven Vault, in the astral river of space and time, the body of the Godking of the Western Paradise continuously trembled. The fates of all lives unceasingly broke free of his control. He could naturally sense the resonance of all the immortal realms as well. “No, impossible. Impossible…” He frenziedly shook his head, feeling an […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2040

All lives in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms could clearly see Qin Wentian’s situation. They were asking themselves who was the buddha, who was the devil? At this moment, even those lives whose fates were controlled by the godking also started to struggle. Their faiths were struggling. Right now, the multitude of lives all felt […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2039

The astral river grew longer and wider. The gigantic body of the Godking of the Western Paradise waded in it, wanting to step out from it. His strides were extremely large, the distance he could travel with a single step was immensely vast yet he had no way to exit the astral river Qin Wentian […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2038

Although Qin Wentian’s eyes were closed, he could still clearly perceive everything in the starry space. The buddhas and devils here rushed over, they were like the heartless heavenly daos that wanted his destruction. In Qin Wentian’s soul, the lotuses kept blooming. Above the throne formed from lotus flowers, there was a buddha figure and […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2037

The boundless sealing light transformed into a supremely strong dao art, sealing the spacetime here. At this instant, for the spacetime Qin Wentian and the rest were in, it got completely sealed. When the light of death bore down, the power within was sealed bit by bit by the sealing barrier set up by Qin […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2036

The Imperishable Heaven Lord stared at the Grim Reaper. His body trembled even more intensely and at this moment, an icy voice drifted over, “Still living in a fantasy?” As the sound of the voice rang out, a supreme energy bore down. The fate soul of the Grim Reaper was peeled away and flew towards […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2035

There were only five experts participating. Even for the powerful Little Rascal, he wasn’t qualified to participate in this final battle. As for Jun Mengchen, he also only gained the strength to join after his epiphany. But even so, none of them felt any hope for this battle at all. The multitude of lives in […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2034

The Godking of the Western Paradise stood in the air, he was incomparably gigantic and there was a cold smile on his face. His gigantic palm stretched out towards a constellation. He then grabbed it ferociously, holding the constellation in his grasp. That constellation then exploded into dust as he exerted force. Those cultivators that […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2033

“BOOM!” The sky trembled, the starry space shook. The nine astral rivers seemed to cast their light at one location, onto the body of the Godking of the Western Paradise. He was half-buddha and half-devil, his body continued to grow in size, becoming even larger than a constellation. He wanted to become a true giant, […]

Ancient Godly Monarch Chap 2032

The Godking of the Western Paradise had reincarnated many times and cultivated all types of buddha daos. His main dao was the dao of anatta, and he sought great freedom. He didn’t exist within the heaven and earth yet he was everywhere. What level of a concept was this? He wanted to transcend everything and […]