Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1123

Chapter 1123: We can win!

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Just then, in the western suburbs of the Lost City, dozens of figures swept across the sky, in an imposing killing aura, it was Xu Que and his group.

Headed by Xu Que, he led a dozens of disciples from the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance, heading towards the central region of the western suburbs.

Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming followed and stayed at the very end of the group. They were anxious. They had never thought Xu Que was in such a hurry that after attacking the mansion of the Heaven Alliance, he immediately decided to go directly to Li Tianxun.

Is it… is it really necessary to declare war with Li Tianxun and engage in a full-fledged battle with him?

Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming were uncertain and had been hesitating.

However, Xu Que didn’t care about them at all. Now he had begun to mobilize the members from the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance; constantly encouraging them to increase their morale!

“Brothers, we had taken down the Heaven Alliance. That was a battle that you had made a name for yourself! As you’ve just seen, how many people from the Lost City had looked at us with respect and awe. There were even countless ladies who were full of admiration for us!” Xu Que spoke honorably.

Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming heard his speech and rolled their eyes continuously. Looked at them with respect and awe? That was obviously a look of sympathy!

But the cultivators from the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance nodded one after another; they agreed with Xu Que. After all, it was the first time, they felt that they were under the spotlight, and they were extremely elated. They didn’t care about what kind of gaze that was from the others!

At the same time, Xu Que continued to shout, “In fact, the Heaven Alliance isn’t terrible, but the fear that stemmed from us is the terrible one! We had always looked up to them too much. When we toughen up, the Heaven Alliance is nothing! Next I’m going to get rid of Li Tianxun. Tell me loudly, do you have the confidence?”

“Yes!” A dozens of aces in the Human Celestial Stage yelled in unison; it made their heart afire.

It wasn’t blind optimism but since they couldn’t turn round after creating that bloody mess, and if they continued to be fearful, they wouldn’t even have a chance to win.

“Confidence is the key! Just follow me in the battle afterwards! Don’t be scared. We’ll win this battle!” Xu Que in his majestic demeanor, he rushed forward with imposing aura, shouting loudly.

“Yes!” Everyone responded.

Xu Que shouted again, “Come on, let’s make a war cry for this battle. It’ll give you strength. Shout after me!”

At the mention of that, Xu Que clenched his fist, stamped his feet quickly and shouted, “Go, go, go, I’m the best, yeah!”

Everyone instantly froze in their spot, what kind of war cry was that?

“Don’t be so shock. Follow after me, shout out loud, use all your strength and don’t be afraid of losing face. We’re a big family. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Go, go, go, I’m the best, yeah!” Xu Que was red as he shouted with all his might.

Everyone hesitated for a moment, summoned up their courage and clenched their fists tightly. They shouted, “Go, go, go, I’m the best, yeah!”

“It’s too soft. Didn’t you all eat? How can we fight against the Heaven Alliance in such a manner? Be louder and shout as loud as you can!” Xu Que hollered with a serious face.

“Go, go, go, I’m the best, yeah!” Everyone shouted.

“Louder! Use some strength!” Xu Que hollered.

“Go, go, go…” Everyone shouted.

“Use more strength!” Xu Que hollered.

“Go, go…” Everyone shouted.

“Harder!” Xu Que hollered.

“Go, go…” Everyone shouted.

“Yes, that’s right! Ah! Harder! Yes! You’re right! Exert more strength! Ah!” Xu Que hollered.

Eventually, under Xu Que’s repeated adjustment or brainwashing, the members from the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance shouted vigorously. Every single one of them was red, beaming with murderous aura, unwittingly they felt the surge of their adrenaline, and their combat effectiveness was at its peak!

Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming who were looking from the back were flabbergasted, they were utterly shock.

Are they members from the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance? Da*n it! Why do I feel like this is a cult! Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming thought.

“Go, go, go, I’m the best, yeah!”

As they were approaching the central region of the western suburbs, their people were still shouting loudly, in high morale and adrenaline rushing. They were ready for a fierce battle with an imposing aura.

They couldn’t afford to lose that battle, but as long as they win, the Lost City would be their world to rule, and they would never be ruled by the Heaven Alliance ever!


Just then, a powerful pressure suddenly swept over, the terrifying aura from the Earth Celestial Stage in the Medium Stage, instantly came crashing down from the sky like a huge mountain.

Li Tianxun and the rest of the Heaven Alliance’s backbone and disciples had appeared. They were waiting for Xu Que’s arrival. It was impossible for them to enter the central region first to attract the hatred of the Vital Ant’s tribe.

Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu were among them, but their cultivations were sealed and were thrown aside.

Seeing Xu Que’s arrival with so many others, Lan Hetu was immediately excited and cried out, “My brother-in-law… uh, no, Brother Que, save us quickly!”

He wanted to call him “brother-in-law” subconsciously, but when he thought of what Lan Xinyue had told him before, he had to change his way of addressing him!

After all, he knew very well that Xu Que couldn’t be his brother-in-law just by seeing his sister’s attitude!

“Shut up!” Just then, Lin Huan roared to stop Lan Hetu, and immediately stepped out of it. His eyes glanced coldly towards Xu Que. He said indifferently, “Humph, Xu Que, I want you to come here alone. What do you want to do with so many people?”

“Kill every single one of you!” Xu Que smiled; he replied as a matter of fact, he was composed!

“You’re seeking death!” Lin Huan roared in anger.

“Humph!” Li Tianxun sneered. He appeared with a sinister expression and ignored Xu Que directly. He stared towards Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming behind the crowd. He inquired, “Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming, are your Generosity Sect and Majesty Alliance opposing the Heaven Alliance?”

“What’s wrong with opposing? The Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance are the number one in the world! We’re never afraid anyone! Let alone the Heaven Alliance!” Xu Que responded immediately.

Lin Baiwan and Yao Gongming heard Xu Que’s declaration and were instantly spotted with a long-faced; they were really dragged into the mire.

“Good! Good!” Li Tianxun was in extreme anger that he burst into laughter. A trace of resentment was found in his gaze. He immediately raised his arm and delivered a punch across to Xu Que’s side!


Instantly, a huge wave suddenly crushed down in a suffocating manner, the Void was twisted, triggering a series of dull thunder-like sound.

In the next moment, before they could respond, several cultivators from the Generosity Sect and Majesty Alliance in the Human Celestial Stage who stood ahead were seized by an invisible force and fell hard onto the ground.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

A few of them hadn’t landed but were exploded directly in mid-air. They had turned into a bloody mess; it was an instantaneous kill!


Everyone immediately gasped in astonishment, the pupils between the eyes contracted sharply!

Li Tianxun… is so powerful?

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What’s there to fight?

Everyone couldn’t help but looked at Xu Que. It was obvious that Xu Que was their pillar of strength.

Xu Que made a prompt decision, his majestic body shook, taking a single step, in his high-spirited, vigorous and strong demeanor, he shouted, “You guys, don’t be impulsive, work hard to build up your strength slowly, we can still win!”

At the end of his speech, he took out his Firestorm Wheels and escaped out of sight!

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