Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1124

Chapter 1124: Joint what Program

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That moment, it was deathly stillness!

Everyone was dumbfounded, from Lan Xinyue, Lan Hetu and his group, to the Heaven Alliance’s Li Tianxun, Lin Huan and others; Xu Que’s sudden departure really hit them like ton of bricks.

But the most muddled on the scene was undoubtedly the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance which Xu Que had fooled them over. The people on both sides were all in a daze and in a state of confusion. Even Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming didn’t manage to react to the situation for quite a moment!

A second before, Xu Que was full of self-confidence and vigor, who had expected him to simply turn around and escaped?

He even told them, “don’t be impulsive, work hard to build up your strength slowly, we can still win”?

Da*n it! That isn’t what you said earlier!

Where is the promised fearless battle?

Where is the “Go, go, go, I’m the best”?

Everything is a lie!

“Liar! He’s a liar!”


Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming who were as sly as a fox, how could they not know about what was happening at that moment?

They finally collected themselves; they had fallen into a trap. Xu Que led them in the attack of Li Tianxun, to create hatred between them, and escaped thereafter. He was pushing them into the pit of hell!

“Chief Li, listen to our explanation. It’s a misunderstanding!”

“Yes, yes, yes, he’s right. We had no idea what was going on. Xu Que said there’s a land with a good fengshui and brought us here!”

Immediately, Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming explained to Li Tianxun.

However, Li Tianxun didn’t have the time to listen to them, he had a grave expression. His powerful Mind Sense had already been activated; scanning the surroundings, searching for Xu Que’s presence.

The rationale for luring Xu Que over was that he wanted to make use of Xu Que’s strength; he could attract and stop the Vital Ants so as to win time for them.

But he never thought that the dude only lured the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance over, and then ran away on his own; it was totally baffling.

“Chief Li, should we… make the best of a bad bargain, let these people do the job for us?” Lin Huan asked Li Tianxun in a low voice.

He felt that instead of wasting time on Xu Que, he might as well let those from the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance functioned as their scapegoat to fight for extra time for them.

“Humph, what a fool! Those good-for-noting, how long can they delay time for us? If they can be used, will I need to wait so many years in vain?” Li Tianxun stared at Lin Huan angrily.

Lin Huan immediately turned pale and lowered his head, “Chief Li is wise. I’m wrong. Please forgive me!”

“Good-for-nothing!” Li Tianxun snorted coldly, he looked around again and spoke, “Since that dude dares to run away, let’s kill a few people for him to see. I don’t believe he won’t return!”

At the end of his speech, Li Tianxun waved his hand!

The members of the Heaven Alliance immediately understood and they came forward with Lan Xinyue, Lan Hetu and the rest.


Lin Huan was agile and nimble as he laid a sword against Lan Xinyue’s neck almost immediately. He shouted, “Xu Que, we’ll only give you three seconds. If you don’t show up in three seconds, they will all die!”


The next moment, a Firestorm Thunderous Roar exploded.

Xu Que’s figure suddenly appeared in the air, a broken sword crashed directly into Lin Huan’s head!

“Ah…” Lin Huan cried in fear then and there, but his body couldn’t keep up to defense himself at all.

Seeing that the broken sword was millimeter in front of him, he could even feel the murderous aura and chill from the blade of the sword; he was in despair!


Suddenly, accompanied by a crisp metal tremor, Xu Que’s broken sword was struck by a ray of light, and a series of sparks burst out on the blade of the sword; the broken sword broke in an instant!

“Da*n it!” Xu Que cried out almost immediately, it was difficult to believe what he saw as he stared widely opened at the broken sword in his hand in horror!

A third of the blade was already broken, and now after another breakage, there was only a small section left; the hilt was even longer than the blade. How could that be a broken sword? It was shorter than a dagger!

“Humph, ignorant brat, it was merely an Inferior Celestial Artifact and you dared to play tricks over here?”

Just then, Li Tianxun hummed indifferently while he revealed the true grade of Xu Que’s broken sword!

Everyone was startled by his speech. It was unbelievable that it was an Inferior Celestial Artifact!

But the truth was right in front of them; the difference between an Inferior Celestial Artifact and a Middle Grade Celestial Artifact lies in the quality of the material. Someone in the Medium Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage, like Li Tianxun could never easily shatter a Middle Grade Celestial Artifact, but if it was an Inferior Celestial Artifact, he could easily break it!

“Da*n it! How dare you break my treasured sword!”

Xu Que was furious in an instant. Since the Sword Spirit had entered his broken sword, it became his best weapon for him to kill those in the Half Celestial Stage and Human Celestial Stage. It was really handy. But now it was broken by Li Tianxun. How could he not be angry?

Fortunately, only the sword was broken but his Sword Spirit was still in good condition; he even went unnoticed. Otherwise Xu Que might really pinched another 6-Color Fiery Lotus, mixed it with sh*t and threw it onto Li Tianxun!

“Thank… Thank you Chief Li for saving my life!” At the same time, Lin Huan, who had just escaped death, he calmed his nerves as he knelt and crawled over to Li Tianxun’s side; he was kow-towing and thanking him frantically.

A moment ago, he really thought he was going to die. He could fully comprehend the feelings of those cultivators who were killed under Xu Que’s sword; it was ghastly and daunting!

It wasn’t an exaggeration that Xu Que killed cultivators in the Human Celestial Stage with a single strike!

“Good-for-nothing!” Li Tianxun once again glanced at Lin Huan coldly, then looked at Xu Que and said indifferently, “Xu Que, I can give you a chance to live, take your people to the central region, bring back something for me, with that you can be spared from your death.”

Central region?

Lin Baiwan, Yao Gongming and the members of the two forces were standing at the back, and their expression changed drastically when they heard Li Tianxun!

They had lived in this place for so many years; there was no reason not to know that the central region was the territory of the Vital Ant King. If the eastern suburb was the toughest place whereby there was a slim chance of survival, then the central region of the western suburb was a territory with simply no chance of survival!

Nevertheless, the people on both sides kept their mouths shut. No one dared to say more, for fear of provoking Li Tianxun and being thrown in together with Xu Que.

But in that moment, Xu Que didn’t care about Li Tianxun, instead he kept away his broken sword with a heavy heart; he regretted using it. He wanted to launch a sneak attack, but he never thought that Li Tianxun was so formidable that he not only failed to injure him, on the contrary, he lost a lethal weapon to kill people; it was a bad deal!

“Brother Que, don’t go into the central region, that’s the nest of the Vital Ant King, they really detested human beings!” Just then, Lan Hetu stood beside Xu Que and cautiously reminded him.

“How dare you!”

No matter how soft Lan Hetu’s voice was, how could it escape from the ears of Li Tianxun? He immediately hollered, his roar was like a thunderstorm, instantly causing convulsions in Lan Hetu; he went pale and almost bled!

“Any more nonsense from any one of you, I wouldn’t mind killing anyone first!” Li Tianxun warned!

“Ha-ha!” Xu Que smiled faintly; his eyes squinted as he kept a close eye on Li Tianxun.

He was very clear of Li Tianxun’s plan. It was to let them enter the region first and help him resolved or held up the attacks from the Vital Ants. Then Xu Que would lure out the Vital Ant King with his 6-Color Fiery Lotus; basically clearing the obstacles for the Heaven Alliance.

Under normal circumstances, that plan wasn’t a problem, but now Xu Que not only had the Escape Emblem, but also had the ability to control the Rules of Life and Death. He was not the least anxious.

Even when he came to that area, he could clearly feel that the power of the Rules of Life and Death had been strengthened; it was much intense than the other areas. Perhaps it was really because of the Rule Fragment of the Rules of Life and Death mentioned by Fu Shanchuan!

That made Xu Que cancelled his escape plan, in fact he wanted to go in and see for himself what that Rule Fragment of the Rules of Life and Death was. Maybe it could also play a huge role in his Reincarnation Fist!

“What? Are you unwilling?” Just then, Li Tianxun stared at Xu Que coldly and asked with a murderous tone in his voice.

“I’m willing! Who says I’m not? Hetu, let’s go!”

Xu Que immediately agreed, as he called out to Lan Hetu and the others. Xu Que looked at Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming standing at the back of the crowd and shouted, “Fellow cultivators are we in this together? Is our joint programme still on?”

Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming had confusion written on their faces almost immediately, as if they suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, they shook their heads and asked, “Jo… Joint what Program?”

“Joint programme!” Xu Que laughed.

Lin Baiwan inquired, “John programme?”

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“Joint programme!” Xu Que laughed again.

Lin Baiwan asked, “What programme?”

“Da*n programme! Get the hell out of my sight!” Xu Que shook his head.

“Okay!” Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming replied in unison.

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