Against the Gods Chap 1991

Chapter 2029 – A Small World Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble13 Two hours… 9 Four hours… 1 Six hours passed, and finally Yun Che withdrew his arm and exhaled slightly. 4 It was only now that he noticed that his whole body was covered in blood-mixed sweat. 2 The Qilin light covering his body extinguished […]

Against the Gods Chap 1991

Chapter 2029 – A Small World Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble13 Two hours… 9 Four hours… 1 Six hours passed, and finally Yun Che withdrew his arm and exhaled slightly. 4 It was only now that he noticed that his whole body was covered in blood-mixed sweat. 2 The Qilin light covering his body extinguished […]

Against the Gods Chap 1990

Chapter 2028 – Abyssal Qilin Beast The moment the dark lights flashed, an enormous black silhouette immediately pounced at Yun Che, accompanied by a terrifying roar that shook the vast Endless Fog. What was the hardest thing in the world to control and resist? Instinct! If it were a Divine Limit Realm profound practitioner before […]

Against the Gods Chap 1989

Chapter 2027 – Deep Within The Endless Fog By now, Yun Che had reached a point where the concentration of the abyssal dust could only be described as terrifying. For instance, a Divine Master wouldn’t be able to extend their spiritual perception for more than thirty meters. Not that any Divine Master except one would […]

Against the Gods Chap 1988

Chapter 2026 – Abyssal Horned Dragon There had never been a colorless profound handle in the Yun Family of the Illusory Demon Realm or the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan of the Northern Divine Region. There wasn’t even a rumor about it, much less a record. In other words, this was an unknown profound handle that […]

Against the Gods Chap 1987

Chapter 2025 – Colorless Profound Handle “What did you see?” Li Suo asked as soon as Yun Che’s consciousness departed the soul shadow. Ni Xuan had embedded his memory fragments into Yun Che’s soul sea, so Li Suo was unable to share the view. “The memory fragments senior Ni Xuan left for me,” Yun Che […]

Against the Gods Chap 1986

Chapter 2024 – Memories of a Creation God The mountains were endless, and the sea of clouds had no bounds. It was like a scene straight out of paradise. A man in white robes stood on top of a mountain that towered over even the clouds. His hands were clasped behind his back, and his […]

Against the Gods Chap 1985

Chapter 2023 – Fog of Mystery “I understand,” Yun Che replied. What could he say when Ni Xuan was so determined to bury that part of his past? It was at this moment a pure, white silhouette took form next to Yun Che. She asked with a dreamlike voice, “Why… do you look like this, […]

Against the Gods Chap 1984

Chapter 2022 – Shadow of Ni Xuan The silhouette grew clearer and clearer. In the end, it took the form of an old man. Wait. An old man? This wasn’t the first time Yun Che made contact with the Heretic God, Ni Xuan. The water seed had been imbued with a faint wisp of the […]

Against the Gods Chap 1983

Chapter 2021 – The Heretic God Reborn The moment he set foot inside the Endless Fog—and this was just the edge of the area—the concentration of the abyssal dust abruptly increased by over ten times. Wherever he looked, there was only grayish fog that resulted from condensed abyssal dust. It blotted out the light, the […]

Against the Gods Chap 1982

Chapter 2020 – Welcoming The Emperor In The Endless Fog “There is no need to be shocked.” A calming voice tinged with a sacred aura soothed Yun Che’s emotions. “I knew I could save her when she was about to disappear. It is an instinct that is engraved into my soul origin and has nothing […]

Against the Gods Chap 1981

Chapter 2019 – Li Suo “Li… Suo?” “The Creation Goddess of Life… that Li Suo?” Yun Che stared at the white figure in front of him, shellshocked. “Yes.” The white figure softly replied, “Your surprise and disbelief is quite normal, because to the world, the Creation Goddess of Life has long ago passed away.” Li […]

Against the Gods Chap 1980

Chapter 2018 – The Creation God’s Name The desolate and withered land was as silent as a ghost town, not even the ominous caw of a crow could be heard. Yun Che soundlessly laid on the floor, paralyzed under the rebound of God Ash. It was unknown how long he had lost consciousness for. All […]

Against the Gods Chap 1979

Chapter 2017 – Heart-Wrenching Yun Che flew out of the Qilin God Realm with Yun Xi. The moment he confirmed that he had left Ximen Boyun’s spirit perception range, he quickly picked up the pace, passing through countless deserts and cities until he landed inside a sandstorm. Compared to where Yun Che had arrived, the […]

Against the Gods Chap 1978

Chapter 2016 – It Won’t Hurt Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble The Helian Empire, Boulder Profound Sect, Thousand Blade Sect and Qilin Worship Alliance groups were well separated and well defined. Yun Che swept his divine perception across the area. He counted all nine hundred and eighty five of them. When the thunderous rumblings finally […]

Against the Gods Chap 1977

Chapter 2015 – Exterminate Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble Ximen Borong’s chief hallmaster was carrying his alliance master and escaping to the north as quickly as he could. The four Thousand Blade Sect profound practitioners had already dived into the sea of sand and were escaping in different directions as well [1]. They were Half-Step […]

Against the Gods Chap 1976

Chapter 2014 – Abyssal God Ash Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble The smear of blood and gore obscured everyone’s vision and pierced their hearts. Anyone could tell that Mo Cangying was trying his best to save Yun Che, going so far as to risk his life against eleven Half-Step Divine Extinction Realm experts. His sudden […]

Against the Gods Chap 1975

Chapter 2013 – Abyssal Fury Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble Ku Xian frowned. He couldn’t understand Long Jiang’s murmurs at all. Ku Xian was nearing the end of his lifespan, so his knowledge and experience far surpassed everyone present. Long Jiang hadn’t just revealed herself to be an Ancestral Dragon, her talent far exceeded any […]

Against the Gods Chap 1974

Chapter 2012: The Murmur That Shatters The Soul Yun Che had expected this. Instead of panicking, his lips curled into a mocking smirk. “What’s wrong? Are you planning to silence me after taking Long Jiang’s Qilin Bone Spirit Orchid?” “Hahaha, of course not!” Helian Jue hurriedly explained, “Nephew Yun, the Qilin Bone Spirit Orchid isn’t […]

Against the Gods Chap 1973

Chapter 1990 – Oppress UNTEDITED – Rubble Anger and shame completely overtook Ximen Qi’s senses at that moment. He literally didn’t care where he was or how he was doing. The earth beneath his feet exploded as he pounced toward Yun Che. His profound aura was as chaotic as a screeching demon. At the same […]

Against the Gods Chap 1972

Chapter 1989 – Stomp UNEDITED – Rubble The first person to react after the “accident” occurred was Helian Lingzhu. She had practically teleported in front of Yun Che to prevent Zhuai Liancheng and Ximen Qi from looking at him. “He… he’s just one of my guards. Withdraw now, Yun Che!” “Guard?” Zhuai Liancheng raised an […]

Against the Gods Chap 1971

Chapter 1988 – Snort Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble “You won’t succeed!” Helian Lingzhu shouted at the duo while supporting her father, “Our empire has ruled the Qilin Abyss Realm for countless years. It will not fall to the likes of you!” “Is that so? I’m pretty sure that your father and your wannabe husband […]

Against the Gods Chap 1970

Chapter 1987 – End of Helian (2) Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble On the way to the imperial palace, Helian Lingzhu had briefly told him about the current structure of the Qilin Abyss Realm. The Helian Empire was a long-standing dynasty in the Qilian Abyss Realm. To this day, it had never been replaced. Twenty […]

Against the Gods Chap 1969

Chapter 1986 – End of Helian (1) Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble It wasn’t long before Yun Che met the current ruler of the Helian Dynasty and the ostensible ruler of the Qilin Abyss Realm, Helian Jue. “Lingzhu, Cangying, you’ve returned.” Helian Jue was currently standing at the center of the main hall. As was […]