Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1127

Chapter 1127: A Bad Guy

Nyoi-Bo Studio

“What are you waiting for? Come on, sent all your troops to kill them! And don’t consider my feeling!” Xu Que urged.

Qian Guowan, who had come to himself, said by waved his hand, “All Vital Ants shall reactivate the restrictive spells. Anyone who dares to go into our territory shall be killed!”, although he didn’t understand Xu Que’s words.

“As you wish!”

A Vital Ant replied and left the chamber to transmit the order.

Xu Que looked at Qian Guowan with an approving smile. Then, he said by nodding his head, “Good! I didn’t expect you are still so loyal after so many years! I know I’ve made a right decision to visit you from afar!”

Hearing that, Qian Guowan trembled a bit for he was very excited.

Does it mean our master hasn’t forgotten us after so many years? She even sent her cultivation companion to visit us!

This…is really a big honor!

“How…is our Master?” Qian Guowan, who was overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, asked.

“She? She is OK as always and hasn’t changed!” Xu Que replied casually.

But his words stunned Qian Guowan again.

After so many years, the Vital Ants have experienced the reign of countless Tribe Leaders. But she hasn’t changed at all! What does this mean? It means she is still immortal and invincible!

No wonder she could become our Master!

According to the description of our ancestors, our Master is an extremely powerful woman. How could she find such a young cultivation companion whose cultivation stage is so low?

Because he is gifted? Or because the true love between them? Or just because this young man is quite handsome?

Qian Guowan couldn’t help but look at Xu Que curiously.

He hadn’t doubted Xu Que’s identity since then because the Taiyi Heaven Book wouldn’t tell a lie. The Vital Ants were born to sense the aura of the Taiyi Heaven Book and nobody could counterfeit this aura!

Although he was quite confused at this moment, he didn’t dare to ask.

“Oh, where is that little queen ant? There you are! Come here! I’ve seen you!” Xu Que looked at the entrance of the passage with a smile suddenly.

Qian Guowan shouted immediately, “Yi’er, come here to greet our Lord!”

After saying that, he looked at Xu Que and said anxiously, “My Lord, my daughter, who was as blind as a bat, offended you before. I will discipline her strictly!”

“Oh, she is your daughter! It doesn’t matter! A cute little girl is always naughty!” Xu Que said with a smile.

Qian Guowan’s heart missed a bit. Does it mean he is interested in my daughter?

But…this is inappropriate! Although human being used to marry demons, he had never heard a human cultivator used to fancy an ant!

“Greet…you, my Lord!”

A soft voice came in at this time. The voice was a little bit timid. But strong grudge could also be sensed from it.

Xu Que looked up and found that queen ant he used to meet in the eastern suburbs. Now, she walked in from the passage in the form of a human being.

“Come here, don’t be so overcautious! No discord, no concord! You were not wounded last time, right?” Xu Que waved at Qian Yi’er with a smile.


Hearing that, Qian Yi’er was quite angry.

She was not only wounded by Xu Que last time. Half of her life-span was taken away by Xu Que, which totally annoyed her.


Qian Yi’er, who had sensed her father’s stern gaze, had to say unwillingly by pouting her little mouth.

“No? This is impossible! I am so powerful! How could you say you were not wounded? No way! Tonight, you should come to my room alone. I will have a health check on you!” Xu Que said seriously.


Hearing that, Qian Yi’er was badly scared. Then, she burst into tears, “Daddy, I don’t want to go to the room of this bad guy! He will rob my life-span again!”

Qian Guowan’s hands trembled a bit.

Lan Hetu and the rest people almost fell to the ground.

This…queen ant is too innocent!

Your life-span is never what Brother Que wants! Apparently, he is trying to…

Wait! This is not correct! She is a queen ant!

Suddenly, Lan Hetu and the rest people started to look at Xu Que with their widened eyes.

What the hell? I didn’t expect Brother Que is so horny now! How could he do that with an ant?

Lan Xinyue was quite calm for she had witnessed this scene before and was used to Xu Que’s shamelessness!

“Eh, it’s got nothing…to do with me! Ahem! Forget it. She can cry, which means she is not seriously wounded. I think the health check is unnecessary! Qian Guowan, just lead us to the abode under your nest. This time I will also check those fragments of Rules of Life and Death!”

Xu Que said with embarrassment. Then, he changed topic to the main subject.

He didn’t expect this queen ant could be scared into tears easily. What an innocent girl!

“Eh, OK, my Lord, please go this way!” Qian Guowan show the way for Xu Que immediately.

When they left, Qian Yi’er stopped crying and wiped the tears on her face. Then, she said with a triumphant smile as she looked at Xu Que from behind, “Humph! You are a bad guy! Don’t try to rob my life-span!”

At the same time, outside the nest of the Vital Ant King

The Heaven Alliance led by Li Tianxun and the 2 sects led by Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming had gone deep into the central area of the western suburbs.

Thanks to Xu Que, nothing had happened since they crossed the boundary.

All of them were surprised by this scene but also let out a sigh of relief.

“We haven’t been to this place for so long a time! It has changed!” Lin Huan said with ease.

“Maybe we came into this place at the right time. I guess something happened inside the tribe of the Vital Ants!” Li Tianxun nodded his head.

“Leader, could it be that the Vital Ant King has died?” Lin Huan speculated at this time.

Li Tianxun, who was surprised a bit, said by shaking his head, “I don’t think so. But he should be in a terrible condition now. Otherwise, he would never allow us to come into his place easily!”

He used to fight the Vital Ant King before. Even he had done his best, he could only break even with the Vital Ant King. Then, he was outnumbered by dozens of queen ants at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage. At last, he escaped empty-handed.

However, circumstances changed with the passage of time. The Vital Ants were not as powerful as before. They were walking in the territory of the Vital Ants fair and square. Not even a Vital Ant came out to stop them. So, Li Tianxun was more and more confident and got a feeling that nothing could stop him here.

“Guys, our living environment has been so vile in these years. However, we showed our mercy by only digging the Vital Rice without killing those Vital Ants! But they fell into a downfall, which could only prove the weakness of the Vital Ants! On the contrary, the Heaven Alliance is always the No. 1 sect in the Lost City!”

Li Tianxun shouted majestically to motivate his underlings. At last, he started to believe what he said and got a feeling that he would lead the Heaven Alliance to a bright future!

“The Heaven Alliance is awesome!” Lin Huan raised his arms and shouted to respond to Li Tianxun immediately.

“The Heaven Alliance is awesome!”

The rest members of the Heaven Alliance also shouted.

Smile appeared in Li Tianxun’s face. Then, he waved his hand to quiet his underlings. After that, he shouted in a low voice, “Members of the Heaven Alliance, I will lead the attack. From now on, we are not only be the No. 1 sect in the Lost City, we will eliminate the Vital Ants and become the No.1 sect in this abandoned world!”

“Attack!” His underlings shouted excitedly again.

All at once, everyone in this area were motivated.

Even members of the 2 sects led by Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming were motivated. They even got a feeling that they were invincible and the Vital Ants were nothing.


Just at this time, big bangs started to come in from the mountains around them. A lot of nests in these mountains were opened. Numerous Vital Ants, which were led by those giant queen ants, gushed out like flood.

Over 100 members of the Heaven Alliance and another 2 sects were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Vital Ants immediately.

Instantly, Li Tianxun was stunned.

Lin Huan was dumbfounded.

Yao Gongming and Lin Baiwan turned pale.

All members of the 3 sects were scared stiff and their mind went blank.

What…is going on?

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