Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1132

Chapter 1132: That terrible liar!

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That guy… is a liar?

Qian Guowan was befuddled, he was in utter disbelief! It was unbelievable!

Such a handsome young man, how could he possibly be a liar?

But soon, as a loyal subject to Xuanyuan Wanrong, he had unconditional trust and obedience towards her. Qian Guowan didn’t hesitate, and he immediately listed Xu Que as an enemy, he was instantly burning with rage in his heart.

He was an impressive leader of the tribe, and was fooled by a dude in the Half Celestial Stage, how could that happened!


Just then, Qian Guowan saw Xu Que and his group making their escape, he instantly roared furiously, darted forward in a speed of light. At the same time, with his gigantic hand, he engulfed an overwhelming amount of power, and slammed towards Xu Que.

However, it was still a step too late. He could only watch Xu Que and his group turned into a mass of shadows and disappeared from their spot!

“That terrible liar!”

Qian Guowan hollered in frustration, he was bent out of shape. He didn’t expected Xu Que to be so bold and dared to lie to him like that.

Had Xu Que not been exposed by Xuanyuan Wanrong, Qian Guowan would have been kept in the dark all the time.

Yes, Overlord!

Suddenly, Qian Guowan finally remembered that his real master was still there!


Immediately, he kneeled on the ground, in a trembling voice, “Your subordinate was inefficient and fell into the trap of a scoundrel, please punish me, the Overlord!”

In such a moment, he dared not asked for forgiveness, because he wasn’t only deceived by Xu Que, but he had also lost six Golden Vital Rice and all of the Rule Fragments. He had lost the two most precious treasures in the grotto-heavens.

“There’s no harm, you can’t be blamed on all of these!” Xuanyuan Wanrong said lightly.

She wasn’t an unreasonable person. The reason why the Vital Ant Tribe was deceived was because Xu Que had the Heavenly Book of Taiyi with him. Besides, she didn’t saw the importance of the Rule Fragments in the grotto-heavens; hence she didn’t feel that she had suffered losses.

Of course, those grains of Vital Rice were what she needed most. Unfortunately, the Vital Ant Tribe was too far apart from and didn’t have the ability to cross The Four Great Continents’ Celestial Burial Valley.

“Thank you Overlord for forgiving my sins! Your subordinate will try my best to catch the liar and hacked him to death!” Just then, Qian Guowan gritted his teeth and had Xu Que listed as his first enemy.


Xuanyuan Wanrong spoke in a serious tone, “I just want you to lock him up. I didn’t ask you to take his life. Remember, he has to live well, do you understand?”

“Yes!” Qian Guowan was busy responding but he was greatly confused. The situation is already so bad, but the Overlord still want to protect that liar?


In that moment, a breeze swept in the grotto-heavens, and the strong aura suddenly vanished.

Qian Guowan collected himself, but he didn’t dare to stand up. He carefully asked, “I wonder if there’re other commands from the Overlord?”

However, after waiting for a moment, Xuanyuan Wanrong’s voice never appeared; obviously she had left.

Qian Guowan heaved a sigh of relief and got up from the ground.

“Father, what’s wrong? What had happened here?” Just then, Qian Yi’er trotted out of the corridor, looking at the corpses of Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming on the ground, and asked in surprise.

Then Qian Yi’er looked around and wondered, “Where’s that big bad guy?”

“Shut up.”

Qian Guowan suddenly got angry and in frustration he said, “Don’t mention that liar anymore! Yi Er, now give orders immediately, we’ve to catch Xu Que with all our might, but don’t hurt his life; we must catch him alive!”

At the same time, in the wasteland of the eastern suburbs in the Lost City.

There was a series of contortion in the Void, several figures rushed out of it and landed on the ground. It was Xu Que, Lan Xinyue and the group.

After escaping from the Vital Ant King’s nest in the western suburbs, Xu Que burned thousands of Escape Emblem in succession, not stingy at all; he frenziedly escaped away from the place.

He could be unafraid of Xuanyuan Wanrong, but that Vital Ant King, Qian Guowan, was in the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage. Even Li Tianxun couldn’t win him, if he didn’t escaped farther, he would inevitably be beaten, or trapped in there for hundreds of years!

“Brother Que, this… what’s going on? Why is it that your cultivation companion said you’re a liar?” As soon as Lan Hetu fell to the ground, he asked Xu Que out of confusion.

“Uh, love, love is about deceiving each other. How can you say I’m a liar? Are you sure she’s not a liar too? Who hasn’t lied in this world? Who hasn’t lied, am I right?” Xu Que waved his hand, as he made a random explanation shamelessly.

Lan Hetu and the others stared at him with eyes widely opened. Is love all about deceiving one another? What’s more, if you’ve this awareness, why did you pretend to be so sad and even sing just now?

“Alright, stop talking about this. We should be thinking about where we’re heading now.” Just then, Lan Xinyue put on a serious face and prevented Lan Hetu and Xu Que from continuing that boring topic!

Everyone heard and fell into silence!

The Lost City had Li Tianxun waiting for them. It was impossible to go back!

But other places, other than the Lost City, weren’t optimistic too. It was estimated that now the entire Vital Ant Tribe had begun to search for their whereabouts. Whether in the eastern suburbs, the western suburbs or the southern suburbs, it was the territories of the Vital Ant Tribe. There was no place to escape!

“Don’t panic, I’ve a way!” Xu Que immediately raised the corners of his lips, a glimpse of wisdom flashed in his eyes, and acted like a strategist, he said, “The eastern suburbs is so big that the Vital Ant Tribe has to rely on smells to find us, but I’ve a way to hide our presence!”

“Brother Que, we also have a way to hide our presence, but this isn’t a long-term solution after all. The number of the Vital Ant Tribe is so large, even if we can hide our presence, we can at most avoid them for a few days!” Lan Hetu said with a bitter face.

“I know, so besides concealing our presence, we’ve to dress up, disguised ourselves and change our directions constantly. When the Void Interface Spell has completed its setup, we can leave immediately!” Xu Que smiled.

He spent so much time in the World of Cultivators that he had never been afraid of being hunted.

Moreover, the current situation wasn’t too bad. The worst scenario was to be caught by Qian Guowan, but if that happened, he still had the Rule Fragments of the Rules of Life and Death, coupled with his Reincarnation Fist, he could exchange a few blows with Qian Guowan, and then find an opportunity to escape. It wasn’t a big deal!

Eventually, a group of people accepted Xu Que’s simple and crude method. They changed their clothes, concealed their presence, blended with the world, and then began to wander aimlessly in that boundless eastern suburban.

According to Xu Que, that was the best way to avoid being positioned by the Vital Ant Tribe. Its scientific name was “march”. Its full name was Exploding Heavens Faction’s Extreme Snake March!

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“Uh, Brother Que, we’ve been discovered!”

However, a group of people just ran out of a short distance, and there was a sudden appearance of several Vital Ants right in front of them. They had blocked the mountain intersection. Several pairs of big eyes were frighteningly staring at Xu Que and the group.

“Da*n it, that’s impossible! We’re wearing our black suit!” Xu Que was alarmed.

Lan Hetu and the rest rolled their eyes, “But it’s the day now!”

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