Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1128

Chapter 1128: The Golden Vital Rice

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In an instant, the sudden change shocked all the people from the three parties! Those people, who had just cheered up, became totally demoralized. They had only slightly more than 100 people. Now, they were facing hundreds of thousands of Vital Ants. They were totally outnumbered.

Luckily, they still had Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm and Li Tianxun at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm. Otherwise, the rest of the cultivators at the Human Celestial Realm would have been scared out of their wits and escaped without a fight! As long as the powerhouses at the Earth Celestial Realm were here, they could still keep calm.

After all, the Vital Ants were only at the Half-Celestial Realm and the Human Celestial Realm. Only the Queen Ants could reach the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Realm. With Li Tianxun with them, the Queen Ants couldn’t pose a threat. As long as the Vital Ant King was not here, they would still stand a chance, although quite slim.

“Damn! It’s a trap!” Lin Huan said ruefully. He couldn’t figure out why nothing had happened to Xu Que, but they had had to face so many horrible ants!

“Stop your nonsense! Let’s start the attack! Follow me!” Li Tianxun shouted sullenly as he jumped into the sky. The entire area was filled with his killing intent. He had to lead the attack at this time. It was now or never. He wanted to try and rush into the ant nest when the Ant King was not here. After making eye contact, Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming also took off, following Li Tianxun.

Normally, they would definitely have chosen to retreat under such conditions, for the quantity of Vital Ants was too high. They would definitely suffer great losses or even get killed if they moved forward. But Li Tianxun was leading the attack now. After finding Xu Que, it was highly possible for them to go back to the Xuanhuang Continent. They didn’t want to miss such a precious opportunity! In this way, a combat between human cultivators and Vital Ants was started!

Li Tianxun didn’t want to waste his time in protecting the rest of the human cultivators. He just wanted to move forward and rush into the nest. Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming only tried to take shelter from Li Tianxun. Therefore, they would also move forward smoothly and didn’t need to fight hard.

Finally, all the rest of the human cultivators who had lost the protection of the three powerhouses at the Earth Celestial Realm were slaughtered by the Vital Ants one after another.


At the same time, in the nest of the Vital Ant King, the King of the Vital Ants, Xu Que, and the others, led by Qian Guowan, were heading for the abode under the nest through many complicated underground tunnels.

According to Qian Guowan’ s introduction, the tough guy who ruined this world set up this abode for secluded cultivation. The Vital Ants were responsible for guarding this place. Therefore, the nest of the Vital Ant King was just like a small house for guards or servants in the mansion of a human being. It could never be mentioned with this abode in the same breath.

After such a long time, the abode collapsed. The space inside it was much smaller than it used to be. Now, it was just like a small cave. But the important things in it were still well-preserved. According to the prime directive of the Vital Ants, only the Patriarch of the Vital Ants could enter this cave.

Now, as the “Overlord”, Xu Que requested to go inside and have a look. Qian Guowan didn’t dare to refuse him. So he ushered Xu Que and the others into that place reverently.

Soon, Xu Que saw the abode mentioned by Fu Shanchuan. At first glance, it was not different from ordinary caves. However, actually it was full of restrictive spells. The Spiritual Qi and the Rules of Life and Death were very intense in it. Anyone who could perform cultivation in it would be greatly benefited.

“Interesting! I didn’t expect this would be a precious place! No wonder that guy built the abode here!” After looking around, Xu Que said with a smile.

He guessed there must have been a large Spiritual Vein here long ago. The abode had absorbed most of the Spiritual Qi from the Spiritual Vein. But its roots were undamaged and were recovering slowly. Therefore, the Spiritual Qi and the Rules of Life and Death were more intense inside this abode than outside.

However, the things that drew Xu Que’s undivided attention were those Rule Fragments that had been mentioned by Fu Shanchuan! It was something Xu Que had never seen before. For him, the Rules of Heaven and Earth should be invisible and only a formless cognition of Soul—they should never be something that could be made into something tangible!

However, Xu Que saw many small fragments that resembled many different sizes of broken glass in this e fragments were sparkling and resplendent and as thin as cicada’s wings. Each fragment was wrapped in a fuzzy black-and-white halo.

“The aura of life and death! How could the aura of life and death be so pure in this place?” Xu Que was completely overwhelmed!

Because of his Reincarnation Palm, he was very sensitive to the Vital Force and the Lifeless Qi. Even though he could control many Rules of Life and Death in this place, he hadn’t seen Rules of Life and Death that were so pure and intense before!

The Rules of Life and Death in 1 Rule Fragment were comparable to all the Rules of Life and Death in the Spiritual Qi in the entire eastern suburbs area.

No wonder!

No wonder that Fu Shanchuan had said 1 Rule Fragment could provide Rules of Life and Death needed by one cultivator in the Xuanhuang Continent. It was indeed something miraculous!

“Overlord, we didn’t dare to use these Rule Fragments. Because of them, a Vital Tree was generated in this area, which bears one grain of Golden Vital Rice every 1,000 years. One grain of Golden Vital Rice could provide tens of thousands of years of life-span! All the Golden Vital Rice have been well-preserved by us!” Qian Guowan said at this time.

Hearing that, Xu Que raised his eyebrows and said, reaching out his hand, “Where are they? Just show me to prove you are not bragging!”


His words stunned and puzzled Qian Guowan. But Qian Guowan didn’t dare to question Xu Que. Since the Overlord had decided to check this thing, he had no reason to refuse. He had kept those items for so many years and had never dared to use them in case the Overlord might come and check on them in the future!

“Overlord, all the Golden Vital Rice are here!” Immediately, Qian Guowan took out a translucent jade box and handed it to Xu Que.

Six grains of Golden Vital Rice were in the box. Each of them was golden yellow and as large as a thumb, which looked great!

“You only have six grains?” Xu Que asked dubiously.

Qian Guowan replied in a hurry, “Overlord, this Vital Tree started to bear Vital Rice 6,000 years ago. Therefore, we have only obtained six grains of Golden Vital Rice!”

“OK! These Golden Vital Rice could be used as toys by my six children!” Xu Que nodded his head thoughtfully and put away the jade box.

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Qian Guowan was shocked and murmured in his heart. The bone age of our Overlord is even less than 100 years. I didn’t expect he has already had six children!

Awesome! It seems our Overlord really has strong physical needs!

No wonder he even wanted to… Eh, no, as his underling, I shouldn’t have such an idea! I shall never give up my daughter to marry with the Overlord. If that woman is annoyed because of this, we will have a big problem!


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