Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1130

Chapter 1130: It’s Really Her!

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“Eh! Brother Que, we really have to go back to the Lost City. And the Vital Ants are not able to stay close to the Lost City!” Lan Hetu said with an embarrassed smile, for he had decided to pour cold water on Xu Que.

Xu Que was surprised. “Why?”

Before Lan Hetu had time to say anything, Qian Guowan explained, “Maybe you don’t know, Overlord! The Rules of Heaven and Earth were ruined here. Only the Rules of Life and Death are left—the life and death from reincarnation. After losing the rest of the Rules of Heaven and Earth, this world is out of balance. And, after staying under these rules, human beings will be assimilated!”

“Be assimilated? Do you mean…human beings will become subject to the Rules of Life and Death?” Xu Que asked in surprise.

Qian Guowan nodded his head. “Exactly! Once a human being stays outside the city for one to two years, this person will be assimilated and disintegrated into the Rules of Life and Death. Someone placed a small number of the power of the five elements in the Lost City, which provides some Rules of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, the Lost City is inhabitable for human beings!”

“Your words remind me! I sensed feeble Spiritual Qi of the five elements in the Lost City!” Xu Que nodded his head slightly. At the beginning, he thought it was the remaining energy of the five elements in this world. He didn’t expect it had been placed by someone intentionally. Now, it seemed as if the Lost City was really an extraordinary place. No wonder Li Tianxun could say those tough words before leaving here. He believed Xu Que would go back sooner or later.

“Overlord, you really have to go back to the city before one or two years are up. Otherwise, you will be endangered! Also, the Vital Ants are not able to approach that city, which is the only forbidden place for us in this world. Once we get close to it, we will be killed by the restrictive spell no matter how powerful we are!”

Qian Guowan paused a bit. Then he continued to say as he looked at Lan Hetu and the others, “That’s why the Vital Ants have never attacked the Lost City while human cultivators have kept on stealing our Vital Rice!”

“OK, forget it! I won’t go back. I would never want to stay with people who have the bad habit of stealing!” Xu Que announced smugly.

In fact, he would finish the preparation of the Void Interface Spell in two months. Then he could leave this shabby place forever. Since the Vital Ants couldn’t go into the city, he couldn’t act tough! Therefore, the Lost City was meaningless to him now.

“You won’t go back? Please don’t do that, Overlord! Please don’t worry. I will prepare everything for you. Unless Li Tianxun is about to wage a life-and-death fight with us, he doesn’t dare to do anything to you!” Qian Guowan said seriously.

“What?” Hearing that, Xu Que raised his eyebrows and snorted, “What do you mean? Could the One Chosen by Heaven be terrified by that Li Tianxun?”

“Overlord, please forgive me! That’s definitely not what I meant!” Qian Guowan changed his expression and bowed in a hurry.

Being close to the king is like being close to a tiger! I said that out of kindness. I didn’t expect I would annoy the Overlord! Qian Guowan was quite agonized. Also because of this, he started to show more reverence to Xu Que.

“Forget it!” Xu Que waved his hand at last. “It is not necessary to worry about my safety! In fact, I will leave here eventually. It doesn’t matter whether I go back to the Lost City or not!”

“Understood!” Qian Guowan replied hurriedly.

“OK, you can leave me alone now!” Xu Que waved his hand. He enjoyed this treatment very much. It was really cool to boss around a powerhouse at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm.

“Yes, Overlord!” Hearing that, Qian Guowan stood down and left by the passage without saying anything.

Now, only Xu Que, Lan Hetu, Lan Xinyue, and the others were in the abode.

Xu Que turned to them with a smile. When he was about to say something, a dull sound came from the passage suddenly.


“Who is that?” Qian Guowan’s shout could be heard.

Xu Que was startled as he looked down the passage. Along with much air-rending sound, several figures appeared in the passage and dashed into the abode— Lin Baiwan, Yao Gongming, and several other cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm.

They had come into the nest of the Vital Ant King after Li Tianxun. However, they didn’t know the way inside the nest. So they had had to wander around. At last, they were chased into this abode by Qian Guowan.

“My fellow cultivator, you are here!”

“Are you imprisoned by the Ant King in this place?”

When they saw Xu Que, they walked up delightedly.


At this time, Qian Guowan’s magnificent pressure descended like a horrible and invisible mountain.

“Ah!” Lin Baiwan, Yao Gongming, and the other cultivators who had just entered shouted. Then they were pressed down on the ground from the pressure. Their faces, pale as ghosts, were full of terror.

The next moment, Qian Guowan rushed up. He folded his hands to Xu Que and knelt on one knee, “Overlord, please forgive me. They were able to come into this place and bother Overlord because of my negligence!”

Instantly, Lin Baiwan, Yao Gongming, and the others were dumbfounded!


Did the Vital Ant King at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm call Xu Que Overlord? The Ant King even knelt down in front of him to ask for forgiveness!

My God! Where does this guy come from?

“Heh, heh, it’s OK! They are my friends!” Xu Que walked up with a smile at this time.


Qian Guowan was puzzled. After all, just now Xu Que told him to kill his friends!

Lin Baiwan, Yao Gongming, and the rest of the cultivators let out sighs of relief. No matter what identity Xu Que had now, they would be safe as his friends.

“Overlord, should I beat them to death?” However, Qian Guowan didn’t release them but asked as he looked at Xu Que seriously.

His words stunned Lin Baiwan and the others. Then they became totally annoyed.

Damn! Your Overlord said we are his friends! Why do you want to beat us to death?

This is totally outrageous!

“My fellow cultivator, this…” Lin Baiwan said as he looked at Xu Que seriously. He was waiting for Xu Que’s explanation.

“Hah, hah! Calm down, my friends. Let me handle this!” Xu Que said with laughter as he stepped out and looked at Qian Guowan.

The next moment, his face darkened and he said seriously, “Guowan, what do you mean by saying that? They are my friends! How could you treat them in this way?”

“Ah?” Qian Guowan was stunned.

Lin Baiwan and the rest sneered at Qian Guowan proudly.

Then Xu Que continued, “Have you listened to my words carefully? I’ve told you just now! Please beat them to death! Why do you press them down on the ground? This is a holy place, which can’t be stained by them!”


This time, it was Lin Baiwan and the rest of the cultivators who were dumbfounded. They were totally puzzled.

Please beat them to death? This holy place can’t be stained?

F*ck! How could you say that?

“My fellow cultivator, what…do you mean?” Lin Baiwan asked sullenly.

“Nothing! Guowan, what are you waiting for? Do it quickly!” Xu Que said, waving his hand as he turned around.

“Yes, Overlord!” Qian Guowan waved his hand to lift up Lin Baiwan and the rest of the cultivators at the same time. These people were far less powerful than Qian Guowan. With his mighty strength, Qian Guowan restrained all of them completely. They didn’t even have the strength to struggle.

“My fellow cultivator, wait, you can’t do this!”

“We’ve agreed to be allies!”

“How could you do this to us?”

“You should honor your word!”

Lin Baiwan and the rest of the cultivators shouted. They did not expect that Xu Que would be so merciless!

“Honor my word?” Puff! Xu Que said, raising his eyebrows. “This is a bad habit!”


Almost at the same time, Qian Guowan clenched his fists and threw Lin Baiwan and the others at the entrance of the passage. It had been quite easy for him to kill those people. However, as Xu Que had requested, he didn’t want to stain this abode!

Just at this time, Lin Baiwan opened his mouth. A strand of light gushed out from his mouth and wrapped up his body to protect him from the invisible force of Qian Guowan. Then he rushed toward Xu Que. He knew he was not able to escape from this place. His only chance to survive was to grab Xu Que.

“Humph!” However, Qian Guowan, who was faster than Lin Baiwan, snorted and pointed his finger at the sky.


A gust of invisible force gushed out and knocked Lin Baiwan into the depths of the abode.

“No, the platform!” Suddenly, Qian Guowan’s expression changed and he shouted in surprise. After being knocked down, Lin Baiwan fell on the platform in the abode. The platform was used to contact the mysterious person, and it would cease to be after being used once. Qian Guowan was too slow. After landing beside the platform, Lin Baiwan’s blood spilled onto it. The blood of a cultivator at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm was always full of Spiritual Qi!

Boom! The runes on the platform lit up and became dazzling. After a slight vibration, the platform was activated completely.

“Oh, no!” Qian Guowan’s face turned ashy. After all, according to the teachings of the deceased ancestors, the mysterious personage would not be bothered unless the Vital Ants were about to become extinct! Now, the only platform that could be used to contact that personage had been activated. How could Qian Guowan stay calm?


At this time, the runes on the platform cracked. Then a dazzling ripple of light appeared in the abode.

The next moment, a crisp, cold voice rang out, “What?”

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“Holy sh*t!” Xu Que jumped up in shock.

That voice is definitely from Xuanyuan Wanrong!

Damn! It turns out the one who ruined the world all those years ago was really her!


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