Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 352

Chapter 352: The Sinister Goat (1) A huge thank you to George Parremore for their generous support Chapter 352: The Sinister Goat (1) Flora needed great courage to convey this fact to Rudger. And that's because it was related to the Lumos family. Normally, Flora would have lost interest the moment she heard the name […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 351

Chapter 351: Ranpaltz (2) Chapter 351: Ranpaltz (2) The moment Mordo met Rudger's gaze, he felt like a mouse standing in front of a snake. He wanted to argue, but no words came out of his mouth. Overwhelmed by fear, his thoughts came to a halt, unsure of what to say. Rudger, who had been […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 350

Chapter 350: Ranpaltz (1) Thank you Cjckal for your kind donation! Chapter 350: Ranpaltz (1) "You've made quite a show." Elisa called Rudger into her office and said those words. However, despite her reproachful tone, her expression looked different. It wasn't her usual pretentious smile but a smile infused with pure joy. "How was it?" […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 349

Chapter 349: The Cunning Cat Beyond the Fence (2) Chapter 349: The Cunning Cat Beyond the Fence (2) Passius, who entered the audience room, knelt before Eileen. Eileen lightly touched her chin with one hand and asked. "Any news?" "The Bretus delegation has not made any notable movements thus far. It appears they have no […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 348

Chapter 348: The Cunning Cat Beyond the Fence (1) A heartfelt thank you to Shanlum Shadan for their generous support! Chapter 348: The Cunning Cat Beyond the Fence (1) Rudger's special lecture on magical beast spread like wildfire within the Academy. All the students who participated in the lecture succeeded in summoning their magical beast. […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 347

Chapter 347: Non-Attribute Magical Beast (2) Chapter 347: Non-Attribute Magical Beast (2) "Professor, is Rine okay?" Erendir, who followed Rudger all the way to the infirmary, asked with concern. "She's fine." "But why did she suddenly collapse…" "It's probably because of the magical beast. You felt it too, right?" "Yes. Everyone was shocked because of […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 346

Chapter 346: Non-Attribute Magical Beast (1) Chapter 346: Non-Attribute Magical Beast (1) At the training grounds, where the special lecture on summoning magical beasts was taking place, there was a noticeable difference in the atmosphere. Unlike the usual calmness, the training grounds were now bustling with activity. The students, each adorned with a summoned magical […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 345

Chapter 345: Objection (2) Special thanks to Soul for their generous donation, making this chapter possible. Chapter 345: Objection (2) "Ah, no, how is this possible…?" Martin stammered as he looked at the suddenly appearing magical beast. No matter how hard he tried to summon a magical beast, could he really succeed in such a […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 344

Chapter 344: Objection (1) ◈ Chapter 344: Objection (1) Rudger looked at the student standing in front of him. It was Martin Kandak, who came from a relatively well-known noble family among the first-year students. Rudger glanced around. Several noble students were sending encouraging looks towards Martin's confident behavior. Looks like someone has stepped forward […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 343

Chapter 343: The Lecture from Hell (2) Chapter 343: The Lecture from Hell (2) Rudger's hellish lecture pushed the students to their mental and physical limits. However, he didn't push them too hard. Somehow, Rudger knew exactly when to let them rest once they reached their limits. If they pretended to be exhausted he would […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 342

Chapter 342: The Lecture from Hell (1) Chapter 342: The Lecture from Hell (1) The students began running in the large training ground. At first, there were no particular difficulties as they ran, strengthening their bodies with mana. Even students who didn't usually exercise were able to run well thanks to the enhancement magic. But […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 341

Chapter 341: Magical Beast Summoning (3) ◈ Chapter 341: Magical Beast Summoning (3) After the field trip, the first and second graders became quite chaotic. Even Aidan, who usually lacks awareness, could clearly sense it. "Leo, why is everyone acting like this?" Aidan asked Leo while observing their fellow students talking animatedly among themselves. Leo […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 340

Chapter 340: Magical Beast Summoning (2) "Well then, please take care." The principal left behind a message filled with burden. Alone, Rudger pondered over the conversation that had just taken place. 'A class on summoning magic beasts, huh?' Principal Elisa had suggested that Rudger teach the students about summoning magic beasts. It sounded good in […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 339

◈ Chapter 339: Magical Beast Summoning (1) Early morning. Rudger returned to Seron's private office for the first time in a while. It had been almost ten days since the terrorist incident occurred, and they had stayed in palace. Guidelines were issued from Seron, and the students had to leave behind their enjoyable vacation in […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 338

◈ Chapter 338: Traces of the Holy Kingdom (3) It was purely coincidental that Rudger met Catherine. It was midnight. Rudger, as usual, couldn't sleep and roamed the castle secretly. Being someone who always had to endure the risk of assassination, Rudger had more sleepless nights in his own bed than anyone else. During those […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 337

◈ Chapter 337: Traces of the Holy Kingdom (2) "No matter how you look at it, you seem to have had a comfortable time" "Even though it appears like that , I didn't feel comfortable" Grander's demeanor was rather dull, but considering how long she had stayed here, she was surprisingly well-behaved. If it were […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 336

Chapter 336: Traces of the Holy Kingdom (1) ◈ Chapter 336: Traces of the Holy Kingdom (1) "Where did we meet? That's such a shallow question aimed at promoting religion." "Oh, I apologize. I didn't mean it in that sense. It's just that I have a vague feeling of having seen you somewhere." "You must […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 335

Chapter 335: White Lion (3) ◈ Chapter 335 White Lion (3) About 15 minutes before meeting Rudger. Priestess Lemria walked through the corridors of the palace following the guide of the deputy. "These are truly audacious individuals. How dare they treat the priestess of our nation with such disrespect." Princess Eileen did not see them […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 334

◈ Episode 334: White Lion (2) A grand reception room prepared to welcome a foreign delegation. In that spacious area, two groups stood facing each other, dividing the space. On one side were the knights and priests wearing white ceremonial robes and white armor on top. On the other side were the Imperial Royal Guards, […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 333

Episode 333: White Lion (1) "How did you do it?" "It's a simple sealing magic. I just blocked the force trying to seep out." "Simple? Really?" "It's not perfect, so be careful. Your awakened power will grow stronger over time, and once it surpasses a certain level, the seal will easily break. But for now, […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 332

◈ Episode 332: Wall of Relationships (2) Rudger and Rine sat on the same bench, keeping a slight distance between them. Rine sat upright with a straight back, tightly gripping the edge of her skirt on her neatly folded knees. Her sidelong glance captured Rudger's appearance. With his hands clasped and his upper body slightly […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 331

◈ Episode 331: The Wall of Relationships (1) [Did you hear? I heard you went through a lot there.] Principal Elisa's voice echoed through the communication device. Even though the other person wasn't present, Rudger nodded in response. "It was nothing much." [Are you saying it wasn't a big deal? Even from the vague stories […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 330

Chapter 330: O’Valley (2) Rotheron of the New Tower is a Lexer rank wizard that was instrumental in thwarting the latest Liberation Army attack. He’s been decorated by the Emperor, and I’m surprised he hasn’t left the city since. No, that doesn’t matter. My question is why did Iona called him out so blatantly? ‘No […]

Academy’s Undercover Professor Chap 329

Chapter 329: O’Valley (1) Chapter sponsored by Aup. Thank you for your support. The artifact’s description read, “Flowing Silver.” While it resembled mercury in name, it was something else entirely. ‘Liquid metal. Reminds me of Victor Dreadful’s Liquid Golem.’ The Liquid Golem was also an artifact created by mixing magic and science to the extreme. […]