Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1126

Chapter 1126: They are My Friends!

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At this moment, Xu Que, Lan Xinyue and the rest people were still going deeper into the central area in the western suburbs.

On their way, it was quite weird that they hadn’t seen even a small ant, let alone Vital Ants!

“Hetu, you didn’t lie to me, right? This place is not dangerous at all!” Xu Que asked as he looked at Lan Hetu.

“Ah? I…I don’t know! I’ve heard from others that this place is quite dangerous!” Lan Hetu was also puzzled. Everybody knew the central area in the western suburbs of the Lost City was extremely dangerous. However, he found it was not that dangerous after coming to this place personally.

Even Li Tianxun and his underlings were totally dumbfounded at this time.

“What…the hell is going on? Why are those Vital Ants so quiet now? This doesn’t make sense!” Lin Huan said with puzzlement.

Li Tianxun also frowned. He had already sensed something was wrong. When they had just stepped over the boundary last time, they were surrounded by a lot of Vital Ants immediately. At last, they managed to escape after taking serious casualties.

Now, Xu Que had stepped over the boundary and was very close to the nest of the Vital Ant King. But no Vital Ants came out to stop them.

“Leader, could it be that the Vital Ants have changed their rules? I suggest we can also enter their territory to stop that guy from grabbing any fortune and opportunities in there!” Lin Huan requested instructions from Li Tianxun.

“Take it easy!” Li Tianxun shook his head slightly, “Let’s wait a little longer. I guess the Vital Ants will attack when all of us go into their territory!”

Although he had figured out something was wrong, he would never launch an attack before Xu Que arrived at the nest of the Vital Ant King! If the Vital Ants were planning to ambush them, Xu Que would be no longer useful as a bait!

However, what Li Tianxun expected didn’t occur. Xu Que, Lan Xinyue and the rest people had arrived at the nest of the Vital Ant King safely.

To his surprise, when Xu Que arrived at the nest of the Vital Ant King, the entrance of the nest was opened automatically as if they tried to usher Xu Que in. Without any hesitation, Xu Que walked into the nest casually by leading the rest people.


Cultivators of the Heaven Alliance and the other 2 sects couldn’t help but gasp after seeing that.

What does that mean?

Does it mean the Vital Ants have changed their character?

Are they going to be friends with human being?

They were looking at each other with puzzlement.

Lin Huan asked as he looked at Li Tianxun with widened eyes, “Leader, what…should we do now?”

“…” Li Tianxun darkened his face and said nothing.

He was totally surprised by the current situation. The original plan of using Xu Que as a bait was failed. Xu Que didn’t clear the way for them. Now, the situation was quite unfavorable for them. Even Li Tianxun didn’t know what to do.

He really didn’t know whether he should go there by following Xu Que or just stay here, for he had to take big risks no matter what decision he would make.

I made a mistake! I should have asked Fu Shanchuan to come here with me!

Li Tianxun regretted the decision he made before. If Fu Shanchuan was here, he would have worked out a safe plan to avoid them from trapping in such an unfavorable situation!

At the same time, in the nest of the Vital Ant King

Lan Hetu and the rest young men and women were quite confused. They didn’t come across any danger on their way. When they arrived outside the nest, the door was opened to usher them in, which was so confusing.

“Brother Que, this is so weird!” Lan Hetu said worriedly.

“It is not weird but quite normal!” Xu Que smiled as he squinted his eyes for he had figured out something.

When they stepped into this nest, he had sensed a familiar aura with his Soul Strength. It was from the innocent queen ant he met in the eastern suburbs before.

So, it was highly possible that the Vital Ants to usher them in because that queen ant had told them he was the One Chosen by the Heaven.

“Normal? Brother Que, are you kidding? How could this situation be normal?” Lan Hetu said with wry smile.

“It is really quite normal! If you don’t believe me, just ask your elder sister!” Xu Que said with a smile.

“My elder sister?” Lan Hetu turned to Lan Xinyue immediately. Lan Xinyue nodded her head calmly to support Xu Que’s words.

According to the words of that queen ant, Xu Que’s position was higher than all Vital Ants. So, it was quite normal for underlings to welcome their superior.

However, only Xu Que and Lan Xinyue knew this. Lan Xinyue and the rest people were still confused by this situation.

When Lan Hetu was about to ask more questions, they had stepped into the passages in the nest. They found many Vital Ants, each of which was as tall as a human being, were standing on both sides of the passage to welcome Xu Que.

“The standard of the welcome ceremony is quite high!” Xu Que said by placing his hands behind his back as if he was reviewing his soldiers.

Lan Hetu and the rest people, who were totally shocked, had to stay close to Xu Que and didn’t have time to ask more questions.

Soon, they walked into a chamber through the passage. The chamber was quite dark like a cave. However, the Spiritual Qi and vital energy in this chamber were much more intense than the outside.

Flop! Flop! Flop!

At this time, a burst of heavy footsteps came in.

A figure came in rapidly from the entrance of another passage in the chamber. Then, a strongly-built middle aged man appeared. When he saw Xu Que, he bowed as he folded his hands at Xu Que immediately. Then, he shouted loudly, “Greet you, my lord, I am Qian Guowan, the Tribe Leader of the 1093th generation of the Vital Ants!”


Instantly, Lan Hetu and the rest people were totally shocked.

Lan Xinyue was also quite surprised. Although she knew Xu Que’s identity was extraordinary, she didn’t believe Xu Que could intimidate the Vital Ants with his identity according to the reaction of that queen ant.

Now, the Tribe Leader of the Vital Ants acted reverently in front of Xu Que, which totally surprised her.

“Please forego the formalities!”

Xu Que waved his hand calmly.

However, he was not able to keep calm in his mind.

The Tribe Leader of the Vital Ants?

I guess he should be the so-called Vital Ant King!

Holy shit! He has almost reached the Later Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage! Now, he bowed at me and called me “my lord”!

This is awesome!

Xu Que was quite delighted. Apparently, this Vital Ant King had treated as the cultivation companion of their master!

This was indeed the case for Qian Guowan was totally shocked in his heart.

When he sensed Xu Que’s cultivation stage, he doubted whether his daughter had made a mistake. When he saw Xu Que with his own eyes and sensed the powerful aura of the Taiyi Heaven Book in his body, all his doubts were swept away!

The ancestors of the Vital Ants extorted in the tribal law that the Vital Ants had made an oath to the inheritor of the Taiyi Heaven Book that the Vital Ants would serve her forever!

Therefore, a sensory ability was integrated into the bloodline of the Vital Ants, which could sense the Taiyi Heaven Book no matter how deep it was hidden. Also, they should obey the orders of the One Chosen by the Heaven unconditionally.

Now, the aura of the Taiyi Heaven Book appeared. Qian Guowan, who didn’t dare to disobey their tribal law, decided to treat Xu Que reverently even Xu Que’s cultivation stage was so low!

“Your Majesty!”

A Vital Ant walked in hurriedly at this time and said by kneeling down on the ground, “Your Majesty, a lot of human cultivators have stepped into our territory, including 1 cultivator at the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage and 2 cultivators at the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage!”

“Oh?” Qian Guowan was surprised a bit. Then, he turned to Xu Que.

“It’s OK! Don’t worry! They are my friends!” Xu Que said with a smile.

Hearing that, Qian Guowan said immediately, “Let them…”

“Wait!” Xu Que interrupted Qian Guowan with a smile, “Although they are my friends, please…beat them to death!”


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Instantly, Qian Guowan and the rest Vital Ants were totally confused.

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