Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1125

Chapter 1125: Great Irreverence

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The cowardly character of Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming didn’t surprise Xu Que at all!

After all, they didn’t want to cooperate with Xu Que sincerely from the very beginning. They would throw out everything they had if they decided to confront the Heaven Alliance. Now, even a fool could figure out they only wanted to take advantage without taking any risks!

They believed they could leave this world no matter they supported Xu Que or Li Tianxun. So, they decided to be a fence-sitter who would support the winner between Xu Que and Li Tianxun.

At this moment, Li Tianxun had gained the upper hand by destroying Xu Que’s broken sword with 1 blow.

Therefore, Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming would give up Xu Que by taking this opportunity without any hesitation.

However, it was quite weird that Xu Que was smiling even he was at a disadvantage. Now, he was walking towards the central area with Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu calmly as if they were not going to get killed but find something good!

“I got a bad feeling about this. Please tell me we didn’t make a wrong choice!” Lin Baiwan felt his eye lids twitched a bit. Then, he sent a message to Yao Gongming.

Yao Gongming shook his head slightly, “I also got a weird feeling. I saw a strand of sarcasm in the eyes of that guy when he left!”

Lin Baiwan replied, “For me, it was more like a sneer!”

Yao Gongming said, “Could it be a misconception of us because he is too handsome? No, we need to do something to make him trust us!”

“Exactly! This guy used to say the Void Interface Spell was being taken by Lan Xinyue. It seems Li Tianxun doesn’t know that!” Lin Baiwan replied by nodding his head.

Then, they sent a message to Xu Que, “My fellow cultivator, please don’t misunderstand us. We try to gain trust from Li Tianxun, so that we can join them. You could go first. We’ll launch an attack from inside when you start to fight them!”

Xu Que was amused by this message. Then, he replied, “Ah? My fellow cultivators, that’s what you wanted to tell me when you winked at me just now, right? Don’t worry. I know what you are talking about. Let’s act according to the circumstance later!”

Wink at you?

Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming were surprised for they didn’t wink at Xu Que. Could it be that…

They looked at each other suspiciously and started to smile thoughtfully. At the same time, they cursed each other in their mind secretly. What a crafty scoundrel!

Meanwhile, Xu Que had walked cross the boundary of the central area.

This area had been treated as a prohibited place by cultivators for so long a time for nobody used to walk out of it alive! Therefore, nobody dared to step into this area.

Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu had also heard of this place. Now, they were so nervous and felt great guilty for what they did to Xu Que.

“Brother Que, it’s all our fault. You are implicated by us!” Lan Hetu said with guilty.

Lan Hetu knew Xu Que would never be trapped in this situation if he didn’t come here to save them.

“Don’t be silly! Actually, you became the target of the Heaven Alliance because of me! Anyway, it doesn’t matter! The Vital Ants are nothing for me, right? Ms. Lan?” Xu Que patted Lan Hetu’s shoulder as he looked at Lan Xinyue.

Lan Xinyue, who was stunned by his words a bit, nodded her head.

She knew what Xu Que was talking about for she saw Xu Que used to defeat a queen ant. After that, she knew his real identity. Therefore, she guessed Xu Que was trying to remind her that his identity could ensure their safety. So, it was unnecessary to worry.

However, that was not what Xu Que wanted to say. He didn’t want to intimidate the Vital Ants with his identity as the One Chosen by the Heaven. He believed he had to use the Reincarnation Palm at last!

Xu Que wouldn’t be so confident if he was in some other places. When he was approaching the central area, he felt the Rules of Life and Death he could control were more and more powerful. He guessed he could even kill Li Tianxun with 1 blow when he reached the innermost place.

Xu Que believed they would be safe in the central area. Therefore, he started to pick up speed.

On the other side, Li Tianxun and his underlings were smiling as they looked at Xu Que from behind.

Lin Huan started to flatter Li Tianxun, “Heh-heh, thanks to your wise strategy, they have crossed the boundary! Soon, they will be killed by countless Vital Ants! At that time, we can rush into the nest of the Vital Ant King and harvest the fruits of victory!”

“Humph! It is never difficult to deal with an ant like him!” Li Tianxun said with a cold smile for he believed the victory was a sure thing for him.

At this moment, in the nest of the Vital Ant King in the central area

A Vital Ant, who was in the form of a middle-aged man, was sitting on a stone chair. With 2 antennae on his head, he was quite majestic and his eyes were full of chilly light.

Beside him, a slim girl was looking at a small pond on the ground by pouting her little mouth.

An image was showing in the pond, which was Xu Que, Lan Xinyue and the rest people were walking towards them.

“Your Majesty, those human cultivators have crossed our first defensive line. Are we really going to do nothing to stop them?” A Vital Ant knelt down on the ground and asked.

“That won’t be necessary!” The middle-aged man shook his head for he didn’t want to stop Xu Que.

“Daddy! Why don’t you stop him? This guy ruined my nest and annoyed me!” The slim girl pouted as she said angrily.

Apparently, this slim girl was the queen ant Xu Que used to meet in the eastern suburbs who was also one of the daughters of the Vital Ant King!

The middle-aged man was Qian Guowan who was the king of all Vital Ants with great power. His cultivation achievements were unfathomable.

When his daughter told him Xu Que’s identity, he was totally intimidated.

“Yi’er, if he is really the One Chosen by the Heaven and the cultivation companion of her mentioned by you, we can’t stop him and even can’t disrespect him! You offended him before. If his identity is confirmed later, you must make apology to him!” Qian Guowan, the Vital Ant King, said seriously.

Only he knew how horrible the woman who ruined this place with her palm. The Vital Ant was just an inconspicuous tribe under her management. If she was annoyed, all Vital Ants would be eliminated!

Hearing that, Qian Yi’er was even more recalcitrant. She said angrily as she looked at Xu Que in the image in the pond by clenching her teeth, “Daddy, I was kidding with him at that time. But he robbed some life-span from me! He even asked me to go to his room alone in the night, so that he could talk with me beside a lamp! Actually, he tried to rob more life-span from me! I will never make apology to him! Because he is a…emmm…bad guy!”

After pondering it for a while, Qian Yi’er managed to find the most vicious word to describe Xu Que – a bad guy!

The Vital Ant King, who was shocked by her words, asked in terror, “What did you say? He…asked you to go to his room alone in the night? My God! Yi’er, you should never do that! You should never stay close to him for it could be deemed as a great irreverence!”

“What?” Qian Yi’er widened her eyes immediately.

How could it be deemed as great irreverence? I am a queen ant! Is it really that exaggerated?

“Humph! If he is really the Cultivation companion of her, his position is too high for us to…Alas! Forget it! You will understand it when you grow up!” Qian Guowan shook his head and didn’t want to finish his words.

He knew Xu Que would never rob life-span from her daughter when he asked her to come to his room alone in the night! Apparently, life-span was not his target!

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But he didn’t know how to explain it to his daughter. So, he just wanted to ignore that. Then, he stood up and said as he looked at the elite members of the Vital Ants seriously, “This is my order. Nobody is allowed to stop those human cultivators! Just usher them in as distinguished guests. I want to have a meeting with them!”

“As you wish!” A Vital Ant replied as he walked out in a hurry.

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