Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1129

Chapter 1129: Xu Que’s Identities

Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Hey, Guowan!”

At this time, Xu Que’s voice interrupted Qian Guowan’s thoughts. Qian Guowan erased those random thoughts from his mind, and he turned to Xu Que and waited for instructions. He was shocked by what he saw.

After putting away the Golden Vital Rice, Xu Que had reached out his hands toward the Rule Fragments that were floating in the air. He said calmly, “I think these Rule Fragments will be useless for you. I am going to take them away and use them as decorations on the walls of my house!”

Use the Rule Fragments as decorations?

Qian Guowan, Lan Hetu, and the others couldn’t help but twitch their lips. Everyone knew that no one could take away the Rule Fragments, which would be integrated into the one who touched them. Xu Que said he would use the fragments as decorations. Only a fool would believe him!

However, Qian Guowan didn’t dare to refuse Xu Que. He answered, nodding his head, “Overlord, please go ahead!”

Therefore, in front of the shocked eyes of Lan Hetu, Lan Xinyue, and the others, Xu Que took away all the Rule Fragments without any assumed that Xu Que had absorbed the fragments into his body. As a matter of fact, Xu Que had stored all the Rule Fragments in the storage space of the System.


Just at this time, a big bang could be heard from outside. Then this place was filled with wild winds. After a violent vibration, a black figure rushed in from the passage abruptly.

“Who has broken into the holy place of our tribe in this manner?” Qian Guowan came to himself first. He shouted as he attacked.


With a dull sound, an explosion occurred in the Void, which created a gust of air. Then the wild wind stopped. The black figure landed on the ground and showed himself. It was Li Tianxun at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm, who was as powerful as the Vital Ant King!

When he landed on the ground, he ignored the Ant King completely. He turned to Xu Que and said coldly, “Surrender the Rule Fragments, or none of you will leave here today!”

“None of us will leave here? Heh-heh, Li Tianxun, you are really good at boasting. How arrogant you are! Today, I will show you what real strength is!” Xu Que shouted majestically.

Qian Guowan was shocked. Our Overlord has only reached the Initial Stage of the Half Celestial Realm! How can he rival an opponent at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm? If he is wounded, how can I explain to that woman in the future?

At the thought of this, Qian Guowan stepped out and tried to stop Xu Que. However, before he had time to say anything, Xu Que stepped back and shouted, “Guowan, go, kill him!”

“???” Hearing that, Qian Guowan was so embarrassed that he almost fell over.

Damn! This Overlord is really good at joking! He was so overbearing just now. Everyone thought he would rush up and fight with Li Tianxun. It turned out that he won’t do that! I was really worried for nothing!

Qian Guowan was speechless. Then he dashed toward Li Tianxun with magnificent Celestial Core Power and irresistible strength.

The Vital Ants were born with unusual strength. Even an ordinary ant, which was a bottom feeder, could lift an object that was several times heavier than the ant itself, let alone Vital Ants who could perform cultivation! Qian Guowan’s attack was so powerful that it shook the Void!

Li Tianxun didn’t dare to underestimate Qian Guowan at all. He also started to dodge the attack and fight back with all his Celestial Core Power!




The next moment, a combat between two powerhouses at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm started. All their movements could cause the Void Fluctuation. Their magnificent magic arts also caused many ripples in the Void! If this abode had not been strong enough, it would have already been ruined by them completely.

“The strength of cultivators at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm has gone beyond my imagination!” Xu Que was shocked by this combat.

Although he had confronted Liu Hualong who was at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm, he believed, in comparison, Li Tianxun would be able to defeat 100 cultivators like Liu Hualong—the gap between them was that great.

Of course, Liu Hualong hadn’t fought with all his strength, because he didn’t expect that Xu Que would use the 6-Color Fiery Lotus, which knocked Liu Hualong down before he had time to avoid it.

However, the thing that really frustrated Xu Que was the information revealed by Fu Shanchuan. The realm of Li Tianxun or any other cultivators from the Xuanhuang Continent was fake. Now, Li Tianxun was at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm. However, he would be less powerful than cultivators at the authentic Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm in the Earth Continent or the Heaven Continent.

Luckily, Xu Que had obtained the Rule Fragments. When he returned to the Xuanhuang Continent, the missing Rules of Life and Death wouldn’t cause him any problems. And his realm in the Xuanhuang Continent would be authentic.

“Brother Que, what…is your identity?” Lan Hetu, who was beside Xu Que, couldn’t help but ask at this time. He was so curious about Xu Que. The remaining young apprentices of the Lihuo Academy were also amazed by Xu Que.

Xu Que was a cultivator at the Half Celestial Realm like them. However, Xu Que’s strength and connotation were more powerful than theirs. The point was that even the King of the Vital Ants followed his lead and called him Overlord, which was totally unbelievable to them.

“My identity?” Xu Que answered with a smile, “I have a lot of identities! Such as one of the four Act-Tough Kings! What? Don’t you know the four Act-Tough Kings? Bei Xuan in the east, Zhang Xuan in the west, Qi Ye in the south, and Xu Que in the north! Haven’t you heard of us before?”

“Eh…” Lan Hetu and the others were puzzled for they had never heard these names before.

“Brother Que, anything else?” Lan Hetu asked again.

“Emmm…I am also the most handsome leader among all Faction Leaders of the Exploding Heavens Faction! Also, I am the most powerful Kitchen God, the Ultimate Musician, the Invincible Alchemist, the Inset Painter, and the One Chosen by Heaven, which title I only received recently!” Xu Que narrated his identities.

When he mentioned the Inset Painter, he glanced at Lan Xinyue with a smile. However, Lan Xinyue didn’t understand his implication at all. She started to explain for the rest of the people, “The Cultivation Companion of Xu Que is the Overlord of the Vital Ants. So all Vital Ants obey his orders!”

“What?” Lan Hetu and the others were totally shocked.

“Brother Que, is your Cultivation Companion so powerful?”

“My God! I didn’t expect she could be the Overlord of the Vital Ants!”

“Brother Que, is your Cultivation Companion a bee?”

“No, bees, which don’t eat ants, wouldn’t be the Overlord of the ants!”

“Is she a spider?”

“Do spiders eat ants?”

“I don’t know!”

They started to discuss this issue, which totally annoyed Xu Que. Ants, bees, spiders… Do I seem so promiscuous to you? Why all your speculations about bugs?


Just then, when Xu Que was about to stop this outrageous discussion, a large bang could be heard from the place where Li Tianxun and Qian Guowan were fighting! Xu Que didn’t expect Qian Guowan to gain the upper hand in this combat, but he managed to knock Li Tianxun pretty hard. Li Tianxun was quite angry. The blood on his lips indicated he had been wounded. His failure might have been caused by the missing Rules of Life and Death. One small mistake in a fight with an opponent at the same realm would be fatal for him.

He believed he could never defeat Qian Guowan if he continued to fight. When the Queen Ants joined the fight, he could even be killed here!

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“Humph! Xu Que, you are lucky this time. But you can’t hide here forever. When you go back to the Lost City, I will definitely give you a miserable death!” Li Tianxun retreated rapidly following those tough words.

Although Qian Guowan had gained the upper hand in the combat, he couldn’t stop Li Tianxun, who was as powerful as he was, from leaving the area.

Xu Que sneered and shook his head. “He is really a fool! The Lost City is a shabby place. Why would I go back? Also, even if I was going to go back, I would take all the Vital Ants with me. What could he do?…” Wait! This is definitely a good chance to act tough and I shall never miss it!

Xu Que’s eyes lit up. He was eager to give it a try!

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