Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1134

Chapter 1134: Get Lost!

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Several days later, Xu Que, Lan Xinyue, Lan Hetu, and the others were retreating rapidly. His Little Gold Clone had finished the preparation of the Void Interface Spell. So they had to go back to the mountain now. After reaching the mountain, they could activate the spell to leave this shabby place.

However, their return trip was not as smooth as their trip before. For more than a month, the Vital Ants had been searching for them. The human cultivators received the news that Xu Que was no longer protected and was even being hunted down by the Vital Ants. So a lot of human cultivators were also sent out to find Xu Que.

Before, Xu Que had kept going deep into the eastern suburbs to stay away from the Vital Ants and the human cultivators. So they hadn’t come across a lot of Vital Ants. Now, however, they were heading back, which meant that inevitably they would meet more and more Vital Ants and human cultivators.

After several days, Xu Que, Lan Xinyue, and the others stopped at the side of a large mountain. They were forced to hide themselves in a corner.

“Brother Que, it seems our situation is quite ominous!”

“The path on the left is full of Vital Ants. And I found some human cultivators on the right side!”

“Most human cultivators are from the Heaven Alliance. I also saw a lot of cultivators from other sects!”

“It seems the Heaven Alliance is really trying to kill us. They have even asked other sects to hunt us down!”

Lan Hetu and the others were quite worried for it would be very difficult to break through this siege. They were surrounded by three Queen Ants at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage who led around 10,000 Vital Ants at the Half Celestial Stage and the Human Celestial Stage on one side. And, on the other side, there were dozens of human cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage. Therefore, it seemed everyone was trying to ambush Xu Que.

Because of the topography on this mountain, Xu Que had to carve a path through those Vital Ants. If they killed the human cultivators, the Vital Ants would definitely be startled. Then Xu Que and his teammates would be surrounded by Vital Ants and would never escape. So, the best way out was for them to attack the Vital Ants by surprise. Then they could escape before the ants could form up again.

However, then Xu Que made an eye-popping decision. “Let’s kill those human cultivators first!” He said coldly.

Lan Hetu and the others were shocked by his words. “Brother Que, we…don’t need to do that! They can’t stop us no matter whether we kill them or not!”

“Indeed, we don’t need to kill them!” Lan Xinyue nodded her head slightly. Then she looked at Xu Que curiously and hoped Xu Que would narrate his reasons to want to do that.

Xu Que reached out two of his fingers and said with a smile, “Two reasons! First, if these people know the direction we are moving in, they will definitely call for reinforcements from Li Tianxun. Maybe you don’t understand the current situation. The Vital Ants are trying to capture us alive. They don’t dare to kill me. But Li Tianxun will definitely kill us!”

Xu Que knew Xuanyuan Wanrong didn’t dare to kill him because their fates had been bonded together by the Taiyi Heaven Book. If one of them died, the other one would also be killed. If Xuanyuan Wanrong was not a fool, she would definitely ask the Vital Ants to keep Xu Que alive!

Li Tianxun was the one who really wanted to kill Xu Que. So they should do their best to stop those human cultivators from sending signals to Li Tianxun.

Hearing this, Lan Xinyue and the others nodded their heads. They now understood why it would be easier to break through the barricade of those Vital Ants.

“Brother Que, what…is the second reason?” Lan Hetu asked at this time.

“The second reason?” Xu Que said with a cold smile, “It is quite simple! I just don’t like them and want to kill them.”

After saying that, Xu Que jumped up into the sky and dashed toward those human cultivators like a strand of light. As he said, he killed those cultivators because he didn’t want to startle Li Tianxun and he didn’t like them at all! These people had cast their greedy eyes on his treasures for a long time. When he killed Liu Hualong in the Sword Pavilion, he had figured out the rest of the human cultivators would never help him and only wanted to take advantage of him. Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming acted like that. All these human cultivators acted like that!

Xu Que didn’t want to get involved in too many troubles in this world. But a lot of people kept making trouble for him. Now all he wanted was to leave this place. But these people just wanted to stand in his way.

This was something unacceptable for him!

I have light in my heart. But darkness still exists in this world!

I have hope in my heart. But despair still exists in this world!

If I don’t give up, the world has no way to control me!


A cloud of divine energy gushed out from the sky. Xu Que used the People Killing Book and the Secret of “All”. Four kinds of Mystical Fires were surging in the sky, which were turned to a Four-color Fiery Lotus in Xu Que’s hand.

When the human cultivators found Xu Que, they were quite delighted.

“Quick! We’ve found Xu Que!”

“Inform Leader Li! This time we will make a fortune! Hah, hah!”

Their first reaction was like this!

When they saw the fiery lotus in Xu Que’s hand, their faces changed and were full of terror.

“The fiery…lotus!”

“Is this the fiery lotus that killed Liu Hualong?”

“No! Wait!”

“My fellow cultivator, we just passed by this place and meant no harm!”

The cultivators were in a panic. They shouted as they ran away.

However, this time Xu Que had made up his mind to kill them. Before they had time to run away, Xu Que had thrown out the fiery lotus in his hand.


The fiery lotus which was formed by the integration of four Mystical Fires drifted toward the ground after flying through the Void. Although it was not as powerful as the Six-color Fiery Lotus, it was powerful enough to scare those cultivators out of their wits. Because they were not able to resist the power of this Four-color Fiery Lotus!


Along with a deafening explosion, the Four-color Fiery Lotus exploded. The next moment, the cultivators were devoured by a magnificent sea of flames!

Powerhouses who had reached the Later Stage of the Human Celestial Stage might survive in those flames. However, all these cultivators were at the Initial Stage or the Medium Stage of the Human Celestial Stage. Therefore, they were quite vulnerable in these flames, which turned them into ash immediately. Anyway, they were only a group of cultivators at the fake Human Celestial Stage. Their cultivation was defective, which made them weaker than cultivators at the authentic Human Celestial Stage!

Therefore, as a cultivator at the authentic Half-Celestial Stage, Xu Que could kill them easily with the support of all kinds of his magic arts. This combat was finished in several seconds.

Lan Hetu, Lan Xinyue, and the others were totally shocked by this scene. Even though they had witnessed Xu Que’s strength before, they were still shocked when they saw this scene.

How could a cultivator at the Half-Celestial Stage be so powerful?


At the same time, the Vital Ants on the other side of the mountain were startled by the noise. Then they gushed into this place like a flood. Behind them, three queen ants were also rushing toward this place majestically.

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Xu Que jumped up into the sky with horrible Terrifying Spiritual Qi. Then he rotated his palms in the sky to play the Reincarnation Palm. The vital energy gathered in one palm. The other palm was full of Lifeless Qi. In this way, he had controlled the Rules of Life and Death in this area!


The next moment, a strand of light gushed out from his body and became a stone tablet, which was floating above his head. It was the Taiyi Heaven Book! The appearance of the Taiyi Heaven Book created a horrible pressure on the Vital Ants for they were born to worship the Taiyi Heaven Book on bended knees. All of a sudden, all the Vital Ants were shocked and stopped their movements.

At the same time, Xu Que stared at them coldly and shouted majestically, “I have the Taiyi Heaven Book! Just get lost! Go back and tell Qian Guowan if he dares to follow me again, I will kill all the Vital Ants! I mean it!”

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