Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System Chap 1122

Chapter 1122: Nirvana State

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Not dead yet? Xu Que thought.

What’s this? Faking death or playing tricks with your Act Tough Saint? Xu Que thought.

Xu Que was instantly dissatisfied about that and glared at Fu Shanchuan.

Xu Que hadn’t spoken but Fu Shanchuan immediately explained further, “Xu Fellow, actually Wu Shifeng is capable of a secret skill; it was an immortal inheritance from the Ancient; he could engage in Nirvana State and reborn continuously. If you had to kill him, you had to destroy his body. Otherwise, after every death when his body was available, he could awaken after a year or two, at the same time his strength and cultivation would have extraordinarily enhanced!”

“Oh? There’s such a strong secret skill in this world?” Xu Que raised his brows.

Although Xu Que was expressing his doubts, he didn’t felt that it was impossible; reawakened from death or reborn from bones, he had seen many like that. However, he didn’t expect Wu Shifeng to inherit such secret skill!

Fu Shanchuan smiled bitterly, “In fact, I had discovered his secret more than a hundred years ago, but he was unwilling to hand over the inheritance of his Nirvana State. Later, when I found out the weakness of his inheritance, he handed over the jade slip used for the inheritance of the Nirvana State to me and worked under me. Unfortunately, for decades, I couldn’t get the inheritance from the jade slip, because that kind of secret skill needed special physique to practice.”

Speaking of that, Fu Shanchuan had taken the initiative to take out an ancient jade slip and delivered it to Xu Que.

Obviously, he was offering Xu Que a favor but at the expense of others. However, what he had offered was indeed an extraordinary treasure, and his intention was for Xu Que to let him off.

Xu Que reached out for the jade slip and was dumbfounded.

It was because the skills or inheritance within the jade slip was real. Based on System’s evaluation, the name of that inheritance of secret skill was “Nirvana Art”. After 81 times of Death Tribulations, one could engage in an incredible transformation and it was until the end of the ninth major metamorphosis that “Nirvana Art” was attained.

Put simply, 81 times of Death Tribulations were needed for one reincarnation and “Nirvana Art” needed nine of such reincarnations for mastery; such that one had to die a total of 729 times. Most importantly, one needed at least one or two years to awaken from every death. And with the increasing numbers of death, the time needed for awakening would become lengthier. In fact, one might need thousands or tens of thousands of years for awakening.

Thus, it would take at least tens of thousands of years to really achieve the Nirvana State, and you had to be killed all the time!

“I’m afraid it’s not suitable for me to practice in the long run!” Xu Que shook his head after he understood the usage.

He didn’t have that kind of patience; to spend tens of thousands of years on the same Magic Art. The key was that he had to constantly seek death throughout the tens of thousands of years for mastery of the skill. Wasn’t that a waste of time and effort?

But it was worth mentioning that, if one mastered that secret skill, it might be an excellent way to save your life.

For example, if he had encountered a real danger, when someone accidentally killed him, and as long as the other party wasn’t mad enough to destroy his corpse into pieces, then he could reborn.

However, as Fu Shanchuan said, that kind of secret skill required a special physique to practice. It depended on a person’s innate talent; he must have the Celestial Spiritual Roots. The Celestial Spiritual Roots must gear toward the Yin and cold attributes, such as the Water Element Celestial Spiritual Roots or the Wood Element Celestial Spiritual Roots.

It was because the Celestial Spiritual Roots represented the speed of cultivation and the speed of reborn and awakening.

The stronger the Celestial Spiritual Roots, the faster the speed of reborn and awakening would be.

Xu Que not only owned the Five Elements Celestial Spiritual Roots, but he could also use the Ancient Five Elemental Arts to transform the Five Elements Celestial Spiritual Roots into the same attribute. It meant that when he practiced the “Nirvana Art”, his speed of re-awakening might be more than five times faster than that of the ordinary cultivators with Celestial Spiritual Roots.

But he still didn’t want to spend too much time focusing on that Magic Art; after all, his life was good. He didn’t have the plan to rely on death to enhance his strength, not to mention the time wasted on reborn towards the later stage would just be lengthier.

Hence, that secret skill, for him, could only be used as a means to save his life.

“Xu Fellow, I wonder if these are enough to exchange for my life?” Just then, Fu Shanchuan looked at Xu Que and asked, looking extremely serious.

He was speaking from the bottom of his heart and sincerely wanted to use that in exchange for his life; he explained thoroughly and without reservation about what Xu Que asked and even what Xu Que didn’t ask.

After a pondering, Xu Que squinted and smiled, “Of course, O-J-B-K!”

Immediately, he kept away his broken sword and released Fu Shanchuan instantly.

Whatever it was, there was no deep hatred between him and Fu Shanchuan. Moreover, he was leaving soon, and he didn’t have the need to kill him.

Of course, the biggest reason was that he could no longer earn Experience Point from killing. Otherwise, according to his style in the past, he would surely kill him after he had received the treasure. There was absolutely no such leniency.

At last, Xu Que left with the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance. Fu Shanchuan could then finally be completely relieved.

He looked at the scene of chaos and bloody mess in the mansion of Heaven Alliance, Fu Shanchuan sighed slightly. Li Tianxun took away most of the backbone members and disciples away, only leaving a dozens of cultivators in their Human Celestial Stage. They were mostly killed by the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance, and both sides suffered a lot of casualties.

“Forget it!” Fu Shanchuan shook his head and sighed. He stood up and with disappointment written all over his face, he finally left.

He decided not to stay in the Heaven Alliance. On one hand, he was disheartened. On the other hand, the situation took a turn for the worst and if Li Tianxun could come back alive, he wouldn’t let him off. He had no other way but leave the alliance!

And the news of the war was spread throughout the Lost City overnight.

In the day, the cultivators in the city were all astounded. They didn’t expect Xu Que to be that bold and took the initiative to attack the Heaven Alliance? The key was that he had joined forces with the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance and struck the Heaven Alliance into huge a great disorder.

From then on, the cultivators in the city were all talking about it, exclaiming that the city was about to have a drastic transformation.

They all knew that Xu Que together with the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance were able to destroy the Heaven Alliance that smoothly was because the leader of the alliance, Li Tianxun, wasn’t in the mansion. Now, the chaos was created. When Li Tianxun returned, there would inevitably be another bloody battle between the two sides. They were afraid that many innocent cultivators in the Lost City would be affected!

Hence, the following day, many cultivators escaped out of the Lost City to take refuge. Many people would rather go to the outskirts of the city finding a place to hide, rather than staying in the city. After all, no one knew when Li Tianxun would return. Upon his return, the battle with Xu Que together with the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance would have an unpredictable impact.

However, unexpectedly, Xu Que left the Lost City with the people from the Generosity Sect and the Majesty Alliance on the same day. They chose to leave the city, and rushed in the direction towards the western suburbs.

The key point was that even Yao Gongming, the leader of the Majesty Alliance, and Lin Baiwan, the Chairman of the Generosity Sect, had followed suit.

Many people were instantly surprised.

“What’s the situation now?”

“Are they taking refuge too?”

“Da*n it! They made a mess and run away?”

“No, it doesn’t look like they’re running away to take refuge!”

“Yes, it’s certainly not to take refuge. Who would take refuge without their family? Especially Lin Baiwan, who is famous for cherishing his daughter, he didn’t take Miss Lin with him.”

“Could it be… they’re looking for Li Tianxun?”

“Oh my god, are they out of their mind? Shouldn’t they be preparing for Chief Li’s attacks instead of sending themselves over?”

“Looks like that terrifying battle is going to happen faster than we thought!”

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“Anyone interested to take a look?”

“Da*n it, aren’t you afraid to be implicated?”

“What are you afraid of? Just hide further away. After all it’s a battle hard to come by in hundreds of years!”

Many people discussed endlessly, most of them were about to take refuge outside the city, but in the end, many people couldn’t suppress their curiosity; they travelled far behind Xu Que and the group, heading towards the center of the western suburbs.

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