Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1133

Chapter 1133: Wandering

Nyoi-Bo Studio

“What’s wrong with the day? Who said that black suits couldn’t be worn during the day? Besides, there’re only a few Vital Ants here. Why are you so alarmed? Go up and kill them, and nobody will know where we are!” Xu Que immediately glared with his eyes opened and said.

In such times, he had to glare at them, blow his beard if he had one, to show that he had the confidence and authority. Otherwise, how could he earn the trust from the crowd!

But Lan Hetu and the others obviously weren’t buying his nonsense. They had faces full of bitterness and were speechless. But that situation was within the scope of their acceptance; just a few Vital Ants didn’t mean that they had exposed their whereabouts.

Whether their encounter was by chance or discovered, as long as those Vital Ants were killed, all the troubles would disappear!


At that moment, with a soft sound, Lan Xinyu and the others hadn’t yet had time to start their attack but Xu Que had darted forward in a speed of light.

With his strength, it was easy to deal with those Vital Ants in their Half Celestial Stage.

In the astonishment of Lan Hetu and the others, Xu Que’s figure leaped high and split into two in the air; both had a black club raised high in their hands, and there was an illusion of a dense shadow of uncountable black clubs. Those black clubs were extremely graceful and natural and unshackled as it crashed onto the several Vital Ants.




In successive muffled sounds, several Vital Ants fell to the ground and fainted.

With a wave of his hand, Xu Que pulled out a Beast Soul Bag. He stuck his fingers together, swept and swiped; several Vital Ants suddenly floated up and were sucked into the Beast Soul Bag.

“Uh, Brother Que, aren’t we killing them?” Lan Hetu was startled.

“What do you know? If we were to kill them, it’ll certainly give them clues of our whereabouts; the Vital Ant Tribe will know that we’re in the eastern suburbs.” Xu Que smiled.

After listening to his explanation, Lan Hetu and the rest nodded as they finally understood his rationale. They had a new understanding of Xu Que at the same time.

It turned out that Brother Que wasn’t only a liar, but also an experienced hunter. Otherwise, how could he be so vigilant and experienced!

However, Xu Que’s idea of capturing of those Vital Ants was only his last minute plan.

The Vital Ants could only survive in the place where the Rules of Life and Death was strong, and it almost coexisted with the Vital Rice. The Vital Rice was born naturally, but could also be planted. From the nest of the Vital Ant King, Xu Que caught a glimpse of the Vital Rice field of the Vital Ant Tribe, and realized that.

Hence, he knew for sure that the Vital Ant Tribe was really good at growing the Vital Rice. Since he would leave that place soon, in order to ensure that he could still get the Vital Rice in the future, he felt that it was necessary to bring some Vital Ants back. Of course, even if he couldn’t use them, maybe he could cook them as a dish for Buttface to enjoy!

Thinking about it, Xu Que’s eyes was slightly warmed; he didn’t expect himself to miss Buttface, Duan Jiude, Jiang Hongyan, Liu Jingning and the rest.

He was anxious to find them, and that emotion was stronger now!

“Let’s go, no one can stop us from leaving now. Anyone who dares to block the road, I’ll kill whoever comes, every single one of them!”

Suddenly, Xu Que exuded an imposing killing aura; he was unconscious that he was radiating a formidable Terrifying Spiritual Qi!

Lan Hetu and the others were taken aback, but before they could respond, Xu Que had taken the lead in moving forward sneakily.

A few of them couldn’t help but took a look at each other, but eventually they weren’t speaking a word and followed in succession.

They didn’t know what exactly happened and why Xu Que suddenly seemed to be like a different person. But they knew that this time, he was serious and wouldn’t be committing any mistakes again!

Maybe it was good luck. Maybe it was true as what Xu Que said; he began to take it seriously.

For more than a month, for more than fifty days, Xu Que and his group were very successful in the eastern suburbs. They kept wandering around without encountering any powerful Vital Ants or even a Queen Ant.

Of course, akin to the small patrol team consisting of several Vital Ants which they encountered for the first time, they had met such patrol teams several times after. At first, Xu Que didn’t hesitate to rush forward, wielded his Dark Heavy Buster Sword and kill them into dregs, and at last burned them thoroughly with fire.

But later, Xu Que seemed to return to his initial state, calm and gentle, and no longer continued to attack viciously. Instead, like for the first time, he continued to knock off those Vital Ants and kept them into the Beast Soul Bag.

For more than a month, Xu Que had caught at least hundreds of Vital Ants; it was a great harvest.

But since Lan Hetu and the others could no longer called Xu Que as “brother-in-law”, in a short period of more than a month, the relationship between them seemed to have gradually changed. They were no longer as close as before, as if there was estrangement.

Xu Que wasn’t a person who would bare his heart to anyone. He had gone through numerous events and was suspicious and vigilant of everything.

Lan Hetu and the others had listened to what Lan Xinyue had told them before, and understood that they and Xu Que weren’t of the same fate. Xu Que’s fate was doomed to be full of danger, and it would be even worst in the future. After they left that place, they would eventually return to the academy and lead a stable life.

As a result, in their perspectives, after leaving that area, they might never cross path with Xu Que again.

Under multiple anticipations of their imminent separations, there would naturally be an estrangement between them, and it was impossible to chatter as much as before.

However, such estrangement had no impact on them; Xu Que hadn’t paid attention to it. He continued to wander while paying attention to the situation of his Little Gold Clone.

The setup of the Void Interface Spell was soon to be completed, and the position he chose was secluded; it was never discovered by the Vital Ant Tribe.

During that period, Xu Que also took time to study and research on the refining equipment.

He exchanged several Occupation Skill Books about refining equipment from the System Store, and after using them together; his Equipment Refiner Skill had upgraded from One Star to a peak of Nine Star. He had become a Nine Star Equipment Refiner!

But it still couldn’t help him to refine an Inferior Celestial Artifact, it could be said that he was far from that strength.

Xu Que wanted to refine equipment because he wanted to refine the broken Long Halberd snatched from Liu Wenfeng. Since his broken sword had been destroyed, the most suitable weapon for him in the future was the broken Long Halberd. The Terrifying Spiritual Qi within the weapon was simply amazing and if he could unleash its potential, it would be more ferocious than his broken sword.

However, after spending tens of thousands of Act Tough Points to attain to the level of a Nine Star Equipment Refiner, Xu Que was still unable to find any ways to refine the broken Long Halberd.

He looked up the System Store and found that no matter the equipment refiner or pill refining, or even the making of spell and amulet, all was only be provided up to Nine Star.

But further up, there were more levels.

For example, after the Nine Star Equipment Refining Master, there was First Grade Equipment Forging Grandmaster, until he reached the level of Ninth Grade Equipment Forging Grandmaster, then he could step into the rank of First Grade Equipment Refining Great Grandmaster, and after the Ninth Grade Equipment Refining Great Grandmaster, he would be the King Refiner of the Inferior Artifact.

And weapons like the Inferior Celestial Artifact could only be refined by the King Refiner of the Inferior Artifact.

Such levels were similar in Alchemist, Spell Master and Amulet Maker.

That pressurized Xu Que. Neglecting all others, just with his intention to refine the broken Long Halberd himself, he must at least cross two Cultivation Stages, from the Equipment Refining Master to the Equipment Forging Grandmaster, from the Equipment Forging Grandmaster to the Equipment Refining Great Grandmaster, and finally to the King Refiner of the Inferior Artifact, before he could refine the broken Long Halberd.

That was simply too tedious, if the System Store could continue to sell him Occupation Skill Book so that he could learn the skill immediately, Xu Que could accept such a tedious process. But those Occupation Skill Books was only provided to the peak stages of the Equipment Refiner. It suggested that all the stages afterwards, he had to rely on himself to practice.

“Uh, this is worrisome! This is an annoying System!” Xu Que finally shook his head and sighed.

In retrospect, he thought that if he had the System, he would be invincible.

Who knew that the System could only protect and help him to a Half Celestial Stage, and no longer cared about him; it deprived him of gaining Experience Point from killing. What’s more, it surprised him that even those Secondary Occupations were like this; they were only at the basic stage, and could no longer use the Occupation Skill Books to cheat and upgrade. It was really dissatisfying.

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But… Xu Que’s dissatisfaction came and went quickly.

Gradually, he began to change his mind, thinking that he shouldn’t continue to rely on the System. The system deprived him of the function of killing to gain Experience Point; it cancelled out the function without informing him.

What if the System cancelled more functions in the future, wouldn’t he be useless then?

Maybe it was time to go self-reliant; to be independent and formidable with his might!

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